SV Academy Reviews: Is it Worth It?

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I’ve scoured the web to find and read SV Academy reviews. My goal was to see what students really experienced from SV Academy, what they liked and disliked and if they thought it was worth it. This is incredibly helpful as I dive into this SV Academy review. If you’re reading this then you probably already know what this career training program is about.

It’s good that your here because it means you take your future seriously.

I’ve seen so many of these career bootcamps pop up all over the internet in recent years. It’s hard to know which ones are good, which ones suck, and which ones are scams.

In this SV Academy review, I’m going to go over:

  • What SV Academy is
  • How SV Academy works
  • SV Academy reviews
  • SV Academy pricing
  • If SV Academy is really worth it or not

Let’s dig in!

What is SV Academy?

sv academy homepage

SV Academy, also known as Sales Velocity Academy, is a professional training and career placement program that focuses on preparing individuals for successful careers in tech sales. It is an organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

The program offered by SV Academy is designed to bridge the gap between job seekers who are interested in pursuing a career in sales and technology companies that are seeking qualified sales talent. SV Academy aims to provide individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and connections to excel in the field of sales.

The training program typically lasts for 12 weeks and combines both online learning modules and in-person workshops. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics related to sales, including sales techniques, customer relationship management, objection handling, and more. Additionally, participants receive mentorship and guidance from experienced sales professionals throughout the program.

One of the unique aspects of SV Academy is their focus on placing program graduates in sales roles at partner companies. They work closely with a network of technology companies to connect graduates with entry-level sales positions, helping them launch their careers in the industry.

Overall, SV Academy aims to provide individuals with the necessary skills, training, and job placement support to kickstart a successful career in tech sales.

How does SV Academy work?

sv academy

This is a high-growth sales program that teaches you tech sales.

What is tech sales?

Tech sales, also known as technology sales or software sales, refers to the process of selling products or services related to technology, particularly software and hardware solutions, to businesses or individual customers. Tech sales professionals are responsible for promoting and selling technology products, often working for technology companies or vendors.

The role of a tech salesperson involves:

  • Understanding the features and benefits of the technology they are selling
  • Identifying customer needs and pain points, and
  • Effectively communicating how the product or service can address those needs

They build relationships with potential clients, generate leads, conduct product demonstrations, negotiate contracts, and close sales deals.

Tech sales typically involves a consultative approach, where sales professionals act as trusted advisors to their customers. They need to have a deep understanding of the technology they are selling, as well as the ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and compelling manner.

In addition to selling technology products, tech sales professionals often provide ongoing support and assistance to customers, ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships. They may also collaborate with other teams, such as marketing and product development, to gather customer feedback and contribute to product improvement.

Tech sales can encompass various areas within the technology industry, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more. The demand for tech sales professionals is high as technology continues to advance and businesses rely on innovative solutions to stay competitive.

Successful tech sales professionals possess strong communication, persuasion, and relationship-building skills. They are knowledgeable about the technology they sell, adaptable to changing market trends, and capable of working in fast-paced environments.

They welcome students from all backgrounds with no experience required to start.

  • Active learning in a collaborative environment
  • Join a network of successful graduates to get the support you need
  • Get support and coaching after training is complete to help you transition into the workforce

Pros and Cons of SV Academy?

Pros of SV Academy:

  1. Training and Skill Development: SV Academy offers a structured training program that equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed for a career in tech sales. Through a combination of online modules, workshops, and mentorship, participants gain valuable insights and practical experience.
  2. Job Placement Assistance: SV Academy has a network of partner companies in the tech industry. Graduates of the program receive support and guidance in securing entry-level sales positions at these companies, increasing their chances of finding employment.
  3. Industry Connections: SV Academy provides opportunities for participants to connect with industry professionals, mentors, and potential employers. This networking aspect can be valuable in building relationships and accessing job opportunities.
  4. Career Transition Support: SV Academy is often sought after by individuals looking to transition into tech sales from other fields. The program caters to career changers and provides them with a pathway to enter the tech industry.

Cons of SV Academy:

  1. Selective Admission Process: SV Academy has an application and selection process, which means not all individuals who apply may be accepted into the program. This could limit access for some aspiring sales professionals.
  2. Time Commitment: The training program offered by SV Academy typically spans 12 weeks. This duration may not be suitable for individuals who are looking for a quicker entry into the job market.
  3. Limited Geographical Availability: As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, SV Academy primarily operated in the San Francisco Bay Area. This geographic limitation may restrict access for individuals residing outside the region.
  4. Focus on Tech Sales: While SV Academy specializes in preparing individuals for careers in tech sales, it may not be the ideal fit for those interested in other sales fields or industries.

It’s important to note that the pros and cons may vary based on individual circumstances and preferences. It is advisable to thoroughly research and consider personal goals and needs before deciding to pursue a program like SV Academy.

SV Academy Pricing

So, how much does SV Academy cost anyway? The cost of attendance is your tuition, just like you’d experience at any college or university.

  • The cost is $9,990
  • You can pay upfront or do monthly payments
  • The lowest monthly payment available is around $210/month
  • Payment plans have a 6 month grace period

Here’s the tuition chart for more info…

sv academy cost

What amount is due upfront upon enrollment?

There’s a $90 fee due in the beginning, after you accept your enrollment offer.

Can you start making payments while in training?

Yes, you can begin making tuition payments while still attending the training but, you don’t have to. There is a six month grace period.

SV Academy Reviews

What are students really saying?

  • “I took home close to $110,000 my first year”
  • “SV Academy is a homerun”
  • “SDR ready”

You can find more SV Academy reviews on the site or on review sites like Course Report and others.

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