How to get sponsored on Tik Tok?

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Are you a Tik Tok content creator and wondering how to get sponsored on Tik Tok?

You might be seeing creators like yourself land deals with big companies and you’re wondering how to do the same. I didn’t start monetizing my TikTok followers until I was at 50,000 followers which was a big mistake. The truth is, small microinfluencers with under 1,000 fans can start making money from their personal brand.

How to get sponsored on Tik Tok?

That’s the question we’ll tackle and in this article, we will teach you exactly that. You will learn how to become a TikTok influencer, how does influencer marketing work, money-making opportunities right under your nose as a content creator and more.

Let’s go!

How do you become a TikTok influencer?

It’s simple.

Create your free Tik Tok account and start creating content. And instantly become a Tik Tok influencer.

I’d recommend picking a niche rather than having a more general lifestyle account but the truth is, you can make short form videos about nearly anything you want and become an influencer on Tik Tok.

Here are some examples of Tik Tok influencer niches:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Money
  • Finance
  • Stocks
  • Pets

What are the startup costs for becoming an influencer?

This is a business and you’re right in thinking that most businesses do require startup costs.

However, as an influencer, typically there are zero costs out of pocket, especially if your audience is primarily on social media.

First, social networks are free to join. YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat..they are all free to join and start creating content as an influencer online.

If you want to go a step further and blog or have an online space where your content lives, there are plenty of free blogging platforms where you can do that, like Medium.

Medium also has their Medium Partner Program that pays you to create content. You write blog posts and make money on the number of views you receive each month.

Last month I made over $2,700 there!

Medium partner program

This is another opportunity to make money as a TikTok creator or influencer.

How much money can I make creating content on Tik Tok?

There are influencers that make up to millions per year, like Jake Paul who makes $10 million to $20 million per year making YouTube videos.

Smaller influencers can make thousands per month and up to six and seven figures (or more) per year.

I’ve seen new creators go from zero to $5,000 per month in their first 6 months. This creator on Tik Tok makes $33,000 per month.

Do I pay taxes on the income?

Being an influencer means running a business and yes you have to pay taxes on business income. I recommend you consult a tax advisor so you can get more information on how taxes work.

A lot of big content creators I’ve seen talk about takes mention stowing away 20% to 30% of their monthly income into an account to taxes so when it’s time to file they’ll have a nest egg of cash ready to pay that bill. I’m not a tax expert. Remember to check with a tax advisor.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is marketing that involves promotion through influencers.

This could mean..

  • A brand works with an influencer who emails their list about their products
  • A company collaborates with an influencer to create a short form Tik Tok video or video series

These are just a few examples. There are many more ways influencer marketing can work where a brand and influencer work together in a mutually beneficial agreement.

The brand gets their company and products promoted and the influencer makes money and gets to share a valuable product with their audience.

How can influencer marketing make content creators money?

A Tik Tok influencer earns compensation to work with brands in influencer marketing.

This can be gifts, money or a combination of both.

Where can I find Tik Tok sponsors?

  1. Sponsored networks
  2. Outreach
  3. Getting contacted by brands
  4. Social media

Find sponsors via sponsored networks

First, you can join sponsored networks that connect you with brands that are looking to sponsor creators. You join these sponsored networks for free then get contacted by email when an opportunity matches your profile or, you’ll get access to all the deals and you can apply to the campaigns you’re interested in.

Here are 7 sponsored post networks to start with:

Find sponsors via outreach

Next, there’s outreach.

This is when you cold pitch a brand for a branded work (AKA sponsorships or brand deals).

Find the right person in the company to contact and then pitch them.

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Find sponsors through brands contacting you

Then, you can always wait for brands to contact you. Make sure you have your business email displayed online where you appear like your blog, social media profiles, etc. Make it as easy as possible for companies to contact you.

And, that’s it!

Social media

Social media is a great place to find brands to work with. There are several Facebook groups, for example, that seek to link brands and influencers together so they can partner in a brand deal.

Here are some examples:

What about TikTok ads?

TikTok ads aren’t something you need to worry too much about as a creator. They aren’t necessary for your business, even if you’re thinking about investing in ads to grow your TikTok followers. Tik Tok is very much organic right now and ads are needed for growth, thankfully.

But, some of the videos you create for brands may be used in ads, with your permission.

You may have brands ask you if you can grant them exclusive rights or exclusive access to your content. That means they will own the content, in a way. You ask for extra money for this. It’s not automatically included in your brand deal for the fee you negotiated.

This means they can use your content for their email list, website, social channels and also for TikTok ads and ads across other networks.

If you’re asked about this, make sure to apply an extra upcharge.

Is getting sponsored as a Tik Tok content creator really worth it?

100% worth it, yes.

This is an income opportunity that can be life changing. Tiktok Creators like Talitha Jane and others are using her income from content creation to buy her dream car, travel the world, work with really cool brands and create her dream life.

These three ways to book sponsorships are going to help you make more money as a creator on Tik Tok. One more thing to note. Once you reach around 100K on Tik Tok and you qualify, Tik Tok will reach out to invite you to the creator marketplace. This is another cool opportunity to make money.

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