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In today’s world, you can buy and sell just about anything online from companionship and escorting services to NFTs and farts in a jar. If you can think of it, chances are, it’s being sold somewhere out there on the world-wide-web.

The concept of buying gently used clothing, though, started long before the Internet exploded with bizarre and unconventional items for sale. Good Will, the Salvation Army, thrift stores, and consignment shops make it easy for people to make money off their old clothes, shoes, and accessories. 

On Sofia Gray, the world’s largest online used panty marketplace, these two worlds collide. Here, sellers can market their used panties, bras, socks, lingerie, and accessories to buyers searching for a unique and arousing experience. Instead of purchasing these items to wear, most buyers are looking for an erotic experience that fulfills a particular fetish or fantasy. 

If you’re looking to make some extra cash and you’re okay with the idea that someone is sniffing the underwear you wore to bed last night or to yoga class, then Sofia Gray might be the perfect platform for you. 

Keep reading to learn more about this used panty marketplace and how to use it to make money off your dirty drawers. 

About Sofia Gray

Founded in 2015, Sofia Gray sees over 1 million visitors every month and is home to over 250,000 regular users. The website’s reach spans over 10 countries, making it an international sensation of sorts. Sofia Gray was developed as a safe place for buyers and sellers to meet, interact, and connect over a shared appreciation for beautiful and naughty used undergarments. 

The idea was born when creators Simon Raynsford and Alex Matthews overheard a conversation where a woman was offered $150 on the street for her used panties. After discovering how large the used panty industry was and how outdated and unprofessional most online platforms were, the pair launched Sofia Gray just six weeks later. And to this day, Simon and Alex continue to make improvements to the website in an effort to create an adult marketplace like no other. 

How to Get Started on Sofia Gray

If you’re ready to slide off and send off your panties to eager buyers, you can easily sign up on Sofia Gray as a seller. Here’s how.

Visit the homepage and click “Sell Now”. (Obviously, if you want to buy used panties, you’d click on the “Buy Now” icon instead.)

On the next page, you’ll be asked to create an account. To register, you’ll need to enter your email address and create a password plus confirm you’re 18 years old and read and accept Sofia Gray’s terms and conditions. Sofia Gray will then send you an email confirmation to activate your account.

The next step is to create your unique online used panty shop. This includes everything from creating a name to listing what items you plan to sell and adding more information about yourself (i.e. body type, ethnicity, age).

The last step in the process is to choose a payment package. As with most online platforms, you need to pay to use Sofia Gray’s services. After all, the website needs funds to keep it running. Most subscription fees cover advertising, website maintenance, security measures, and continued improvements that benefit you in the long run. 

Sellers can choose from a three-month package for $24.99 or a six-month subscription fee of $44.99. While the three-month plan is more popular, you’ll save money by committing to six months of selling. 

Sofia Gray accepts most major credit cards. You need to enter your full name and credit card information to process your order and gain access to your panty shop. 

The sign-up process on Sofia Gray is pretty straightforward and the subscription fees are comparable to other sites. What sets Sofia Gray apart, though, is that sellers determine how much to charge for each item or service and get to keep 100% of all their sales. Sofia Gray’s popularity also means sellers get access to a wider range of buyers and a more steady flow of traffic. 

Another notable feature of Sofia Gray is the way the website highlights new sellers, top sellers, and even top buyers. The website’s homepage routinely spotlights different sellers and buyers as an incentive. Sellers want their profiles to make the “Featured” list and buyers get off on seeing their name and photo on the homepage of their favorite used panty marketplace. 

Sofia Gray’s approach to this niche market and adult industry is cutting edge and places a heavy emphasis on the customers’ experience. 

What are SG Coins?

There are two ways for buyers and sellers to exchange money – the traditional way of paying by credit card or payment app or by purchasing and using SG coins (Sofia Gray coins).

Buyers can purchase SG coins on the site and use them for everything from purchasing items to messaging sellers and unlocking videos or pictures.

Not all buyers use SG coins and not all sellers accept them. This is a personal choice but, as a seller, keep in mind that if you refuse to accept SG coins as payment you may be isolating some of your best or highest-paying customers. If you do choose to accept SG coins, you get to set the price of your items in both a dollar amount and in SG coins. The website has an easy-to-use currency converter that ensures sellers aren’t missing out or undervaluing their items. 

Tips for Selling on Sofia Gray

If you want to succeed on Sofia Gray or any other used panty marketplace, you need to know how it’s done and why some sellers make more money than others. While there’s no full-proof method, here are a few tips for selling your used panties and other items on Sofia Gray from real sellers who’ve made a pretty healthy income off their soiled undergarments (and more!). 

Create a Unique Selling Point

Sofia Gray lets sellers design their own used panty shop which means you can personalize it and give it your own unique vibe. With thousands of sellers all competing for sales and attention, the more you stand out, the better. 

Some sellers on Sofia Gray create a persona or place heavy emphasis on a certain personality trait, characteristic, or body part. For example, some popular panty shop names include “CurlyCurves4Fun”, “Seductive Nurse Treasures”, and “Sexy Midwest Mom”. Each of these names gives buyers a little insight into the seller and what they’re all about. Find your own unique angle and capitalize on it.

Be Responsive and Flirtatious

Selling used underwear online is about more than just wearing your panties to the gym and posting a photo online. You need to create an entire experience for the buyer as well as interact with them. Sofia Gray lets buyers and sellers chat using a safe and secure messaging system. Here, buyers can contact you with more questions about a particular item or place a custom order (i.e. ask for you to wear a pink thong out dancing before mailing it to them). 

The more approachable you are during these chats, the higher your chances are of closing the deal and earning top dollar for your garments. Try to respond to messages and inquiries in a timely fashion and do so politely.

While it’s okay to engage in some flirtatious banter, make sure the main topic of the conversation is the sale of your panties or other items. Some users will try to take things to the next level and start sexting with you. Don’t be afraid to redirect the conversation or end it altogether if you start feeling uncomfortable. 

Sofia Gray allows sellers to provide messaging services, however, if you’re strictly dealing with a panty sale, you shouldn’t be subjected to verbal harassment. You can report any inappropriate behavior to the website’s admins for help. 

Price Your Items Reasonably and Competitively 

The average pair of used panties on Sofia Gray sells for around $30. This is a good starting point for more established sellers. That’s not to say that beginners or new sellers can’t price their panties and other used items this high, but you may want to consider a slightly lower price tag if you’re just starting out. More reasonably priced panties will help earn you both sales and exposure. Once you’ve gained a little more experience and following, you can slowly increase your prices and start accepting even more custom orders from some of your biggest fans. 

Offer a Variety of Items 

Sofia Gray is more than just used underwear. While that’s a great place to start and this is definitely one of the most popular websites for selling used panties, don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and your online panty shop’s inventory. Sofia Gray lets you sell everything from panties and bras to socks, stockings, and lingerie. For those uncomfortable wearing and shipping their delicates, you can sell pictures, videos, and chat services on the platform as well. That’s another feature that makes Sofia Gray a unique online marketplace – the ability to make money by offering a wide variety of products and services. 

The Pros and Cons of Selling Used Panties on Sofia Gray

For those looking to sell on Sofia Gray, specifically, here are some of the most commonly reported pros and cons of using this particular platform.


  • A dedicated platform specifically designed for selling used panties
  • One of the largest used panty marketplaces on the Internet
  • Tens of thousands of buyers 
  • A beautifully designed website that’s easy to navigate
  • Highlighted sellers and buyers on the homepage
  • Useful FAQ section
  • Extensive blog with hundreds of informative and helpful articles
  • Fast, easy, and secure payouts
  • The ability to remain anonymous
  • Endless earning potential through tips from satisfied customers 
  • Personalized online panty shop
  • Positive seller reviews help boost sales and improve your reputation 


  • Sellers have to pay to use the website
  • International shipping can get costly and impact your overhead/income
  • Not all buyers and sellers want to deal in SG coins
  • Sellers must meet a minimum earning amount of $50 before requesting a withdrawal 

Reviews from Real Users on Sofia Gray

A quick Google search will generate a ton of reviews from both buyers and sellers on Sofia Gray. But, to save you some time and energy, here are a variety of reviews from real Sofia Gray users that highlight both the benefits and drawbacks of this particular used panty site. 

Seller Reviews

I just got started selling on the site and already have so many requests. I can’t see where this goes! – blondeshvemorefun

I’ve been selling my used panties, pictures, and sexy videos on SG. My most popular panty scents are workout and sex. I’m really pleased with my experience so far. – Alexis J.

I love everything about Sofia Gray! Serious buyers, fast payments, and tons of earning potential. – Mel

I like the setup and style of the website and the fact that it’s easy to navigate. However, in 2 days, I received in excess of 40 messages and a lot of them were from scammers. This site is very good at confirming the validity of sellers but could do better when it comes to buyers. – Laura

The website’s support seems to favor buyers over sellers and it can sometimes take close to a week to get an answer to your email or a response from support. – Anonymous 

Buyer Reviews

A great experience. The seller I dealt with was extremely sweet, communicative, and eager to please. I highly recommend this site. – Mac

The sellers are unbelievable! Five stars aren’t enough. She met my every need and then some! – TDub

Some of the sexiest and freakiest sellers. I definitely made the right choice! – RollinThunder25

Purchased from a seller. Never received the item and the seller stopped communication after I sent the money. – Pissed Off

Sell Used Underwear on Sofia Gray and Actually Make Money

Does selling used panties online sound too good (and easy) to be true? When done right, it’s not! That’s because making money in this taboo and unconventional industry actually takes more work and effort than some people realize. But by signing up on a reputable website with a positive reputation like Sofia Gray, you increase your chances of turning a profit and reduce the number of risks associated with this risqué business. 

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