Nucamp Bootcamp Review | Is it worth it?

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If you’re looking to transition your career and break into tech, consider Nucamp boot camp.

Today, I’m amazed by the number of tech boot camps popping up left and right. To be totally honest, I’m all here for it.  When I was working my 9-to-5 job years ago, if breaking into tech was an option via bootc amp training, I would’ve jumped in, both feet!

I am a big fan of boot camps because they accept a variety of students from around the world, who come together for a common goal, to learn tech.

Many times, the admission requirements are pretty relaxed. You don’t need to take an entrance exam or have a degree or specialized experience. As long as you’re up for attending, you can! This isn’t the case everywhere but luckily, with Nucamp, it is.

nucamp bootcamp

Anyway, in this article, I’m going to talk about Nucamp. You’ll learn what this full-stack development bootcamp has in store for you.

Discover how Nucamp works, Nucamp pricing, reviews, and my thoughts on if Nucamp is worth it. Let’s go!

What is Nucamp?

Nucamp bootcamp is a full-stack development boot camp. They teach you full-stack development skills so you can work in a full-stack development career.

They call themselves a “truly affordable boot camp” in a world where a college education costs around $10,740 in tuition for state residents, on average.

If you want to learn full-stack web development and enroll in a tech boot camp, Nucamp may be a solution for you. Keep reading…

How does Nucamp work?

Founded in 2017 by ex-Microsoft worker, Ludovic Fourrage, Nucamp was created as a coding boot camp to make an education around coding without a high cost or degree required, within reach for learners.

After you choose the program you want to enroll in, you’ll start classes, follow the curriculum and complete the program.

There are four boot camp programs available:

  • Web development fundamentals
  • Backend, SQL, and DevOps with Python
  • Front End Web and Mobile Development
  • Full Stack Web and Mobile Development

Each training plan is broken down into sections. For example, the Full Stack Web and Mobile Development training is broken down into 4 sections, with each section running 4 weeks long.

Each section will require a 6 to 14 hour time commitment for online lectures and assignments. The time requirement for each section will vary.

Each boot camp runs to 4 to 22 weeks long. The more in-depth training programs will require more time. When deciding which training program to choose, review the requirements and curriculum to see what’s included and what’s involved. Then, you can make an informed decision based on your goals and career plan.

Nucamp pricing

The cost of attending Nucamp ranges from monthly payments of $288 to $388. They offer payment plans. You can also pay upfront or work with their partner Climb Credit to do financing.

Common questions about Nucamp

1. How much does Nucamp cost?

The cost of attending Nucamp’s coding bootcamp starts at $458 with installment plans available. The pricing varies based on the boot camp you choose but they have installment plans available and financing.

2. Can you get a job with Nucamp?

Yes, they offer a job hunting program in addition to their tech boot camps. It runs around $460 (or two payments of $229). You’ll get interview help, resume templates, Linkedin templates, networking, and guidance on the job search and interview process.

3. How often do you meet with Nucamp instructors?

Meetings with instructors happen weekly.

4. What does the courseload and time commitment look like?

It will vary a bit based on your program but you can expect:

  • 8 to 14 hours of study/course content
  • 4-hour instructor-led weekly workshops

Nucamp Coding Bootcamp Alternatives

nucamp coding bootcamp

Nucamp’s competitors include the following:

Here’s how they measure up…

Flatiron School

Flatiron School offers full-time and part-time coding boot camp programs, as well as online and self-paced courses in web development, software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design. They differ from Nucamp because they offer courses outside coding you’d learn to work in web development. Flatiron School also offers on-campus and online training.


CourseCareers offers two training boot camp programs: tech sales and IT support.

The tech sales program teaches you how to become a tech sales representative, earning an average of $60K to $80K per year with the opportunity to make up to $100K+ within a few years. Tech sales is about selling computer software and hardware products to customers.

The IT support program teaches you skills to work in IT support, making an average of $40K to $60K, earning up to $90K within a few years. IT support is about offering technical support to customers that have routine tech questions and need help with troubleshooting computer-related issues.

Read the CourseCareers review and check out the coupon, for more.


Avocademy offers an online training boot camp for UX/UI design. This is about the user interface design of websites and apps. It’s different from Nucamp coding bootcamp because you won’t learn web development like full stack web dev, front end or back end web dev. Instead, the focus is with UX/UI design, with an average starting salary of around $85,000/year.

Read our review of Avocademy to learn more.

Is Nucamp worth it?

This wraps up our Nucamp coding bootcamp review. Now, your burning questions…

Is Nucamp worth it?

Nucamp cost?

How does Nucamp job placement work?

Nucamp bootcamp is worth it if you’re looking to learn valuable tech skills to transition into a tech career at a fraction of the cost of a four-year college or university.

Nucamp’s cost starts at $458 and goes up from there, depending on the program you choose. They do offer installment plans, scholarships and financing to help you afford the tuition cost.

After you complete the bootcamp, job placement is available at a cost of around $460 (installments available).

You’ll have some variety with the programs available so you can choose the right boot camp for you.

Visit Nucamp to start.


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