One Meal A Day | How to Do Omad Diet with a Friend

one meal a day

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One meal a day with a friend?

This is one of my top OMAD secrets to weight loss that makes it easy to do and gets you results.

How to Do OMAD with a Friend

When you embark on a new diet, it’s easier to do it with others.

If this is you, you’re not alone because I’m totally like this. I love doing diets with my husband or my sister or bestie. It just makes it easier.

Am I right?

How to get started doing One Meal A Day with Friends

First, pick a diet buddy.

Here are some examples:

  • Friend
  • Coworker
  • Best friend
  • Sister or brother
  • Parent
  • Spouse
  • Family member

You and your friend can go through your diet at the same time. You can lean on one another for support, questions, and dealing through any diet struggles you might have.

How to use Healthy Wage with One Meal A Day?

Did you know you can make money losing weight?

It’s through diet betting.

What’s a diet bet?

It’s just what it sounds like. You make a bet that you’ll lose weight, a certain amount by a specific date. If you meet your goal, you win money. If not, you fork over your wager.

This is how Healthy Wage works.

It’s free to join and you make a wager every period (like $20/week, for example) up until your goal date. If you meet your goal, you win money.

Along with joining the Healthy Wage Facebook group, Healthy Wage lets you bet on your weight loss.

There are members that got paid $4,000 for losing 100lbs or $2,500 for losing 60lbs or 30lbs.

The amount of weight you need to lose and your bet amount will determine how much you win if you meet your weight loss goal.

There’s an incredible amount of community in doing diet betting. There are others that are gonna do it with you. Not necessarily One Meal A Day, but you’ll have others you can connect with and can identify with what you’re going through and provide support.

Learn more about Healthy Wage here.

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