Should You Join News Break?

News Break Creator Program

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If you’re a writer than you may know that there are writing programs out there that can provide you a ton of benefits including building your portfolio. Some of them include programs through Medium, Quora and other places.

But, did you know you can write for News Break?

I came across a story about this new creator program from News Break.

This definitely peaked my interest so I looked into it and I discovered the program is by the platform News Break.

If you haven’t heard about News Break, they are a huge news aggregator. They have over 40 million active users and receive over 1 billion monthly page views to their website. And, they are looking for creators!

News Break Creator Program

What does it mean to be a creator for News Break?

Well if you’re a creator, that means you’re going to get the chance to participate on the platform as a writer.

You do this by joining the News Break creator program.

How’s does the News Break Creator Work?

If you’re curious about joining I recommend you apply now before new writer openings close. And if you do apply, I would definitely appreciate if you could use my referral link for your application.

How to Join the News Break Creator Program

Click this link to apply for the News Break creator program.

It’s a free program to join and the application only took me a few minutes to complete, if that.

Wondering how your work will do on the platform?

Check out this tweet from Matt:

News break creator program

He did 700K impressions the day he posted this on Twitter.

So far I’ve written two articles this week that have received combined nearly 1000 impressions and dozens of page views!

I think the results will be pretty promising, in my opinion.

Other Creator Programs

I am a member of the Medium partner program and my earnings are fairly low.

In fact the majority of creators in the Medium partner program make very little. That’s because earnings are determined by the number of views that you receive and views are largely driven from the number of followers that you have and if you can successfully land in article in one of their popular publications.

These are my Medium earnings below…

News Break Creator Program

I’m also in the Tik Tok creator fund where I earn money based on the number of views that my videos receive.

It’s super low paying and a fraction of what you would receive if you were earning money through Google Adsense as a YouTube creator but, it’s something at least.

The only problem is if you’re a small creator it may take you some time before you can even apply to join the Tik Tok creator fund. That’s because in addition to having to be at least 18 years old to join the program, you also have to have at least 10,000 followersand at least 10,000 views on your videos within the last 30 days.

So it’s definitely not open for everyone to apply.

I won’t screenshot my Tik Tok income but I can tell you it’s considerably more than with Medium.

Frequently Asked Questions

OK so now that I’ve shared the down and dirty on the new spray creator program here are some common questions that you may have.

1. Is it free to join?


2. Is this open internationally?

Click this page to learn more.

4. Are you a creator?

Yes! I’m so proud to say that I am a creator in the News Break creator program and I’ve written my first two articles just this week and I’m really excited to see how my presence (followers) and content grows. By the way, if you wanna read my work or follow me, check me out here.

The Final Verdict: Should You Join the News Break Creator Program?

Yes! I think that the News Break creator program is great for writers.

To join, click this link to get started.


Head to the this News Break Creator Facebook Group.

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