TEMU Influencer Program, Earn up to $300 Free products and up to $100,000/month

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Join the Temu Influencer Program to get the following benefits:

temu influencer program

1. Free products
2. Extra discounts for your followers
3. Up to 20% commission on new user referrals' order
4. Up to $5 on referral downloads (new users only)
5. Up to $100,000 commission every month

Find more information about the Influencer Program below! You can register directly via this link to join our influencer project. We’re waiting for YOU!
As a TEMU affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn generous commissions and enjoy numerous perks.

Here’s why you should sign up now:

temu influencers program

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the TEMU Influencer Program! Sign up today and embark on a rewarding journey where your passion for influencing meets unlimited earning potential. Start monetizing your influence and be a part of the TEMU success story!

Sign up NOW!

FOR UShttps://www.temu.com/k/c875ca46

FOR UKhttps://temu.to/k/usBJSR92ZKBy8ul


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  1. I am looking to be a reviewer of merchandise, not as an influencer. I saw a post on Facebook looking for reviwers

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