7 Fun Jobs You Can Do Online

7 Fun Jobs You Can Do Online

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Want to get inspired and find some fun jobs you can do online? Who blames you? The Internet is the World Wide Web literally there are tons of opportunities to make money online.

Whatever your goals are, if you’re looking for a side job online or an entry-level remote job, a full-time career or another income stream, this long list of jobs you can do online is something that you can get behind. Don’t forget to book market is supposed to come back to you later. And let’s go!

7 Fun Jobs You Can Do Online

These 7 jobs you can do from home online are great for introverts and extroverts. They have part-time and full-time income potential and no experience, degree, or specialized background is required to do them. Take a look.

1. Influencer sponsorships

Jobs You Can Do Online

A lot of people hate the word influencer but it’s just someone who has a following online. This can be a regular person who has a strong social following on Instagram or a lot of fans on Tik Tok or a nice size audience on YouTube, etc.

The influencer industry is growing by leaps and bounds because influencers do just that, they are influential. Brands know this and said they are employing influencer marketing to reach more customers and improve brand awareness, among other goals that they may have.

Making money with influencers sponsorships is super easy. Essentially you’re getting paid to share our brand with your audience. This could mean that you’re in boxing a box of goodies a company sent you with beauty products or skin care goods. This could also mean that you’re trying out a new brand of vegan pasta sauce and creating a recipe with it, showcasing that experience to your fans.

You can make a lot of money with Brandy old and influencers sponsorships so if you’re curious about it do not hesitate and dive in.

The main ways to make money with influencers sponsorships are through sponsored networks or cold pitching. You can also make money with sponsorships of brands contact you.

How to make money with sponsored networks

With sponsor networks you just join the network for free set up your profile and you can apply to sponsored deals that you see available in the network.

Some networks will also email you when an opportunity arises that they think it would be a great fit for.

How to make money with cold pitching

Cold pitching means that you contact brands that you have no prior relationship withand pitch them on a brand deal. And example of this might be the contact your favorite deodorant company, get in touch with the media team share a little bit about yourself and tell them that you would like to partner in a paid sponsorship.

From there the two of you can hash out the details on compensation, timeline, and all the other details involved in the sponsorship.

And then lastly you could just sit back and have brands contact you. I do this with a YouTube channel that I have that’s grown to almost 300,000 loyal subscribers.

I have dozens of companies contact me every week wanting to work together in a brand deal. This is the most hands off way to make money with sponsorshipsand to do this you just want to make sure that you have your contact method like your email address visible so brands can contact you on social media or your website or other places where you hang out online.

2. Freelance writing

Jobs You Can Do Online

This is THE side job online I have been doing for years. There are so many ways to make money writing online:

  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Ebooks
  • And more!

One of the best sources of income from freelance writing is linked in. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is polished and professional.

Also look at joining groups on Facebook and networking on Reddit and other places online to find writing gigs. ProBlogger Jobs and Upwork are other places to secure jobs writing online.

3. Survey-taking

Jobs You Can Do Online

Paid online surveys are a flexible way to make money online.

These 8 online survey sites are a great place to get started. He won’t be able to make a full-time income with surveys but you can definitely make a part-time income.

People left to be taking because you can take it from the comfort of your home or right from your cell phone when you’re on the go or whatever you want. It’s survey company is different. Some pay via PayPal. Others paid via direct deposit or via free gift cards or other ways.

So make the most money with online survey taking I recommend you join at least three service sites which will give you a nice variety of service offers that you can take in your leisure. These are super easy and a fun way to make extra money.

Start here:

This is one of my favorite jobs you can do from home online!

4. Blogging

7 Fun Jobs You Can Do Online

Bloggers make a killing online. Not all of them of course but some bloggers make a ton of money working online. Waymore than a traditional 9-to-5 job. A lot of bloggers get into blogging for the money. Know that it can be a long journey before you start making a solid stable part-time or full-time income but it’s so rewarding in many ways.

Out of all the jobs you can do online, parking is one of my favorite. Your set of the website around a niche that you like like cooking or fitness, monetize the blog, and grow it.

5. Proofreading

Number 5 is proofreading and this is one of those jobs you can do from home online starting this week, for real! Make money spotting errors in grammar and spelling. Sounds like a dream job, right?

This is great for people with excellent communication skills and great attention to detail. It’s not unusual to make a part-time or full-time income from proofreading.

I’ve read stories from pro proofreaders now that made up to $4,000 per month as a newbie. No degree or former experience required. If this sounds like a fit for you, get started today!

6. Transcription

Jobs You Can Do Online

Who knew that transcription works was one of those jobs you can do from home online?

With transcription work you’re literally getting paid to type with you hear. You’ll be listening to audio files and typing a transcript from the audio files. And that’s all there is to it. Now, each client you work for may have a specific style guide that you work with.

The style guide is going to tell you how to type the transcripts. So it’s basically the instructions for the transcription job that you’re working. There are tons of opportunities online to work in transcription and many transcription jobs pay up to $25 per hour or more. Here are some places where you can snag jobs in transcription:

7. Photography

Lastly you can look at photography as a job you can do online.

Even if you’re an amateur photographer you can still make money with your photos. You can book gigs to photograph people for senior photos, wedding photos, special events like anniversary and more.

A friend of mine did this. We were coworkers at the last company that I worked for and she did photography on the side. Her business blew up so much that she left her day job to pursue her photography business full-time! And she was self-taught with no formal training at all. You can also sell your photos online to places like iStock or Foap.



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