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January 2020 income report roundup (1)I am so excited to share this new roundup with you this year. I am going to highlight 10 blogger income reports to give you an inside look of the salary of 10 real bloggers.


Because it’s interesting? To me at least, hehe. A lot of people find it really educational and eye-opening to see how peers are doing incomewise and trafficwise. If you’re like this too, make sure to bookmark this blog so you can check out my monthly income report roundup I’ll be sharing.

Will I share my own income report?


Because, aside from blogging, I have my hands in many other pots including digital marketing, content curation and creation, teaching courses online and much more. So, my income is kind of entangled. It would be difficult to separate it all out so I won’t be sharing my income though in the future, I may start creating business income reports from my entire business.

If that’s something you’d like to see, please comment below and let me know.

Ok, without further adieu, lets dive into 10 income reports from 10 bloggers in January 2020.

1. Blog Blossom earned $289.75

  • Google Adsense – $84.81
  • Affiliate Sales – $204.94

Wow, incredible. Affiliate income is really hard to earn so I think they’re doing great. This income report can be found here. And, while they do share expenses, I won’t be highlighting expenses in this roundup post, since every blogger doesn’t disclose this in their income report.

Full attention will be given to income.

2. Ogeenyi earned $4.28

  • – $4.28
  • Amazon – $0
  • Awin – $0

This income report is super detailed and shares a ton of info and cool graphics and analytics about their traffic. It’s super in depth and you can read the full income report here.

3. ArianaDagan earned $40.75

Google Adsense: $17.75
Affiliate Marketing: $0
Sponsored Posts (blog): $0*/$23
Products: $0
This income report dives into a lot of cool info surrounding the blogs income like time commitment and traffic details plus more goodies. Check out the full income report here to review!

4. TravelBlogStories earned $1,560

Bluehost: $1375
Booking: $134
The Philippines Guidebook и Photo Presets: $151
Worldnomads: $30
Airbnb: $53

This travel blog earned a lot from the Bluehost affiliate program. Bluehost is a hosting provider that helps websites to get their site hosted. They are known for their stellar service, affordable hosting plans and tons of other perks. I’ve hosted multiple blogs with them and highly recommend.
Check out the full income report right here.

5. AnotherMommyBlogger earned $2,261.60

  • Mediavine: 1953.55
  • Amazon Associates: 99.16
  • Awin: 208.89

This one is a larger blog that got accepted into Mediavine ad network. Once you reach 25,000 monthly sessions, you can apply to join Mediavine and they will place ads on your site so you can begin earning ad income. Ad income is one of the most passive forms of income. You get paid when people click the ads. That’s it!

So, you can see that the bulk of the income for January 2020 comes from ads. Check out all the details of the income report.

6. MendingwithGold earned $129.70

  • $129.70 from affiliate and product sales

They include income from payouts only, in their income report. That means that any affiliate commissions earned but not yet paid are not included. Important to note. Check it out here to review more including expenses, page views and other juicy info you’l love to learn.

7. Online Minimalist earned $3,435.34

  • Bluehost: $585
  • Sponsored Post: $70
  • Web Design + Blog Coaching Clients: $2,780.34

What’s interesting about this blogger is that they do some consulting. I highly recommend this and it’s a great way to monetize your blog even from day 1.

If you follow Adam Enfroy, he talks about how he runs his blog like a startup.

He went from zero to $35K per month in under a year on his brand new blog. He talks about doing consulting from month 1 as a way to create blogging income and I highly advocate for it as well. You have skills and you can monetize them through consulting!

Grab my $2,000+ blog script for free to learn my strategy and exact script for getting $2,000+ blog sponsorships for my clients!

Read their full income report here.

8. BloggingandLiving earned $307.56

  • Fiverr $292
  • Viglinks $.20
  • Magiclinks $.36
  • Tailwind $15.00

Read the full report here to check out some wins they had, social media stats and more.

9. MakingDaysCount earned $9.98

  • Ads $7.47 CAD
  • Awin $2.71

This blogger is giving away 50% of their earnings to charity. Learn why by reading the full income report!

10. The Modern Midwest Momma earned $3.96

  • Affiliates $3.96

This is the first month for this blogger, who did great making just under four bucks. Making money blogging is hard and a lot of bloggers don’t see their first penny until years in.

Read the full income report to see how this blogger did it!

In short..

This wraps things up. We just looked at 10 awesome income reports from 10 amazing bloggers. Blogging is tough and it’s a slow grind not a rat race. Income will come. I hope this has inspired you to keep at it blogging or if you’re curious about starting a blog, check out my free guide here.

I started blogging about 5 years ago. My first blog earned me around $14K (sold it) and I’ve created and sold dozens more blogs after that helping me create a six figure business for myself.

Today, I blog, I teach, I try to inspire and educate others too. Check out my school where I talk about making money, blogging, increasing traffic, conquering social media and much more!



Comment below so I can hear from you!

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January 2020 income report roundup (1)