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If you’re interested in investing in alternative assets, you may want to consider investing in wine and spirits. Vint is an investment platform that allows you to invest directly in securitized and diversified collections of fine wine and rare spirits.

The company buys, stores, insures, and sells high-end wines, making it possible for investors of all sizes to invest in this asset class.

Investing in wine and spirits can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially earn a profit.

Vint curates collections of blue chips and up-and-coming investment-grade assets, making it easy for you to invest in a variety of wines and spirits. The platform also offers a transparent and secure way to invest, with detailed information about each collection and the ability to track your investments in real-time. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the world of alternative investments and interested in making money online, Vint can be a great option to consider.


If you’re interested in investing in wine and spirits, Vint is a platform that might be worth checking out. Here’s a brief overview of what is, how it works, and why you might consider using it.

What is


Vint is an investment platform that allows you to invest in wine and spirits. The platform was founded in 2019 and is based in Richmond, Virginia. Vint aims to make the wine and spirits market more accessible to investors by providing a transparent, SEC-qualified trading platform. The platform allows you to invest in wine and spirits collections that have been carefully curated by Vint team of experts.

How does Vint work?

To invest with Vint, you’ll need to create an account on the platform. Once you’ve created an account, you can browse the collections that are available for investment. Each collection has a minimum investment amount, which can be as low as $40. You can invest in a collection by purchasing shares of the collection. The collections are stored in a secure, climate-controlled facility, and Vint handles all aspects of storage and logistics.

how does vint work

When you invest in a collection, you’ll receive regular updates on the collection’s performance. If the collection performs well, you may be able to sell your shares for a profit. Vint also offers a buyback program, which allows you to sell your shares back to the platform at any time.

Why use Vint?

There are several reasons why you might consider using Vint to invest in wine and spirits. Here are a few:

  • Access: Vint provides access to a market that might otherwise be difficult to invest in. By investing in collections curated by experts, you can take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.
  • Transparency: Vint aims to provide a transparent platform for investors. All fees are disclosed in the offering circular, and the platform is SEC-qualified.
  • Low minimum investment: Vint allows you to invest in collections for as little as $40. This makes it accessible to a wide range of investors.
  • Diversification: Investing in wine and spirits can be a way to diversify your portfolio. Wine and spirits have historically had a low correlation with other asset classes, which can help reduce risk. Vint is a platform that provides access to a unique investment opportunity. If you’re interested in investing in wine and spirits, it’s worth considering.


Vint offers a variety of features that make it easy for you to invest in fine wine and rare spirits. Here are some of the key features that you can expect when you sign up for an account:

vint investing

Wine Recommendations

One of the most useful features of Vint is its wine recommendation engine. When you sign up for an account, you’ll be asked to fill out a brief survey that will help the platform understand your taste preferences. Based on your responses, Vint will recommend wines and spirits that you’re likely to enjoy. This can be a great way to discover new wines and expand your palate.

Personalized Wine Profile

Vint also allows you to create a personalized wine profile. This profile will track your purchases, preferences, and tasting notes. You can use this profile to keep track of your favorite wines and spirits, as well as to make more informed purchasing decisions in the future.

Wine Purchases

Of course, one of the main features of Vint is its ability to facilitate wine purchases. The platform offers a wide range of wines and spirits from around the world, including rare and hard-to-find bottles. You can purchase wine by the bottle or by the case, and Vint will handle all of the logistics, including shipping, insurance, and storage.

Wine Education

Finally, Vint also offers a variety of educational resources to help you learn more about wine and spirits. These resources include articles, videos, and online courses that cover topics such as wine tasting, food pairing, and cellar management. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a complete novice, Vint has something to offer.


When it comes to investing in wine, Vint offers two plans: Free and Premium.

Free Plan

With the Free Plan, you can create an account for free and start browsing Vint’s wine collections. You can also receive notifications when new collections become available. However, if you want to invest in a wine collection, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium Plan.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is where you can start investing in wine. You’ll need to invest a minimum of $40 per collection, and you can invest in as many collections as you want. The sourcing fee for each collection is disclosed in the offering circular, and it has been below 35% in the past. There is no maximum limit to the sourcing fee.

Vint and VV Markets, LLC are offering securities pursuant to Regulation A. The offering circular, as amended, can be found on the SEC’s website.

It’s important to note that Vint does charge a storage fee for holding your wine. The storage fee is 1.5% of the collection’s value per year, and it covers the cost of storing, insuring, and maintaining your wine collection. This fee is deducted from your account balance on a monthly basis.

In addition to the storage fee, Vint also charges a transaction fee when you sell your wine. The transaction fee is 5% of the sale price, and it covers the cost of selling your wine and transferring the funds to your account.

Overall, Vint’s pricing structure is straightforward and transparent. With the Premium Plan, you can start investing in wine for as little as $40 per collection, and you’ll know exactly what fees you’ll be charged.


If you need any assistance with Vint, there are a few ways you can get in touch with their support team. In this section, we’ll cover the two main ways to get help: contacting them directly and checking the FAQs.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with Vint’s support team by calling 800.678.2635 or emailing [email protected]. They offer support for a variety of issues, including account creation, investing basics, and privacy and security concerns. Additionally, if you’re interested in purchasing a system or have questions about solar energy sales, you can also contact them using the same phone number.

Vint FAQs

If you’re looking for quick answers to common questions, Vint’s FAQs page is a great resource. You can find answers to questions about investing in fine wine and spirits, account creation, and investing with an IRA, among others. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact their support team directly using the information provided above.

Bottom Line

Overall, Vint offers a range of support options to help you with any issues or concerns you may have. Whether you prefer to contact them directly or check the FAQs, their team is available to assist you.

Visit Vint to learn more.


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