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Hey! My name is Jenn Leach, the owner and creator behind Millennial Nextdoor. I created this blog to educate millennials on how to create an online income for themselves. Our mission is to help millennials gain the knowledge they’re looking for to create an online income and achieve their dream of financial freedom.

My personal journey making money online

For so long I personally struggled with how to make money online. I tried so many different money making ideas and schemes, getting scammed more than once, in the process. So now, I’m sharing the best of the best information with you to educate you on different ways to make money online, as well as succeed with personal finance, and manage your dream work from from home life.

I’m Jenn! The creator behind Millennial Nextdoor. I’m a Houston-based money and finance content creator and you can find me blogging on this site, along with sharing content other places across the web like my Medium blog, Newsbreak, and social media like TikTok.

…here is my personal story…

I grew up as a military brat. As a child, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I gravitated toward freeing, independent and creative careers, like fashion modeling, fashion design, and drawing but, my mama told me, there’s no career for artists and it would be very, very difficult to make a good living as a model, as a former model herself.

Eventually, hobbies like drawing faded and I buckled down in school to graduate high school then college before moving onto working in finance and banking and getting my MBA.

I kind of “fell into” a finance career that drew me in because of personal interest. I was always interested in how money worked and how you could make money work for you. I thought it would be to my benefit to learn about:

  • Credit
  • Banking
  • Mortgages
  • Loans
  • And, other finance products

Because, I thought that knowledge could help me and my family. I learned a lot working a decade in the banking/finance industry.

But, I wasn’t happy.

I decided I was going to quit but, I didn’t know how.

I realized that I wanted to be a business owner but, I didn’t know what kind of business to run. I didn’t dream about running any business but, the characteristics of small business were what I wanted…

  • A life where I could make the rulesD
  • Designing my dream schedule
  • Making unlimited income
  • Traveling where and when I wanted
  • Being the boss

I tried a couple things and something eventually stuck.

My e-commerce journey

That thing was e-commerce.

E-commerce was eye-opening. It was hard, stressful, lucrative, taught me a lot about myself and about people. It wasn’t the business for me. It did allow me to quit my day job and experience all the benefits I shared above like designing my dream schedule and being the boss.

But, it wasn’t personally fulfilling. It left me neglecting my family and I just wasn’t happy. So, a few years after opening it, I quit that business and sold it.

That’s when my content creation journey started.

Introduction to content creation

Blogging, social media, creating content for others, I loved it all. That eventually led me to Millennial Nextdoor where I get to help others navigate the internet, avoid scams and make a real income online through side hustles, starting a business, running your dream work from home life, and becoming financially savvy with smart personal finance decisions.


Please bookmark this blog so you can come back to it often. I publish all throughout the month and it’s not unusual to find dozens of new blog posts on the blog from month to month. I love writing!

Meet the Owner Behind Millennial Nextdoor

It’s me, Jenn! I’m the sole writer behind Millennial Nextdoor. My background is in finance, banking, and business. On MND, you’ll find content in topics like:

  • Passive income
  • Small business
  • Blogging
  • Career
  • Side hustles
  • Working from home
  • Personal finance
  • Business tools/resources/SAAS reviews
  • Lifestyle

I love travel. I’m coffee-obsessed and I love cats. I’m an entrepreneur and work from home. One thing I write a lot about is my journey with website flipping. I’ve sold $100K in websites from flipping, including blogs and e-commerce sites. You can read about my website flipping journey including checking out my various courses and ebooks.

I’m a mama to an autistic son who’s a bundle of fun and has so much energy. A spouse to a disabled Navy vet and if you need to contact me, reach out at:


6445 FM 1463 Rd Ste 160-146

Katy, TX 77494


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