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Is this you? You’re searching the internet for a Starter Story review because you’ve heard of it online or maybe even checked out the site before and wondering if it’s worth it to subscribe? You’re in the right place.

Starter Story is a collection of startup stories. This is perfect as an inspiration-booster. If you’ve wanted to launch a blog or start a business and want to read how others are doing it successfully or check out what similar business owners are earning, this is the resource you’ll want to look into!

In this review of Starter Story, I hope to answer all your questions.

  • What is Starter Story?
  • How much does Starter Story cost?
  • Starter Story resources
  • Starter Story courses
  • My personal journey using Starter Story including how I’ve made over $30K from the subscription
  • Is Starter Story worth it?

I bought Starter Story about a year ago, by the way. So, I have personal experience using this resource, and I’ll share my honest opinion about my thoughts on it.

Here’s everything I’ve gotten from being a paid subscriber of Starter Story.

Let’s go!

What is Starter Story?

Starter Story is an online platform that provides resources and inspiration for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The website offers a hudge collection of thousands of interviews, case studies, and guides, featuring successful business owners who share their experiences, strategies, and advice.

The platform was founded by Pat Walls in 2018, who wanted to create a platform that provided practical insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The interviews and case studies cover a wide range of industries and business models, from e-commerce and SaaS startups to brick-and-mortar businesses and freelancing.

In addition to the interviews and case studies, Starter Story offers a range of other resources, including a business idea generator, a directory of tools and services for entrepreneurs, and a community forum where users can connect with other business owners and share their experiences and knowledge.

Starter Story has become a popular resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for inspiration, guidance, and practical tips for starting and growing their businesses

  • A collection of interviews from successful entrepreneurs.
  • A list of business ideas and growth ideas to peruse.
  • A list of tools that entrepreneurs use to build and grow their companies.
  • Access to the Starter Story newsletter.

The founder – Pat Walls

Pat Walls, the founder of Starter Story, grew the site to 1.4 million monthly visitors and $90K/month in revenue. He started with just $100 and an idea. I personally found Pat’s site on Reddit. Income reports and founders stories were being posted and they were super interesting. They led me to the site, which I perused for months and months before finally splurging on a subscription.

And, I’m glad I did because just over a year later, I’ve made over $28K, thanks to the opportunities I’ve found on Starter Story!

Case Studies

starter story case study

The case studies you read are entrepreneur interviews. This is where the entrepreneur is asked about their startup story. They share valuable information about how they started their company, how the idea came about, how they raised funding and how much money they make now, ideas for growth, marketing strategies and a lot more.

You can sort the case studies by revenue, business type, category, or country. Or, you can read them all, binging on the startup stories, your choice.

As of today, there are over 3,200 startup story case studies on Starter Story.

Eat your heart out!

Some of the questions asked:

  • How did you come up with the business idea?
  • How did you build and launch the product?
  • Revenue and financials?
  • Lessons learned?
  • Favorite books and resources?
  • Are you hiring?

You get a real in-depth look at how a business started and grew. It’s super interesting.

Starter Story Pricing

What is the Starter Story price? This is a subscription-based website. You get unlimited lifetime access for one flat fee.

  • The Founder Plan is $695
  • The All-Access Plan is $1,095

The Founder Plan includes:

  • Unlimited access to Starter Story
  • 4,800+ case studies
  • Thousands of business ideas
  • Access to deep dives and reports on interesting trends (like dozens of businesses making thousands from apps, dozens of six-figure niche sites, 100+ seven-figure productized services, and much, much, much more!

The All-Access Plan includes:

  • Everything in the Founder plan along with…
  • Community of founders – exclusive access to private founder directory
  • Full access to all courses like the Leon SEO course and Lean Email course
  • $1M in software savings on hundreds of tools and software

starter story pricing

Business Ideas

In the Business Ideas section you’ll find a compilation of thousands of potential business ideas. So, if you’re considering starting a business yourself and stuck on what direction to take, this can give you some inspiration.

They’re compiled in a database and have 7,568 potential business ideas, as of this writing. You’ll get tons of data along with the business idea, like:

  • Startup costs
  • Revenue
  • Market size
  • And, more!

Growth Ideas

Under Growth Ideas, you’ll find over 200 ways to grow your business. You can filter through the list by:

  • Difficulty level
  • Cost
  • Result
  • And, other filters

This is perfect for growth hacking, if you trying to figure out ways to grow your company.


A list of thousands of tools you can use to run your business. They even group the tools to help you navigate through it all, sharing the best email tools, best accounting tools, and best business platforms.

Finding job opportunities on Starter Story

In the interview, one of the questions asked was about staffing or hiring opportunities.

This is where the interviewer asked the entrepreneur about if they are currently hiring. The entrepreneur will then share if there are any job openings at their company and if prospects are interested, how to reach them.

This is actually how I booked your freelance gig that’s made me over $8,000 so far.

This untapped opportunity is really great way to make some money as a freelancer. It’s an opportunity to connect with successful businesses and start your own online business in freelance or another field.

If you do freelance writing, freelance social media work, content work, or have a background in management, operations, or sales, these are the kind of jobs that business owners are hiring for.

I really love this!

It’s helped me make a 50X ROI on my investment on the subscription!

Starter Story Courses

Starter Story grew from nothing to $90,000/month sharing founder’s stories. I love that they teach online courses that teach others how they did it! They offer two courses:

  • An SEO course
  • An email marketing course

And, I’ve taken both!

Lean SEO Course

The SEO course is called Lean SEO and it’s their SEO framework for how they gained traction, got traffic and grew using SEO strategies. SEO is really the backbone of a lot of successful websites. It’s like the secret sauce that helps you get seen on Google and other search engines. With that visibility comes website traffic and traffic fuels your site income.

Lean SEO teaches you how to:

  • Research content opportunities and learn how to quick research
  • Create content, test viability
  • Test to see what’s working and what’s not working
  • Decision your content based on performance
  • Scale using structured data, automation, outsourcing and other tactics

Here’s a snapshot of the lessons you’ll be learning…

lean seo

You get 100 slides and hours of screencast presentation explaining the entire SEO framework in great detail. It’s super helpful and I’m excited to start using some of the strategies in my blog. You can see the entire curriculum and more on what the course covers on this page.

Lean Email

This email marketing course, Lean Email reveals the email marketing strategies Starter Story took to grow it to earning $30,000/month from email alone!

  • How to capture more emails
  • How to send more and better emails
  • How to make money with your emails

You get 3 hours of screencasts and over 160 slides with tons of examples, helping you master email marketing!

This is an even longer course than Lean SEO and I love it! It has 160 different slides which explain how Starter Story grew with email marketing. You can use what you learn to apply to your own business, growing your email list and business income with email marketing.

Check out the curriculum, what’s covered, and more on this page.

Common questions about Starter Story?

1. Is there a free trial?

No, there’s no free trial.

2. What is the Lean SEO course?

This is the SEO course developed by Starter Story. It’s included in your Premium Plus subscription or you can buy it separately.

3. Is a monthly membership available?

No, the subscription is paid annually.

Starter Story Reviews

Read my personal review of making over $28,000 from Starter Story. That’s from the hiring opportunities presented in the founders interviews. I’ve also become an affiliate and earned thousands from affiliate commissions, referring Starter Story to my readers.

Here’s what others are saying about Starter Story and courses…

“Overall good idea”

“Love this one Pat…”

In general, people are really loving Starter Story. And, you will too. There’s nothing you won’t like about this site. It’s inspiring to read founder’s stories. It motivates you and pushes you to want to do better for your business, yourself.

Reading startup stories can be inspiring for several reasons:

  • Overcoming challenges: Startup stories often involve individuals or teams who faced significant challenges and obstacles along the way. The determination and resilience shown in these stories can be inspiring, especially when we can relate to the difficulties they faced.
  • Creativity and innovation: Startups often bring new and innovative ideas to the market. Reading about the creativity and innovation behind a successful startup can inspire us to think outside the box and pursue our own unique ideas.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Startups are typically founded by entrepreneurs who are passionate about their vision and willing to take risks to make it a reality. Reading about their journey and seeing how they turned their ideas into successful businesses can inspire us to pursue our own entrepreneurial dreams.
  • Success against the odds: Many startups face significant challenges and competition, yet some manage to achieve success against the odds. Reading about these success stories can be motivating and encourage us to persevere in the face of our own challenges.

Overall, reading startup stories can be a great way to gain inspiration, motivation, and insight into what it takes to build a successful business.

Is Starter Story worth it?

Yes, I think Starter Story is worth it.

If you love binge-reading success stories or income reports, you’ll definitely like this. It’s really eye-opening to read the journey of other business owners. You get to learn about what they did right and what they did wrong, which is invaluable, especially if you run your own business. You get to learn from others so you don’t have to take those same miss-steps.

But, it’s so much more than just reading the case studies.

From access to their business ideas, growth ideas, tools and more, you can’t go wrong Many of the interviews also include hiring opportunities which is a cool way to make some money doing freelance work.

Visit Starter Story to get started.

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Jenn Leach, MBA

Jenn Leach is a Houston-based MBA with over a decade of experience in the banking industry. She writes at Millennial Nextdoor where she writes finance, money, business, and lifestyle content to help millennials create additional income streams online. Join her on Substack at

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