5 TikTok Starbucks Orders to Try [And, How to Order]

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TikTok Starbucks orders to try. This is me, every time. I feel like a Starbucks treat but I don’t want my usual drink, which tends to be a sweet cream vanilla cold brew.

I really love that drink.

It’s not very high-calorie, it gives me the caffeine kick I need while being sweet but not sugary sweet and it’s an iced coffee. But sometimes, I just want something different so I head to TikTok to get inspired and find new drinks to try.

In recent years, TikTok has become a popular platform for sharing all sorts of content, including food and drink trends. One trend that has taken TikTok by storm is creating unique Starbucks orders.

From customized frappuccinos to secret menu items, TikTok users have shared their favorite Starbucks orders, and some have even gone viral. Whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking to try something new, the TikTok Starbucks Orders trend offers a wide variety of drinks to satisfy your cravings. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular TikTok Starbucks drink orders to try and how to order them.

TikTok Starbucks Creators

tiktok starbucks drink

There’s no wrong time for Starbucks, in my opinion. Whether you’re redeeming the Starbucks birthday hack and or looking for an afternoon pick-me-up randomly, it always hits!

I have some core creators on TikTok that I follow, support, and come back to their videos over and over. Many are baristas, some are coffee lovers like me. These are some of my favorite Starbucks TikTok creators that you can check out…

1. Eggbaloni

2. ItsJoBoi

3. StarbucksHacksSecrets

5 TikTok Starbucks Drink Orders to Try

Free Starbucks drinks

Now, onto the drinks!

These are some of my current favorites from Starbucks. You may have heard of some of these. I like them because they offer a little bit of something special for everyone, regardless of your taste. Some are coffee-based, some are teas, you’ll get a nice mix of different Starbucks drinks here.

Here is what they are including how to order them…

5 TikTok Starbucks drinks to try
TikTok Starbucks drinks! These drink creations will definitely inspire you on your next Starbucks trip. A little something for everyone!

1. A Sweeter Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

This is probably my top order at Starbucks. It’s so simple and easier to order. It’s just their vanilla sweet cream cold brew on their menu but, I add sweet cream cold foam and I add caramel drizzle inside the cup.

This lines the cup with a thick caramel swirl that sweetens the drink up, giving it a nicer taste, in my opinion.

How to order

I’d like a:

  • [Insert Size] Vanilla sweet cream cold brew with sweet cream cold foam and,
  • Caramel drizzle inside the cup

2. A Classic Tea Latte

This is for when you don’t want coffee but, still want a foamy, hot and slightly sweet drink. It’s their London Fog latte. Order it just like that from the menu.

How to order

I’d like a:

  • [Insert Size] London fog latte

3. Strawberry Matcha

It looks like this (credit to the creator)…

tiktok starbucks

This is a slightly sweeter and fruity matcha latte. It’s popular around Valentine’s Day because the cold foam is pink. It looks so beautiful in the cup, the pink and light green lined up against each other. It tastes amazing.

How to order

I’d like a:

  • [Insert Size] Matcha tea latte with,
  • Strawberry cold foam

4. The College Cafe

Tastes good + keeps you up for a while, according to the creator. Have not tried this one yet.


Keeps u goin. #fyp #barista #starbucks #college #foryou

♬ Wait a Minute! – WILLOW

How to order

I’d like a:

  • Venti iced cold brew with,
  • A shot of blonde espresso
  • 5 pumps of brown sugar
  • 1 pump of white chocolate mocha
  • A splash of heavy caramel and,
  • Extra caramel drizzle

5. Pink Blended

Have not tried this one but, the next time I go to Starbucks and am not in a coffee or hot tea mood, I’ll definitely be on this one.


Keeps u goin. #fyp #barista #starbucks #college #foryou

♬ Wait a Minute! – WILLOW

How to order

I’d like a:

  • Venti blended lemonade with,
  • A scoop of dragonfruit
  • Raspberry syrup and,
  • Peach juice

Bottom line on TikTok Starbucks Drinks

Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different yummy TikTok Starbucks flavor combos you can come up with at Starbucks.

For more inspo, hit up TikTok and search terms like:

  • Popular Starbucks drinks TikTok
  • TikTok Starbucks drinks or,
  • Tik Tok Popular Iced Coffee Drinks (for iced coffee inspo)

There’s so much out there! You will surely find a drink right up your alley.

What could be better?

How about a free drink?

Check out my post on Starbucks birthday hacks to learn how you can score free Starbucks!

What’s your favorite TikTok Starbucks drink?

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