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Alright guys, this is what you’ve been waiting for, the Starbucks birthday hack is about how to get free Starbucks drinks. If you’re a Starbucks lover like me you’re going to definitely want to listen in on this one. There’s a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this and I have done both! Let’s get into it.

I am a Starbucks fanatic, I have to admit it.

Free Starbucks drinks

In fact when the pandemic hit in 2020, I was so glued to Tik Tok, especially all the Starbucks savvy drinks and treats being touted all across the platform. I probably spent $50 a week or more just on Starbucks during this time.

Pretty terrible if you ask me, especially from a finance blogger, no less.

But, everyone has their vices and for me it’s got to be Starbucks coffee. Not to mention during a time when the world is drab and dreary getting through this crazy pandemic, indulging in Starbucks made me happy and I could afford it, luckily, so I did It!

Please no judgment.

I have a lot of favorite drinks and I usually go through drink phases.

Lately I’ve been loving their medicine ball. The medicine ball is a combination of two teas, steamed lemonade and honey. It is super delicious and although most people order it when they’re sick, I love to order it all the time because it’s just so good.

Before that I was enjoying the viral sensation which was the iced white chocolate mocha with pumpkin cold foam or sweet cream cold foam and caramel drizzle.

Before that I really loved their hot chai’s which is a chai tea latte. My son gets lemonade every single time we go and although my husband is not a coffee snob like me he usually enjoys either a medicine ball or a caramel macchiato and over the holiday break he was really loving the salted caramel hot chocolate!

Ok, enough swooning over there tasty drinks.

The truth is, Starbucks is expensive. So much so that a lot of people have found sneaky little ways to get around paying five bucks for a drink.

The average American actually spends over $1000 a year just on coffee.

Pretty crazy right?

I could not go back to indulging in Starbucks every day as it really can put a good hurting on your wallet. What if you could get free Starbucks? That could save you some money!

There are a ton of ways to get free Starbucks, actually.

In this article I’m gonna go over this Starbucks birthday hack which details how to get free Starbucks drinks on your birthday. And because I know you’re probably interested in this, I’m also going to dive into how to get free Starbucks drinks all your round. Here we go.

THE Starbucks Birthday Hack for Free Starbucks

Free Starbucks drinks

This is so easy it’s probably gonna make you roll your eyes.

So Starbucks has a rewards program. It’s a free app that you can install on your smart phone and the way it works is with the app, they will notify you of any upcoming sales or deals that they have like their Bogo events that are pretty popular.

You can also place orders on the app so you don’t have to wait in line and you can just head over to Starbucks and grab your ready-made drink.

You can buy gift cards on the app.

You can add your debit card and credit card to the app.

And when you use the app to pay, you earn stars which is Starbucks currency. The more stars that you have on your account then the more free Starbucks that you can get. And best of all, you can get your Starbucks birthday drink for free on your birthday!

Here’s how it works…

Starbucks Birthday Hack | How to Claim Your Birthday Freebie

free Starbucks

It’s called the Starbucks birthday reward and the way it works is on your birthday you will receive one complementary handcrafted beverage or one complementary food item or one complementary ready to drink bottled beverage.

You can redeem your birthday reward at any participating Starbucks store.

The only exclusions are for multi-serve food or beverage items like a tray of their cranberry bliss bars, for example.

In order to qualify for the Starbucks birthday reward, you have to join Starbucks Rewards which is through the Starbucks app, at least seven days before your birthday, along with providing your birthday and your account information and make at least one start earning transaction before your birthday each year.

Your birthday reward is automatically added to your account on your birthday and you get your freebie on that date only.

To redeem your Starbucks birthday freebie, you should scan the member barcode in the Starbucks app or present your Starbucks card in order to get your birthday reward.

Ok, so that is straight from the Starbucks website.

In a nutshell, you want to make sure that you have the Starbucks app installed on your phone and be in enrolled in their rewards program at least seven days before your birthday plus make a Starbucks star-earning transaction.

Now I mentioned above about earning stars through the Starbucks app. It’s really easy to do. Basically you’re going to pay with the app and you can do this one of two ways:

  • Pay with a Starbucks e-gift card on the app or,
  • Sync your debit card or credit card on the app and pay with that

For the gift card purchases on the app, you earn two stars per one dollar that you pay and for using a synced card, you earn one star per one dollar.

If you’re not a fan of getting a Starbucks gift card which is how you can earn the most stars, you can simply just sync your debit card and/or credit card to the app and when it’s time to pay, make sure you have the app open on your cell phone and just hand it to the barista so they can scan your synced card through the app so you can pay for your purchase.

So that’s how you earn your Starbucks birthday reward.

They made some changes to the Starbucks birthday program.

Before, as long as you were enrolled in the Starbucks rewards program you could get your birthdate freebie. And then they changed it, which is when I tried to take advantage but failed and they made it that you had to enroll in the rewards program 30 days before your birthday.

It’s nice that there’s just a seven day enrollment prior to your birthday requirement which makes it more doable for you to claim your free Starbucks.

How I get free Starbucks all year

There are other legit ways to get free Starbucks and save money.

I mentioned above that a Starbucks birthday hack is great for your birthday but that there are other cool ways you can get free Starbucks and I’m going to share those with you.

The Starbucks hacks are great for getting free Starbucks handcrafted beverages, any Starbucks drink or any Starbucks snack or bakery item or treat. Basically anything that you can buy from Starbucks you can use these hacks for which is pretty cool.

1. Earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards

The first way to get free Starbucks drinks is with Starbucks gift cards.

Check out Swagbucks, which is one of my favorite sites to redeem free Starbucks gift cards up to $100 in value.

This is one of my favorite Starbucks hacks because it’s super easy to do and doesn’t cost you anything other than some of your time.

Sign up to get a free Swagbucks account and then you can start earning free Starbucks gift cards just by doing small tasks and things that you would you anyway.

Some of the things that you can do at Swagbucks to earn free Starbucks gift cards includes sharing your opinion, shopping online, playing video games, listening to music, watching videos and other small tasks.

Aside from Starbucks gift cards, Swagbucks also offers other free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and others. You can check them out right here and be on your way to redeeming a free drink at Starbucks with their five dollar sign up bonus!

Swagbucks is a legit, super well known and popular survey company. They are free to get started with and it takes just a few seconds to sign up. They paid their members out over $300 million! I’ve been a swag bucks Member for years now and I absolutely love the platform. It’s a really cool way to get free gift cards and free stuff.

Click here to get started with Swagbucks.

Some other favorites for free gift cards include Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars.

2. Join Starbucks Rewards Program for Free Drinks

free Starbucks Drink

I mentioned up above about the Starbucks rewards program and how you need to be enrolled in it to claim your Starbucks birthday hack drink.

Other than the Starbucks birthday program that they offer, you can get free Starbucks by earning stars when you purchase using the app. I went over the two ways that you can purchase and earn stars up above. They are both super easy and you’ll be stacking at stars faster than you know it.

The last time I visited Starbucks a weeks back, I got three drinks totally for free because I had hundreds of stars on my Starbucks rewards program account!

How to Join the FREE Starbucks Rewards Program

You can sign up here to join the Starbucks rewards program for free.

Once you sign up for registration and complete your profile I recommend that you add your debit card and/or credit card so you have them synced to the app.

This makes it super easy to pay for all your Starbucks purchases just by showing your card and using it digitally through the app. That means you don’t even need to take your physical cards with you to Starbucks when you pay. As long as you have your cell phone with the app installed, you can flash that to the barista who will charge your card from the app.

It’s super convenient, it means no more touching the icky, germy card reader and you don’t have to exchange dirty cash either. I mention all the dirt and germs because we are still in the heart of the pandemic and if you can go cashless and go cardless, that’s the best way.

3. Free Starbucks Drinks thru Rewards and Points

Another cool way to get free Starbucks gift cards is by earning rewards and points through popular programs from Survey Junkie, American Consumer Opinion and My Points.

These survey companies are market research companies that collect consumer information to make better products for the public. This might sound all complicated but it’s really simple.

In a nutshell, they pay you for your time in free Starbucks gift cards.

You can also earn free gift cards to other places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sephora and other retailers that you love. Each of the sites is free to join.

I recommend that you join them all so you can really earn the most free Starbucks drinks or free gift cards from other retailers.

Can you tell how much my love for Starbucks is shining through here?

4. Starbucks BOGO Specials | Buy One Get One

Bogo is buy one get one and these events are plentiful at Starbucks. If you plan on participating in one of Starbucks Bogo events, I recommend you get there early.

I usually don’t mind waiting but with my eight-year-old in the backseat kicking in screaming, a 45-minute wait for a free Starbucks drink feels way too long.

And that’s how long I had to wait the last time I got my free drink from Starbucks.

You can totally avoid the wait if you go during a reasonable time during off peak.

So I would not go around lunchtime or during the morning rush or in the evening because that’s when most people are going to go. How to get your free Starbucks drink through their BOGO special is to make sure that you have the Starbucks app installed and keep an eye out for notifications of upcoming Bogo events.

They usually send you a message a day or two before they’re planning on having the Bogo event so you can plan and prepare. Then on the day of Bogo you can set out to your favorite Starbucks location and grab your free Starbucks drink.

These free Starbucks specials are totally legit and a really fun way to indulge and enjoy your favorite drink for cheap. Some of their specials are buy one get one free while others are buy one get one 50% off and other specials.

5. Free Starbucks Events

Keep an eye out for Starbucks events where you can get freebies from your favorite coffee chain.

For example, at my sisters old workplace they had a Starbucks in the office building. Around the holidays when they were trying to get rid of all of their holiday mugs and holiday coffee, they often ran sales where you could buy one get one free or buy Starbucks stuff for as much is 80 to 90% off!

Talk about a crazy good deal.

If you look at my sisters kitchen cabinet now you’ll see that it’s filled with tons of Starbucks cups. And Starbucks cups and Starbucks mugs are super high-quality so if you invest in one you know you’re going to keep it for years.

Be Good to the Environment and Save on Starbucks

This last Starbucks hack is something that a lot of people don’t know.

You can actually save $.10 on your drink if you bring your own cup. This means you can bring your own portable coffee cup to Starbucks or you can buy one of their soft cups then when you order, hand it to your barista who will fill that cup with your drink and you instantly save $.10.

It’s a cool way to save money and while it’s not a ton of savings, you are saving the environment which is priceless.

This works for their drip hot coffee.

When You Get a Free Starbucks Drink You Feel Like You’re Winning

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Starbucks birthday hack I mentioned as well as other cool ways to earn free Starbucks. For more ways on how to save money and make money, and check out some of my favorite articles below:

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