Keysearch Review: How to Dominate Your Keyword Research

keysearch review

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You’ve probably started your website/blog with a goal of your business’s digital presence to get more & more sales, leads & traffic to your website & clients to your business. Finding the right keywords is super important and this Keysearch review will tell you everything you need to make this process easy on you. This the best competition tool you will use.

SEO & SEM both are proven methods to capture the right audience. Whatever channel you use, it will definitely include Keyword research, because it is the first step of your Digital journey.

If your first step is right, you are one step closer to your success, but if it doesn’t, you may need to select the right SEO keyword research tools.

You have heard tons of “BEST KEYWORD RESEARCH COMPETITION TOOLS”, but they aren’t the ”best” always. You are required to invest a lot of money to purchase their subscription & it’s more likely that you can’t afford their pricing if you are just starting out.

Here in this short guide, we’ll review the best affordable keyword research tool known as “Keysearch”. We will see in this Keysearch review, why you should use it, how to search for keywords using this tool, what are the pricing, features & a lot of other things.

What is KeySearch?

keysearch review

It is a keyword research tool, launched by Dan Pfeffer in 2015. It helps to find keywords with hidden intent, volume, difficulty, score & a lot of other things.

You can also spy your competitor’s strategy, rankings & backlinks. It just got popular this year, due to its features & pricing more importantly.

keysearch review

KeySearch Review: Pricing

As you are looking for an affordable keyword research competition tool, you will be curious about its price, So I am telling you the price at the very first of the review. Keysearch offers two different subscriptions.

  • Starter Plan: $17 per month or $169/year
  • Pro Plan: $34 per month or $279/year

It is way cheaper than some of the high priced (I should say overpriced) tools. You are likely to get almost the same features at a lot less price.

Keyword Research

keysearch review

You can search for up to 200 terms in a day for the starter plan & up to 500 terms for a Pro Plan. You can search for keywords with many variations & factors. Once you enter a search term, you can search it for a specific country by an option next to the search bar.

You can save any of the keyword(s) you want in your list for the future or simply export them in PDF/excel file. They also have an extension, which you can use for your specific search on Google, to extract information for that as well.

Keysearch has a database of more than 01 Billion keywords for over 40 countries & more than 350 Million keywords terms for the US alone, from which you can search. You can also track the search trends over the year for every query you entered.

Competition Tool| Search Analysis:

It also offers suggested keywords for almost every search engine which may include Google itself, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, YouTube & a lot more which you prefer. Next to it, you have an option for what domain extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc.) you like to include in the SERP data. You have up to 40 domain extensions from .com to .vn.

Under the Search Analysis menu, you can analyze each URL with its Domain & Page Authority, Domain rank, total no. of links for each URL, types & quality of the backlinks (Web 2.0, blog comments or others) & its anchor text.

Competition Analysis:

You can also check that for how many keywords, a specific page is ranking for & you can also dive into it with so many details inside to explore the CPC, Volume, traffic & Position for each.

Next, You’ve got other features like how many keywords this domain is ranking for, how many traffic the page, social presence & overall website is receiving.

You can even add filters to the keywords that pop-outs after the search by Negative keywords, exclude/include, volume, score, CPC & word length.

You will see your suggested keywords on your right side, which has options like volume, CPC, PPC & score by colors. If your term has a light blue color, it is a very easy term, if it is light green, the competition is fairly easy, if it’s red, it is difficult to rank on that particular keyword.


If you have got a website (whether yours or a competitor) that you want to analyze, you need to come here in this Explore tab.

This will show you factors like Domain Strength, Domain Score, Competition status, No of Backlinks, types of backlinks, Referring Domains, Organic Keywords, Total Traffic, & no. of keywords they are ranking for.

You can check their anchor texts, do follow/ no follow ratio, filters sort of things. Moreover, they have a brilliant feature known as Competitor Gap, which allows you to compare your website vs your competitor, to figure out the opportunities to rank.

Page Analyzer:

Now, this page shows you the On-Page SEO scores for a specific page or you can also use it for your own content/website. You can easily figure out & fix your technical or On-Page problems as well as some off-page tactics.

Here, you can figure out how many Headings you are using, how many images do this page have, their alt tags, favicons, URL Quality, Interlinking of the Pages, page loading speed & Keyword density of your content.

A few more things of Keysearch are:

Rank Tracker

This competition tool will show you about our website’s SEO score like traffic, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Your position against a specific keyword & your daily performance in SERP. You can track up to 80 Keywords in your Starter plan & up to 200 in your Pro plan.

YouTube Research:

You can optimize your YouTube channel by using YouTube research. I am not going to show how exactly it seems because It works the same as the other features in the Keysearch.

Keysearch Review SEO Research and Competition Tool: The Bottom Line

KeySearch is an affordable keyword research tool, who does a lot more what you pay. The tool offers a lot of the other features as well; we have discussed them here in this Keysearch review.

If you are a beginner who is just starting out, this tool is the only one, you should use. It does keyword research related tasks perfectly. But, it needs more improvement in terms of backlinks data.

You are saving a lot of money with it as you can get almost the same things with some other flagship tools out there in the market.

What do you think about this SEO keyword and competition tool? Share your comments down below.

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Jenn Leach, MBA

Jenn Leach is a Houston-based MBA with over a decade of experience in the banking industry. She writes at Millennial Nextdoor where she writes finance, money, business, and lifestyle content to help millennials create additional income streams online. Join her on Substack at

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  1. I decided to get serious about SEO this year and I purchased Keysearch in April. It was one of the best decisions that I’ve made. I’m currently in the process of updating my old blog posts. I’ve been able to add keywords to some of them and now I’m ranking for more. I’m excited to see how many I rank for after I finish this audit.

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