Is a Nebra Miner Really the Key to Passive Income?

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Thinking about investing in a Nebra miner but wondering if it’s really worth it? Is a Nebra miner really the key to passive income? The short answer..yes.

Here’s why..

Helium Cryptomining

When I first dove into the world of cryptomining, it was super confusing. So much so that I abandoned furthering my learning any further. I was just looking for a way to make passive income from home.

But, it was all clunky big computers, a lot of equipment and for very little money and a big electric bill.

To make a LOT with Bitcoin mining, for example, you need a lot of equipment and even more startup capital to invest in it all. And, you should probably do it somewhere other than your house, as you probably won’t have enough space to store all your equipment.

Is this the only way?

It’s not.

You can mine other crypto.

Like, helium for example.

How is Helium Mining Different?

You place a small device about the size of a router in your window sell, set it up and it mines helium for you to support the hotspot network. You don’t do any maintenance. It prints money while you go about your regular routine.

It’s not going to cost you a huge electric bill or internet bill.

It’s one of the smartest ways to mine cryptocurrency.

And, how much can you make?

It really depends where you live. What’s great about helium mining is that it’s global so you can do it from anywhere around the world. You’ll make the most money if you’re in a location near other hotspot miners mining helium, like around big cities.

In my area, Houston, people are making up to $8,000-$9,000 per month.

Crazy, right?

A common amount I see most areas making is around $1,000 to $2,000 per month.

The more hotspot miners you have like the Nebra miner, the more you can make. But, it’s not as simple as buying 5 Nebra minters to put all around your house.

If you have two miners in the same location, the amount you make is halved. If you have four miners, it’s quartered.

So, to amplify your earnings from helium cryptomining, you just have to make sure your hotspot miners are in different locations.

That’s if you wanna take things to the next level and make $4K per month with 2 miners instead of $2K with one miner.

To start, I’d just focus on getting one up and running.

How to get a Nebra miner?

Click here to get your miner. It runs a few hundred dollars. It’s an investment for sure, but I expect the price to rise over time so if you’re interested in this, I’d act now.

There’s a HUGE waiting list. This passive income opportunity went viral in Spring 2021 and people went nuts to get their hands on these miners so when you land on the site, if you can pre-order, do it. If not, I’d bookmark the site, join their mailing list and check back for ordering once a week or so.

How to get a free helium miner?

This network will send you a helium miner for free. They will support you as you set up your miner, provide training videos on getting started, free conference calls for support and questions, etc. It’s really nice.

What’s the catch?

They do take 50% of your earnings in exchange for the free miner and their support.

So, if it’s tough to come up with $300-$700 for a miner, I’d recommend going this route. You can get started earning money passively with helium mining now, rather than wait until you save up enough money to buy a miner.

Where to buy a Nebra miner?

To wrap up, get your Nebra miner here. If you can’t order, you can try this place as well. The last I checked, their order form was open for ordering.

And, if you’re curious about the free miner, click here to get it.


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