Respondent Review | Is Respondent Really Legit?

respondent review

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Respondent Review | Is it Legit?

In this Respondent review we’re going to cover it all. You’ll learn if this survey site really is legit, how much money you can make with Respondent, how to get started, and more. Let’s go!

What is Respondent?

surveys that pay

Respondent is a legitimate survey site. I speak from personal experience since I have applied to a number of opportunities and have been selected to participate.

When you hear people talk about Respondent, some might call what they have surveys and others may call them panels. What’s the difference?

Surveys and panels are similar. Respondent offers online panels which a lot of people may call surveys but the difference between a panel and a survey is clear.

Respondent Online Panels vs. Surveys

Surveys are usually short and lower paying.

Panels require more of a time commitment and they are higher-paying. 

Surveys you can take in great abundance. So, you can apply to a bunch of different surveys and participate in them consistently like daily or weekly to stack up the cash that you earn from those opportunities.

Panels require a little bit of a different selection process so you may only be able to participate in one or two every month or every few months.

How Respondent Works

With Respondent, I really love the way their platform is set up. Participants can join for free and once you do, you’ll have full access to your dashboard where you can review all the panel opportunities.

respondent review

Some panels may pay $20 while others can fetch as high as $400 or more.

A lower-paying opportunity versus the higher-paying opportunity is going to boil down to the time required to complete. The panel that I participated in with Respondent lasted about 35 minutes.

At a minimum you can expect to spend at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes completing a panel but some can last 90 minutes or as long as a week or several weeks and length.

How much will you make with Respondent?

You’re not going to be rich by joining online panels just like you won’t be able to draw a full-time income consistently from through survey offers but if you’re looking for a little extra cash on the side, this is an easy opportunity to work remotely and make a nice amount of money.

Some favorite survey sites to join alongside Respondent to make extra money:

Why Should You Join Respondent?

Panels are great because they allow people to get compensated for sharing their honest opinion and you learn more money than if you completed a survey offer.

The company is collecting the info is benefited because they they get to learn about consumer Behavior so they can improve their products and services that they offer.

How does Respondent work?

  1. Sign up to join Respondent for free
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Start applying to panels

The selection process is pretty quick and these opportunities go fast so if you see one that looks like a fit for you, apply.

If you’re selected or Respondent wants to learn more about you to see if you’re a likely respondent, they’ll contact you and then if chosen, you can schedule your panel time on their calendar and then show up when it’s time to panel.

They do panels online, over the phone, over webcam and some are diary studies where you just work yourself, journaling your responses.

Lots of ways to earn with online panels with Respondent.

Respondent legit?

Yes, Respondent is legit and it’s a great way to make some extra money on the cash. Who wouldn’t want an extra $50 or $200 on the side just for talking, sharing your opinion.

If you’re ready to get started, click here to join Respondent and start joining panels.

Jenn Leach, MBA

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