Longtail Pro review: How to Dominate your Keyword Research

Longtail Pro Review

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Longtail Pro review: How to Dominate your Keyword Research

Longtail pro review

SEO is getting way more complicated. You have probably chosen SEO over SEM for your website because it does not require investment & budget for advertising & marketing.

Now, acquiring links also involves “money” & still, it is not that easy as it looks. You might require a few hundred (if not thousands) dollars in budget to acquire links whether from Paid guest postings or freelance link building.

Without backlinks, you can also rank for some long-tail queries, also known as buying keywords, which does not require a lot of effort & you can also generate good money from affiliate sales.

But, figuring out such keywords manually could take a lot of time & effort. You will require the best keyword research tool, Long Tail Pro. This is one of the best tools for keyword research. 

Here, we will share the Longtail Pro review with you, we will see how to find low competition keywords by using Longtail Pro, & we will also take a look at the & Longtail Pro pricing.

One of the Best Tools for Keyword Research | Longtail Pro Review

Is Longtail Pro really one of the best tools for keyword research?

To understand the tool as much as possible, we will divide the tool in various segments to provide an overview for each of them.

Keyword Research

Longtail Pro Review

This tool is very simple & the good thing is that it does exactly what it says. You can add up to 05 seed keywords to get recommendations in a single search.

You can search for up to 800 keywords (starter plan) in a single day & for each keyword you search, you can get 100s of suggestions that you can set up next to the search bar.

Besides this, it does have some advanced settings like how much volume a keyword should have & a suggested bid for each of it to find profitable keywords that are going very well in PPC campaigns.

You can also create your search filter, so you no longer require to set up a limit for everything & every search.  It allows you to search for google, Bing & Yahoo.

For example, you can include/exclude bid range above/below than your website’s SEO health, such as competition range, search volume, competition score, geographic filter & no. of words you want to have in search outcome for future searches.

 Once you are done with your search filter, press the retrieve button to get results. It does take a time to load all the data because it fetches the live data from search engines directly just like Ahrefs to ensure the latest data.

After it gets loaded, you will see several keywords at the top, which may include the Keyword itself, an average keyword competitiveness, monthly search volume, no. of words, cost per click for PPC campaigns, location & some other sort of columns.

Once you have keywords that seem attractive to you, you can export them in an excel file or directly move to a project to track them.

If you add up your domain to this tool, it will highlight the keywords, which you should never miss.

 For every suggestion that comes out, you can dive deeper by clicking on that. This will reveal some sort of details with a complete breakdown.

SERP Analysis:

After finding some valuable keywords, the next step is to create content around it. You are required to find some valuable piece of content, to get inspiration & ideas. Here, you will go for the pages which are already raking on it.

Finding them manually could take a lot of time, but it’s never been easier through long tail pro. Longtail Pro’s SERP analysis is something to help you out. 

Here, you will be finding some details for a particular (ranking) page to get an idea of what kind of effort you are required to beat them out. 

This will show you a title & URL to the page, the keyword he has used with its SEO score, domain score, trust flow, referring domains, site’s indexed links, age, no of words in the content (only in agency-level subscription), internal links & no. of backlinks the page has received.

Backlink Analysis:

For ranking against long-tail variations, you may not need to spend a lot of time on backlink analysis because you can rank on these keywords with 4-5 backlinks mostly. But, this tool inside the long tail pro is just an addition to its fleet.

If you are targeting some competitive keyword, you should analyze backlinks, to increase your ranking chances. This tool will let you track backlinks of the pages already ranking in SERP & where this competitor gets the links from.

You can either analyze your website or your competitor’s. You can find backlink data like Anchor text, citation, date of addition, back-linking domain, URL, the exact URL the link is going to, index date, nature of the link, whether it’s do-follow or no-follow, trust flow & the value he is providing (traffic).

You can capture those links to your page by optimizing your content & reaching out to those websites if they accept guest posts. You will be required to provide some valuable content, which you can again find out at Longtail Pro.

Longtail Pro Review

Rank Tracker:

After publishing & indexing your page, you can track its keyword to get know how it’s going on in SERPs, so that you can always get its real-time performance overview.

Unlike Ahrefs, it does not perform this task automatically.

Every time, you publish content, you must have to manually add here in this tool. You can get some meaningful insights & analytics for your specific page.

You can also add your whole website to track each of its pages for any keywords. You cannot track more than 30 keywords for a single domain in your starter plan, but you can add unlimited domains to track.

Longtail Pro Pricing:

Longtail is way cheaper than flagship tools out there such as Ahrefs & SEMrush. It does have some limitations as compared to them, but whatever it has, is also excellent.

Longtail Pro offers up to 03 plans with monthly & annual payment cycles. Out of these, you will save more on annual plans.

Starter Plan

  • Research up to 800 keywords per day
  • SERP research for up to 800 times per day
  • Track up to 30 keywords
  • Track Unlimited domains
  • One account simultaneously
  • $37/month or $297 billed annually ($25/month)

Pro Plan:

  • Research up to 2500 keywords per day
  • SERP research for up to 2500 times per day
  • Track up to 200 keywords
  • Use two accounts simultaneously
  • Track Unlimited domains
  • Complete SEO templates
  • $67/month or $537 billed annually ($45/month)

Agency Plan:

  • Research up to 6000 keywords per day
  • SERP research for up to 6000 times per day
  • Track up to 1000 keywords
  • Use five accounts simultaneously
  • Track Unlimited domains
  • Complete SEO templates
  • $98/month or $1177 billed annually ($147/month)

Longtail Pro review: The Bottom Line:

It is one of the best entry-level SEO tools, so if you are just starting & want to rank on less competitive keywords with more affiliate sales, this tool provides what he promises.

It has a neat & unique interface which is easy to understand, so you can find whatever you want.

It is also a value to money tool, so it won’t cost you that high. They are offering a 30% discount on every plan, & they all come with a 10 days’ money-back guarantee, so go & check it out now!

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Jenn Leach, MBA

Jenn Leach is a Houston-based MBA with over a decade of experience in the banking industry. She writes at Millennial Nextdoor where she writes finance, money, business, and lifestyle content to help millennials create additional income streams online. Join her on Substack at https://jennleach.substack.com.

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