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Looking for places where to buy cloth face masks? There is a shortage of masks around the world but your area is requiring residents to wear masks or you want to wear a face mask for peace of mind. But, where the heck do you find them? The U.S. blocked export out of China and there’s even a shortage of medical grade masks for medical professionals.

Sure, you can find a YouTube video and make your own mask but, if you’re as crafty as me, you’ll make it halfway through your Walmart grocery store visit just to have it unravel as you’re driving your shopping cart around the store.

There are a few retailers that are offering masks but not for less than an arm and a leg. I’m less concerned about making a fashion statement and more concerned with building a small stock of a few masks that I can have on hand for me and my family. Cloth masks that are washable and don’t break the bank.

Where are they?

I’ve had a hard time finding them on even Ebay or Amazon which is pretty scary but, I have found them (cloth face masks) at Kitchenori. They have a 3-pack of face masks for about $20 (while supplies last) and they also have these face wrap gaiters that cover and protect your neck, which I really love.

If you’re tired of scrounging for supplies at home or looking online for masks that just don’t exist without a high price, you’ll love these masks at Kitchenori. I just bought 3 for my family and we absolutely love them. Super buttery soft, slides right on your face and great fit.

If you get one, comment below and let me know what you think! And, if you know of other retailers that offer masks at a decent price, please share your resource down below, too. We’d really appreciate it!