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ProfileMate Review

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In this ProfileMate review, you’ll learn if this resource is really worth it. Is it a scam? Is it recommended? Keep reading to find out.

Instagram Marketing is getting popular day by day. Instagram has a lot of users, which means a lot of data & money as well. If you have a brand/product for which you are pretty sure that it has the potential to boom in the market, you should definitely bring in the front of the audience. 

ProfileMate Review

But hold for a while, when data gets bigger in size, it becomes complicated to find what you are looking for. Isn’t that?

In this huge ocean, you can’t figure out who exactly your ideal customers are? Because it is a time-consuming process to reach them out individually. 

You have to search for a broad term related to your category, then you have to open some popular profiles & going through each of his followers to figure out his contact information, whether an email or a number.

I hate these marketing methods because your time is the actual money & you are looking for money outside of it. Stop working harder & start working smarter with an awesome tool called Profile Mate.

In this ProfileMate review, we will see how exactly it works & why you should opt for it for your Instagram marketing/Online Marketing journey.

So stay tuned!

ProfileMate Review

Lets get into the details…

The Product: ProfileMate

The Creator: Luke Maguire

Price: $47 to $67 during launch, expected to rise $20+ after launch

Recommendation: YES

ProfileMate is an Instagram marketing tool, which helps you to collect hundreds of emails & mobile numbers of any profile on Instagram ethically!


This tool is made by Luke Maguire which is the top vendor of Australia at JV Zoo. He has put a lot of effort into this tool, to successfully help in your growth.

Emails are a great way to contact people who are interesting in your product or service. It has one of the highest conversion rates from all the marketing medians out there in the market.

Every dollar a marketer spent on an email get backs $42 return on it in United States alone. This is a lot of money!

Now you can imagine its importance.

With ProfileMate, you can search for people’s contact information with a single click.

Let’s dive into it deeper!

How to use ProfileMate

Once you are signed up & got access to your account’s dashboard, you have two things to do here:

Step 01 is to find users (in your niche) with a lot of followers. You can find users either with trending hashtags or a specific public profile. Now good thing Instagram has, you can see every single person who has followed someone you are looking for.

You don’t need to do some crappy stuff in order to get them. You can explore anyone’s profile whenever you want, but its privacy should be set up as public.

Who is ProfileMate For?


Profilemate Is perfect for:

  • Agency owners
  • Digital marketers
  • Instagram marketers
  • Influencers
  • Local businesses
  • Small businesses
  • Lead generation agencies
  • And, more!

How it Works?


Once you find out a popular or an active profile with some following, you have to search for his username here at ProfileMate’s follower following menu under your dashboard. After this, hit analyze data & it will start scanning the whole list of followers.



Once, it ends up in a few minutes, (you can also stop it yourself is the follower list is so lengthy) it will generate a download file button, from you can download that data in an excel spreadsheet.

This excel file will contain all those users/profiles, who have placed their contact number or an email in their profile’s bio with a lot of other things.


Once, you have got the list downloaded on your PC, the next step is to copy all of their username (the whole column) & put them in your ProfileMate’s Analyzer under the dashboard & execute it.

Here come the interesting things. You can search users with different criteria by creating a sort of filter. ProfileMate allows you to search users with their no. of followers, number of posts with a specific number of engagements such as loves, shares, or comments on it.

Moreover, you can also search by their city, their country code, mobile number & public email with business/website/profile link in their bio.

What data can I get

Once you figure out, what sort of users you are looking for, just hit the Next button down to it & wait for the magic.

It will download a file on your desktop again, which now contains all the users with their contact information public with some other information like their first name, Number of followers they have, Number of posts, engagement rate & all those things you have searched for.

You can analyze this list in deep, if you want to delete some of the details. Once you get what you want, you can now use this list to increase your email list family to sell them your product. You can use this list in affiliate marketing, so you have a chance to increase your income potential.

You can also analyze your own profile if you have a bunch of followers. ProfileMate also helps you to get competition insights into a topic or a profile.


With a lot of value & features, ProfileMate’s price is also competitive & affordable. You can get it for just $47, by paying it for one time. However, ProfileMate also offers some other subscription plans like:

ProfileMate (300 emails a day) + VIP training = $67 one time
ProfileMate (3000 emails a day) + VIP training = $47/month
ProfileMate Agency License Keys (10-50 license) = $197-$497 one time

The Final Verdict: ProfileMate Review

The money is inside your email list. By using ProfileMate, you can skyrocket your speed of list building. ProfileMate is very simple to use. Inside, this also some other features and tools. 

If you want to take your marketing to next level, increase sales & audience by saving your precious time, ProfileMate is the right tool for you.

Profilemate is nothing short of a revolution – there is nothing like it on the market.

It is the only Instagram analytic & growth tool that enables you to get thousands of email contacts and insights on your competitors fans – legally and ethically.

Discover how to completely automate your Instagram marketing and convert your competitor’s ready-to-contact followers into your customers – we’re talking hundreds to thousands each day!

Have your fan pages automatically engage with your target market 24/7, build relationships, and most importantly … make sales – on autopilot!

Unfortunately, there is no way I can do this justice in an email …

You need to see this in action for yourself to appreciate the incredible results it has generated for Luke and his students …

But hurry, this special offer won’t last long …

It’s a true set-and-forget system for generating massive online sales from the 500 Million+ daily users on Instagram.

I know that sounds too good to be true … but I’ve seen the system he has created – It’s the real deal, and I can’t wait to start using it and make a ton of extra sales myself.

Check it out here and see for yourself!


Grab $99 off one of my digital courses here. Just contact me at with proof you purchased with my link and I’ll send you over your $99 off coupon to use.


For a limited time you can grab ProfileMate for $47 with upgraded options available.

After the launch on September 30 the price is expected to rise so make sure you act now and grab your copy of the software. I am offering my readers some exclusive bonuses if you purchase profile me using my link. I’ll be giving a $99 OFF coupon which you can use toward any of my digital Courses.

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You also get access to all this:

  • Ad Unit Software: To help you promote your affiliate products
  • Keyword and Content Ebook: Teaching you how to effectively balance keywords and content together so they work together.
  • Email marketing Ebook: Showing you about building email lists like a pro and creating successful email marketing campaigns.
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Use THIS LINK to get your copy of ProfileMate and don’t forget to contact me to get your bonuses!



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