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If you’re trying to figure out where to sell clothes for money, whether they are unwanted or unused or used clothes, you are in the right place. 

This article is going to share 14 places where to sell clothes online and offline. 

This is great if you want to make some extra cash on the side and unload your clothes that you’re no longer using. It’s really good for getting rid of your kids clothes that are outgrown or ridding your closet of those splurges you bought that you never ended up wearing. 

Whatever your reason may be, you’ll find some great places where to sell used clothes and where to sell new clothes in this roundup. 

Ready for it? 

Let’s go! 

Where to sell clothes for money

First, let’s talk about where to sell clothes for money. 

There are plenty of spots where you can sell your clothes for money, whether they’re new or used. This can include a variety of different websites on the web, in-person you can look at places like thrift shops or consignment stores. 

You can also sell in marketplaces like neighborhood websites or social media like Facebook Marketplace, for example. 

Where can I sell my clothes | 14 Places where to sell clothes online

1. Ebay

You probably already know about eBay. 

This is an online marketplace where you can sell new and used things including clothes, shoes, electronics, appliances, home decor and furniture plus a lot more. 

I’ve sold on eBay over and over again and I’ve had a pretty good experience for the most part.

What you’ll like about selling on eBay is that the listing process is pretty quick. They run promotions for free listings all the time so more than likely you’ll be able to list your clothes on eBay for free. 

If there’s not a promotion, it’s pretty cheap, running a couple bucks or less to list your stuff on the website. 

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the marketplace section of Facebook where you can buy and sell stuff from your neighbors in your local community. You’ll find people list and sell a bunch of different stuff including clothes.

You can also find homes listed for sale, cars, jewelry, perfume, cell phone, and more.

Visit the marketplace on Facebook to get started listing your stuff.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is a directory website where you can do a lot like find a job, find pets, etc. A lot of people sell stuff and get rid of stuff on Craigslist, including clothes. Look here as a place where to sell used clothes or new clothes.

4. Consignment stores

Consignment stores are for new and used clothes. You can take your clothes to the consignment shop, they’ll inspect the clothes for acceptance and if they accept, they’ll take the clothes off your hands and you get paid when your clothes sell.

5. Swap

Swap.com is an online consignment store. It works similarly to an in-person consignment store and accept:

  • Mens and womens clothes
  • Kids and baby clothes
  • Shoes

Click “sell on Swap” in the footer to get started with their selling process. All you do is sign up, follow the directions and send your stuff to get one step closer to getting paid for your clothes.

6. ThredUp

ThredUp is similar to Swap. They are also an online consignment store that you can sell your stuff on. In addition to selling clothes and shoes, they also accept books, handbags, and accessories.

Scroll to the bottom of the site to “sell on ThredUp” where you can get instructions about the selling process and get started.

7. Plato’s Closet

This is the perfect place to sell your clothes. This consignment shop is a popular retail chain and you might have one of these in your city.

Look online or call in advance to see if there are any restrictions on what they’re taking. For example, they might not accept bathing suits.

8. Once Upon a Child

This is a children’s clothing consignment store.

Grab your kids clothes (used or new) and then take them to the shop. Note that all consignment stores do not take everything. They have to be in good condition, not too worn or faded with no broken zippers, missing buttons, etc.

Then you get paid once the item is sold.

I’d call in advance to see what they’re accepting. For example, in winter, they might not be accepting summer clothes.

9. Shopify store

A Shopify store is perfect for selling new clothes, in particular in your own boutique or online store.

I did this a few years ago and drove sales up to $30,000 per month!

It was lucrative, a lot of fun and I was so passionate about it, it really didn’t feel like work. Here’s what I did:

  • Picked a niche
  • Sourced the goods (I used a bunch of different wholesalers)
  • Created my Shopify store
  • Drove traffic through social media (apps on Shopify, Instagram, and Pinterest)

It took me about a year of selling before I was making enough to replace my day job income. Once I did I quit that job and continued running the store full time.

Click here to start your 14-day free Shopify trial if this sounds interesting to you.

10. Garage sale or rummage sale

Garage sales or rummage sales happen when people want to sell their stuff privately out of their home. They often set up shop in their driveway and Saturday mornings are a great time to sell a bunch of your stuff.

When I was a child my mom was a real garage sale person. She loved them and we’d host one at least once a year.

We would wake up super early, get fully set up by 7am and be done by about 1pm. One of the last garage sales we did, we raised enough money to buy my designer prom dress which I was so thrilled to get. I still have it in my closet!

11. Thrift shop

Selling your new or used clothes at a thrift shop is a great way to clean out your closet and get paid for it. 

Grab your stuff, take it into the thrift shop and depending on the store, they may pay you up front or they may pay you when your stuff sells, like a consignment shop.

Either way, they can take your clothes off your hands right away which will make your trip a productive one.

12. Flea market

Flea markets work kind of like thrift shops. You can find them in person and they offer a mix up of different things you can buy, especially clothes. They’re great for finding vintage clothes so if you have used clothes to sell, they could do very well being sold in a flea market.

Check your local area for flea markets where you live. In my area here in Texas, they have a big one in Hillsbourough and several in the greater Houston area.

13. Mercari

Mercari is an app where to sell clothes online.

You can list your jackets, tops, dresses, bottoms, and more right on Mercari.What I like about this app is that they actually tell you what’s popular and what’s been selling so if you wanted to sell your stuff quickly or create a business around flipping clothes or other items on Mercari, you could easily see what’s trending and focus on selling those goods.

I sold a Guess peacoat on here really easily and got paid super fast.

14. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app and website where you can easily sell your stuff by snapping a picture of your clothes and selling right away on their app and site.

I’ve sold clothes here a bunch of times and the process is truly effortless. There’s no fee to sign up or list your items but they do take a fee after your sale happens.

Where to sell clothes online

There you have it, all 14 places where to sell used clothes and sell new clothes online and offline. These are great to get you started selling your extra clothes for cash.

For more ideas on things to sell, check out these resources

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