15+ Secret Websites to Make Money

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Did you know there are secret websites to make money? These are untapped websites that exist to make money that a lot of people don’t know about. These are sites to make money online for free.

I saw many of these sites exposed on TikTok in the last few years and I’ve decided to share some of them in this article.

Secret websites to make money

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make money from a website that isn’t saturated or many people may not know about, you will want to bookmark this post and keep reading!

Let’s get into it!

What are the best secret websites to make money?

We’re covering the top secret websites to make money. In our roundup, if you want to cut straight to the good stuff. The best secret websites to make money including how to make 100 dollars a day are:

  • Legendary Marketer: One of the best programs to make money online. You will learn how to start a money-making online business. If you want to be an entrepreneur, this can be your ticket.
  • Arrived Homes: This is one of my favorite secret websites to make money because it’s a passive income opportunity. You invest in rental homes and earn money from rental income and property appreciation. You can start with $100.
  • Medium: For writers, this is a great way to make money writing. I monetize my Medium account in many ways and earn a full-time income from my writing there every month! It’s free to become a writer and to read unlimited stories on Medium, it’s $5/month. The subscription cost is worth it, especially if you’re a writer. You’ll get to scroll and read other amazing writers’ stories, get inspired, and learn what top writers are doing well to make the most money. I have the $5/subscription. 100% worth it!

15+ Secret Websites to Make Money

We’re going to reveal the secret websites that can help you make money. Read about what the website is about, how it works, what you’ll do to make money, payout and payment potential and more. Let’s get to it!

1. Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer teaches you how to make an online income. You can take their 15-day business builder challenge and be on your way to potentially making money online in your own business.

I’ve seen some of their students and partners go from zero to $20,000 per month within a few months, believe it or not.

I wrote this story about how a chiropractor pivoted to online business and has made up to $50,000+ per month as an affiliate for them!

I have gone through the business builder challenge myself so I can refer them based on my experience.

Who this is for?

People who want to be entrepreneurs and run their own business. People who want to work from home, enjoy a flexible schedule they control and make an unlimited amount of money.

2. Amazon KDP

amazon kdp

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a self-publishing platform created by Amazon that allows authors and publishers to publish their books directly to Amazon’s Kindle Store.

KDP enables authors to publish their eBooks and print books, set their own prices, and earn royalties for each sale made through Amazon.

Through KDP, authors have control over the publishing process and can publish books in various genres and languages, including fiction, non-fiction, academic, and children’s books. Authors can also track sales, view reports, and make changes to their books at any time.

Additionally, Amazon KDP offers a range of promotional tools and resources to help authors increase their book’s visibility and reach a wider audience.

Who this is for?

Amazon KDP is for writers who want to publish their work on Amazon’s platform. I’ve published a number of books on Amazon KDP myself. The process is pretty straightforward. I’ve seen some authors become an overnight success while others struggled for a long time.

I had less success with KDP and more luck with Gumroad, which I’ll talk about next.

3. Gumroad


Gumroad is a platform that allows creators to sell their products directly to their audience, without the need for a third-party retailer. Creators can use Gumroad to sell digital products like eBooks, music, videos, and software, as well as physical products like merchandise and art prints.

Gumroad offers a range of features to help creators set up their storefronts and manage their sales, including customizable landing pages, payment processing, and analytics.

  • Creators can also offer discounts and promotions to their customers, and Gumroad integrates with a variety of email marketing and social media platforms to help creators promote their products.
  • Gumroad takes a small percentage of each sale as a transaction fee, and creators can choose to either pay this fee themselves or pass it on to their customers. Overall, Gumroad provides an easy and convenient way for creators to sell their products directly to their fans and followers, without the need for a middleman.

I use Gumroad to sell my ebooks:

I can share the link to my books, customers buy, and Gumroad digitally delivers the book to them, collects their payment and pays me.

Who this is for?

Gumroad is for people who are interested in creating digital products or services for money. This is about tapping into a skill or expertise you have and monetizing it. If you can do something well and can teach others how to do the same, consider packaging it into an ebook, template, course, etc. and sell it on Gumroad.

4. TikTok

tik tok sponsorship

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short-form videos. The app, which was developed by the Chinese tech company ByteDance, has become incredibly popular around the world, particularly among younger audiences.

While TikTok initially gained popularity for its focus on lip-syncing and dancing videos, the platform has since expanded to include a wide range of content, from comedy sketches to cooking tutorials. TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over a billion active users

Honestly, TikTok is one of my favorite social networks. It’s helped me grow my following the fastest out of all the social networks I’ve joined and it inspired me to create this ebook, when I started earning a solid income from being a content creator.

How to make money on TikTok?

As a content creator, there are a number of ways you can monetize like TikTok sponsorships, selling products and services, affiliate marketing, etc.

You can also join the TikTok Creativity Program Beta, make money with TikTok series, and more ways.

Who this is for?

Creatives who are patient enough to build a community, establish engagement and cultivate an audience from scratch. This will all be needed to make money on the platform. You don’t need a million followers. A solid, loyal audience of 1,000 people who are truly interested in what you talk about can make you a sizeable income.

5. Swagbucks

best cashback apps for saving money 2020

Swagbucks is an online survey company that pays you for your opinion.

You can get paid to:

  • Take surveys
  • Play games
  • Watch TV
  • Go online shopping
  • Listen to music
  • Discover stuff online

It’s a multifaceted site with lots to do to make money. This won’t be full-time income kind of money. It’s more for some quick cash on the side. Each activity you do earns you points and then you can redeem those points for rewards like: gift cards from places including Amazon, Walmart, and Target, as well as cashback rewards via PayPal.

Who this is for?

People who are ok making a little side cash and don’t expect to earn thousands from a site like this. People who want to make money online or make money from their phone. If you want to log into a site when you want, where you want and take some time to do some activities (like take paid online surveys or play games) to earn money, this is for you.

6. Ezoic


Ezoic is a technology platform that helps website owners improve the performance of their sites by providing automated website optimization tools.

Ezoic uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze website traffic and user behavior, and then provides recommendations for how to improve website layout, ad placement, and other aspects of website performance.

Ezoic is primarily focused on website monetization, helping website owners increase their ad revenue by optimizing ad placement and ad types. Ezoic’s machine learning algorithms can identify the best ad placement and ad types based on user behavior, which can result in higher click-through rates and increased revenue.

In addition to website optimization and monetization tools, Ezoic also provides a range of other features, such as website speed testing, A/B testing, and user experience analysis. Ezoic is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for website owners who may not have technical expertise.

In short…

Ezoic can do a lot of things. For making money, this ad platform can place ads on your blog and help you earn money passively when web visitors land on your site.

This is ad platform is for bloggers. This is how you can make money with Ezoic.

First, read how to set up a money-making blog here. Then, write blog posts and you can monetize with Ezoic ad platform. They will place advertisements on your site and when people land on your site, you get paid. It’s passive income.

The more website traffic you have, the more you can earn.

Who this is for?

For bloggers or creatives who have an interest in writing blog posts to an audience and making money blogging. It can take some time to start earning money from Ezoic. New bloggers typically have low traffic which means less earnings from Ezoic but over time as you add more content, get more website visitors and gain more visibility on the internet, your earnings from Ezoic can rise.

7. Arrived Homes

what are the easiest things to flip

Arrived Homes is a real estate investment company that allows people to invest in single-family rental properties. The company purchases homes in desirable neighborhoods and then manages them as rental properties, allowing investors to earn rental income and build long-term wealth through real estate investments.

  • Investors can use Arrived Homes’ platform to purchase shares in specific rental properties, with each share representing a portion of the property’s ownership.
  • Arrived Homes takes care of property management, including finding tenants, collecting rent, and handling maintenance and repairs.
  • Arrived Homes’ platform is designed to make real estate investing more accessible and affordable for a wider range of investors. The company aims to provide a simple and streamlined investment experience, with low minimum investments and no additional fees.

This is one of my favorite secret ways to make money online!

In short…

You can invest in shares of rental properties. If you’ve ever wanted to earn money passively from rental income, this can be a solution for you. You can invest with as little as $100 and you earn money on rental income and appreciation from the property.

Who this is for?

It’s for people that want to earn passive income. It’s good for people who want to make money from rental income from real estate property. It’s an option for people who want to earn from investments.

8. Neighbor

Neighbor is like Airbnb but, for storage space. Imagine you had spare space in your garage, attic, a spare bedroom, even closet space. With Neighbor, you can rent out that unused space and earn passive income. That’s exactly how it works.

This is one of the best secret sites to make money.

Who this is for?

This is for people who have space they can rent out. It’s good for folks who are interested in earning passive income.

9. Coinbase


Coinbase is a popular digital currency exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell, and store a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The platform provides a secure and user-friendly way for individuals and institutions to trade cryptocurrencies, as well as a range of other features, such as a wallet to store and manage digital assets.

Want to make money from cryptocurrency? Investing in cryptocurrency can be incredibly risky. I’ve tried it myself with some wins and fails. I even got scammed twice, believe it or not.

But, funny enough, my very first investment in cryptocurrency earned me 14X of my investment, no joke. I invested $100 and it grew to $1,400 in about 3-4 days. Unfortunately, I did not pull the money out in time so I didn’t cash out at 14X but, it was still a great feeling, nonetheless.

  • Coinbase has become increasingly popular in recent years as interest in cryptocurrencies has grown.
  • The platform is known for its strong security features, such as two-factor authentication and insurance against theft or hacking.
  • Coinbase also offers a range of other services, such as a cryptocurrency debit card, merchant services, and a custody solution for institutional investors.

Join Coinbase and grab $10 worth of Bitcoin to get started!

Who this is for?

This is for people who want to make money with investments. You’ll need money to make money with investments so you should have a small budget for investing. As with all financial investments, make sure to consult with your financial advisor. Investing is risky.

10. Patreon


Patreon is a platform that allows content creators, such as artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives, to earn money directly from their fans and supporters. It works on a subscription-based model, where fans can pledge a monthly amount of money to support their favorite creators, in exchange for exclusive content, early access, and other perks.

  • Creators can use Patreon to monetize their content and build a community around their work.
  • The platform provides a way for creators to connect with their fans and offer exclusive content that is not available elsewhere.
  • Patreon also offers tools for creators to manage their membership programs, communicate with their fans, and track their earnings.
  • Patreon has become popular in recent years as a way for independent artists and creators to earn a living from their work, without relying on traditional gatekeepers or intermediaries. It allows creators to have more control over their content and their income, while also fostering a closer relationship between creators and their fans.

Who this is for?

Content creators.

Whether you’re a blogger, social media influencer, writer, illustrator, have a YouTube channel, podcaster, etc., you can use Patreon as a place for your supporters to support you.

11. Ko-fi


Ko-fi is an alternative to Patreon. I’ve had a lot more success with Ko-fi than Patreon, for some reason. Both are solid platforms and this is just an alternative to Patreon, if you like their interface and setup better.

If you’re feeling generous, feel free to buy me a coffee on my Ko-fi account!

Who this is for?

Content creators.

12. Swap


Swap is an online marketplace that specializes in buying and selling secondhand clothing, accessories, and other items. The platform allows individuals to sell their gently used items to other people who are looking for affordable and sustainable shopping options.

The buying and selling process on Swap.com is simple and user-friendly.

Sellers can send in their items to Swap.com, which will then inspect, photograph, and list the items for sale on the platform. Buyers can browse the wide selection of items on the website, which includes clothing for men, women, and children, as well as shoes, accessories, toys, and home decor.

Swap.com also offers a range of other features and services, such as free shipping for orders over a certain amount, a rewards program for loyal customers, and a satisfaction guarantee that allows buyers to return items that do not meet their expectations.

Who this is for?

Swap is good for people who have stuff they can consign. Now, you don’t earn money right away. When your stuff gets sold, that’s when you get paid so, if you’re okay with waiting an unknown amount of time to potentially make money, this is for you.

So, this isn’t for consistent income. It’s more for one-off kind of pay that may or may not happen. Either way, it’s a good way to declutter your home and get rid of excess stuff around the house.

13. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform that allows content creators to earn money directly from their fans. The platform is primarily used by individuals in the adult entertainment industry, such as models, performers, and influencers, who offer exclusive content to their subscribers in exchange for a monthly fee.

OnlyFans offers a wide range of content, including photos, videos, and live streams, and allows creators to set their own subscription fees and earn a percentage of the revenue generated from their content.

The platform also provides features for creators to communicate with their subscribers, offer custom content requests, and sell additional products and services.

Here are some examples of Onlyfans ideas that are not adult-related:

  • Fitness: Some fitness influencers use OnlyFans to offer exclusive workout routines, nutrition plans, and tips for subscribers.
  • Music: Musicians and DJs may offer exclusive access to their music, remixes, live streams, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Cooking: Chefs and food bloggers may offer exclusive recipes, cooking tutorials, and behind-the-scenes footage of their kitchen.
  • Fashion: Fashion influencers and bloggers may offer exclusive fashion tips, styling advice, and behind-the-scenes footage of photo shoots and fashion events.
  • Personal development: Life coaches, motivational speakers, and personal development experts may offer exclusive advice, tips, and techniques for self-improvement.
  • Comedy: Comedians and humorists may offer exclusive jokes, sketches, and behind-the-scenes footage of their comedy routines.

If you want to keep making money secret, Onlyfans is a platform you can get away with doing that.

Who this is for?

Content creators. Entertainers. Creatives. While OnlyFans has had a reputation of being for adult performers, there are plenty of non-adult accounts on the platform. There are even ways for you to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face!

14. Fundrise


Fundrise is a company that lets you invest in real estate, even if you don’t have a lot of money to start with.

Here’s how it works: Instead of buying a whole property on your own, you can invest in a real estate portfolio with other people through Fundrise. They use the money from investors to buy properties, and then you get a portion of the profits as the properties increase in value or generate rental income.

Fundrise also has a really user-friendly app that makes it easy to track your investments, and you can start with as little as $10. This means that even if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of money, you can still get in on the real estate game and potentially make some money over time.

Of course, investing always comes with some risks, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money. But if you’re interested in learning more about investing and potentially making some money in the process, Fundrise might be a good option to consider!

Who this is for?

People who are interesting in investing money to make money.

15. Medium

I’ve been on Medium since 2016 and have earned up to nearly $6,000/month from the platform including $28,000 last year, writing there as a side hustle.

Medium is an online publishing platform where writers and bloggers can share their ideas and stories with a wider audience. It was founded in 2012 by Evan Williams, one of the co-founders of Twitter.

On Medium, users can write and publish articles on a wide range of topics, such as technology, business, lifestyle, politics, and more. Readers can then discover and read these articles, and engage with the content by leaving comments and sharing the posts on social media.

Medium also has a “clapping” system, which allows readers to show their appreciation for an article by clicking the clap button. The more claps an article receives, the more exposure it gets on the platform.

In addition to being a publishing platform, Medium also has a subscription model where readers can pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content and features, such as ad-free reading, audio versions of articles, and access to members-only stories.

Overall, Medium is a platform that encourages thoughtful, long-form writing and provides a space for writers and readers to engage with each other on a variety of topics.

Who is this for?

Writers and authors. You can get away with writing a variety of different kinds of content on Medium. You can write short-form content, medium-form, or long-form content, your choice. You can monetize your writing with their Medium Partner Program, which is available once you hit 100 followers and meet other requirements.

The Medium Partner Program (MPP) pays you money based on your member reading time. The more member reading time minutes you have, the more you can earn. It’s a passive way to earn money on your writing on the platform.

There are plenty of ways to make money on Medium. MPP is just one of those ways. You can also make money with Medium affiliate marketing, selling products and services, and other ways.

16. Newsbreak


Newsbreak.com is a news and information website that provides hyper-local news and events for communities across the United States. It was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

The website aggregates news from various sources, including:

  • Local newspapers
  • TV stations, and
  • Blogs

It organizes it by location, so users can easily find news and events happening in their area. It covers a wide range of topics, including breaking news, sports, entertainment, politics, and more.

You can make money from Newsbreak writing for their contributor network.

What’s the Newsbreak Contributor Network?

The Newsbreak Contributor Network is a program that allows writers and content creators to publish articles and stories on Newsbreak.com. As a contributor, you can share your expertise on a variety of topics, such as local news, lifestyle, business, and entertainment, and reach a wider audience.

The program is open to anyone who is interested in writing and has a passion for sharing information and insights. As a contributor, you can earn money for your content based on the number of views your articles receive, as well as receive additional benefits such as promotion on Newsbreak’s social media channels and opportunities to work with their editorial team.

To join the Newsbreak Contributor Network, you need to submit an application and go through a review process. Once you are accepted, you can start submitting articles and stories for publication on Newsbreak.com.

There are writers on Newsbreak that earn mortgage-sized payments every month!

Who is this for?

Writers and journalists who can write newsworthy content.

BONUS: Making websites for money

This isn’t on the list because there’s not one website you visit to start making websites for money. You integrate a few different sites to create your money-making website.

I have been doing this for years and have earned six figures creating and flipping websites.

I love website flipping because it’s a way to make money that literally anybody can do.

  • There’s no coding
  • It’s beginner-friendly
  • It’s a solopreneur business so you don’t need a team or staff to work with and,
  • Unlimited income potential

I have worked with website flippers that earn a quarter of a million dollars per year!

As a newbie, making a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month is within reach. I teach people how to do it in my ebook. The ebook shows you how to build and flip starter micro websites. These are small, unmonetized, no-traffic websites that you can sell over and over again.

I also talk a lot about my adventures in website flipping on Medium.

Bottom line

Now, the secret way to make money isn’t so secret! You just read 15+ secret websites to make money.

What’s the secret to make money?

It’s to actually take action! So many times people search for a solution to problem. They find their answer but then, never take action. You remain stagnant that way and delay solving your problem.

Whether you’re looking for websites for money or sites to make money online for free, there’s a little bit of everything here, based on what your interests are. These free money making websites just require your time, attention, and effort. These websites to earn are solid choices for making money online.

Which website will you be checking out first?

Secret websites to make money


Jenn Leach, MBA

Jenn Leach is a Houston-based MBA with over a decade of experience in the banking industry. She writes at Millennial Nextdoor where she writes finance, money, business, and lifestyle content to help millennials create additional income streams online. Join her on Substack at https://jennleach.substack.com.

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