How to Make $700/Month With Surveys

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Money surveys? Up to $700/month with survey taking? Yes, it can be done, though it’s no easy feat. Here’s how it works…

Consumer research companies (aka survey companies) are looking for consumers to participate in surveys, panels, and studies. The goal is to learn from their habits so they can make their products better.

It can be tough to get people to participate out of the goodness of their hearts without some kind of incentive so survey companies pay you for your time.

It’s easy work. You really can’t call it work, to be honest, but you make money sharing your personal opinion. That’s how money surveys work.

Here are the best ones to make the most money, up to $700/month!

How to Make $700 Per Month | Money Surveys?

We’ll start with high paying surveys:

Read my Respondent review to get the full scoop.

They’re both very similar. They’re serving panels instead of short surveys.

What is a panel?

It’s a study where you get paid to have your behavior studies. This can be done online or in person. These two companies are known for their online studies so when it’s time for you to perform (answer questions), you’ll do so from computer or phone.

What’s important to know?

These companies are free to join. There’s no catch.

You sign up for free and get access to their huge list of online studies available. You’ll learn what the study is about, how much it pays, and who they’re looking for to participate, like moms of toddlers who do the grocery shopping in their household, for example. Easy stuff.

I’ve personally participated in studies from both companies so I can vouch for them.

Click here to join Respondent.

Click here to join User Interviews.

Take Unlimited Surveys Daily

These next companies are great to join to take an unlimited number of surveys daily. They’re not as high paying as Respondent and User Interviews, but you can make up for that by taking a lot of them. They’re short so some might take you a minute or two or up to 20 minutes or so. They’re all different.

My favorite companies for these kind of surveys are:

What’s required to take money surveys?

You need time and access to an internet device like a computer, smartphone or tablet.

These are good to take in your spare time when you want. You pick your schedule and you can literally hop on inbetween classes or during your break at work. I used to scroll through opportunities in the morning while I took 20 minutes to get out of bed for work in the morning.

How do you get paid?

Each survey company is different. Some pay you via direct deposit, other do PayPal cash or Venmo transfer. Some offer rewards like gift cards to Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.

Money surveys | What’s next?

Join these survey companies and get started making money.

A lot of them have referral programs so if you like them, you can refer your friends and family, introducing them to a way to make money online while getting a little kickback for yourself.

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