15 Must-Have SAAS Tools for Business

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This article is going to cover 15 must-have SAAS tools for business.

Today, businesses have more tools at their disposal than they could ever use. And we see it as a good thing. With so many options, you can pick the ones that suit your needs the most and go with them.

However, not everyone feels the same way. If you don’t want to research every solution out there, choosing the right one could be trickier than you hoped it would be. We want to make it easy once again, so we give you the list of 15 must-have SAAS tools for businesses.

Before diving in, make sure you have a clear outline of your needs. Once you know what you are looking for, finding the best bang for the buck opportunity will be easy whether you just decided to start a business from your apartment or you’re already a big company.

Here are the tools we think you should consider.

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is the project manager's best friend. It’s a SAAS-based software that’ll help you stay on top of your projects and tasks at all times. It comes full of great features that you will save you time, encourage you to collaborate, and track milestones.

They offer a free trial, and you can download the app from either App Store or Google Play.

2. Bit.ai

If you need a more robust management platform, look no further from Bit.ai. It’s a highly capable platform that's easy to use at the same time, and that's not a common combination.

Of course, if your business is just you in a room, you don’t need such a powerful tool to keep track of your projects. However, if you have a few teams that you want to work together, you’ll love the benefits Bit.ai will bring you.

3. EngageBay

EngageBay is the first all-in-one tool we’ll talk about today. It’s a platform that can help you with marketing, sales, and customer service, and it comes with free live chat software. So if you’re running a small to medium-sized business and looking for a way to improve your customer experience, this is the app for you.

Your site visitors will be able to start a chat with your agents with a click of a button, and canned responses will make your agents jobs easier. It’s an affordable tool that’ll help your company improve.

4. Acquire

Sometimes, chatting with customers through a chatbox on your website just isn’t efficient enough. And if you need more, Acquire will make it possible.

It’s a chat software with advanced features like chatbots, screen-sharing, and video and voice calling. If you want to take it even further, you can combine Acquire with callback software for the best results. If you’re new to the game, we suggest you explore the benefits of this, as there are plenty of reasons why you might need callback software on your site.

5. JotForm PDF Editor

No matter what your business is all about, you’ll need to create documents like contracts and invoices, and you want those to look professional. On top of that, you’ll want to convert some of your collected data into PDFs, and JotForm can help you with all of it.

It comes with more than 600 ready-to-use templates, so it won’t be hard to find something that’ll work for you. The app works across devices, you can password protect it, and it allows you to create an invoice in minutes. What more could you ask a PDF editor to do?

6. BambooHR

If you have at least a few employees, an HR software solution could make your life easier. It’ll enable you to keep track of your personnel and make reports you’ll need to keep your business growing.

If you’re planning to expand your business and hire new people, you’ll be glad to hear that with BambooHR, you can add new job openings, share them on job boards, and manage all the applications you get. And when you consider it all, there’s no wonder why it found its way to our list of must-have SAAS tools for businesses.

7. Google Analytics

To ensure that your website performs as it should, you’ll need analytics software, and Google has a great free option. Besides other things, it allows you to measure web traffic metrics, categorize your visitors by how they’ve found you, and group them by location.

In essence, Google Analytics will enable you to learn more about your audience and grow your site. It’s a tool you can’t do without if you plan to sell your website at some point.

8. Piwik

If you’re looking for web analytics software but want to stay away from Google, Piwik is a great choice.

It’s another free solution that will give you lots of insights into how your site operates and what people who visit it like. So, it’s almost the same thing, but it works differently.

Unlike Google Analytics, you’ll have to download Piwik and install it on your web server. Once it’s in place, you’ll get a JavaScript code that you need to copy and paste to the website you want it to track.

9. GoToMeeting

If you employ people worldwide, you’ll need a web conferencing app to make it possible for your workers to stay in touch. Of course, GoToMeeting is also great for talking to international clients if that’s what you’re after.

The software is among the easiest to use on our list today, and you won't need more than a couple of minutes to set it up. It has Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS support, so you won’t have any trouble staying in contact regardless of what devices you’re all using.

10. Hubstaff

The next place on our list of must-have SAAS tools for businesses belongs to Hubstaff.

It is a tool for all of you looking for ways to eliminate inefficiency and introduce time tracking to your workflow. But, of course, the software can do much more than just track time. It will also allow you to manage invoices, identify bottlenecks, and create reports from your desktop or mobile device. Hubstaff can integrate with more than 30 apps, including Asana, Github, Paypal, and Trello.

11. HubSpot

If your business idea is to start a blogging site and make money from it, you will need the proper tools to help you do it. No matter what kind of site you are running, HubSpot can help you make it solid. So, it’s another all-in-one tool that you will love.

You can use it to create and edit blog posts, landing and site pages, and emails. It comes with many usable templates, so even building from scratch isn’t out of the question.

12. Rebrandly

If you use your website to make sales, Rebrandly could bring a lot to your business. In essence, it’s a tool for shortening URLs and managing links. You can use it to brand and track the performance of every link you create and share on your social media.

Thanks to the software, you’ll enjoy higher engagement and click-through rates, and the analytics feature will tell you even more about your audience. You’ll learn who’s clicking on your links, where they’re coming from, and at what time of the day they’re the most active on social platforms.

13. Userlane

Userlane is a fantastic software for creating interactive guides for your customers or new employees. You can finally say goodbye to those PDF guides and video tutorials we all hate.

Now, you will provide users with onscreen real-time walkthroughs, which will enable them to become proficient in any application much faster. It's the best type of training for your software users.

Essentially, Userlane is a guidance layer that sits on top of the app you teach people to use. It comes with a powerful guide creator, and you don't have to know any coding to set it up. If you need it, you will be delighted you found it.

14. Microsoft SharePoint Online

Not many can come even close to Microsoft SharePoint Online when it comes to document management platforms. The software is packed to the brim with great features, and it makes managing business files a breeze.

Of course, you can use it to upload and download documents from the cloud, but it will also keep the log of all changes made to the file.

So, you can look at the previous versions and revisions while making the changes in real-time. Further, you can set up alerts to get notifications each time someone messes with a specific document library.

15. Zoho Social

Good social media presence is vital for business success, so we can’t end our list without telling you about a tool that can help you with it. And our pick for today is Zoho Social.

Creating content for social media is not too hard when you have tools like Canva on your side. However, posting that content on each platform takes time, and tracking results is not easy either. Luckily, Zoho can bring all your social media feeds to one place, making it easy to stay on top of everything.

On top of that, it will provide you with valuable insights you can use to adjust your campaigns for even more success. Put it all together, and it is clear why this is one of the must-have SAAS tools for businesses.

Jenn Leach, MBA

Jenn Leach is a Houston-based MBA with over a decade of experience in the banking industry. She writes at Millennial Nextdoor where she writes finance, money, business, and lifestyle content to help millennials create additional income streams online. Join her on Substack at https://jennleach.substack.com.

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