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Is Cliqly legit? A few weeks back, I joined Cliqly. I signed up for free, learned how this email marketing system worked, went through the training videos and got elbows deep in the process. I wanted to see if Cliqly was legit and how it worked to make people money sending emails.

I learned a lot about Cliqly and I was excited for this opportunity to make money from home and I started sharing the program with others. The good news is, Cliqly is legit. They are a platform that pays you to send prewritten emails to people, earning you a flat rate for each click your email links receive.

It’s been a few months since I have been introduced to Cliqly and I’ve made over $1,000 so far, an update from just over $580 when I originally released this article over the summer.

In this guide, I’m going to cover Cliqly in depth. Read about:

  • What Cliqly is and how Cliqly works
  • How to make money from Cliqly
  • My personal experience with Cliqly

Want to jump straight to joining?

Click this link to go to Cliqly right away, join, Cliqly, and be on your way to start making money with this email marketing system.

Let’s get started.

What is Cliqly?

cliqly review

In a nutshell, here’s how Cliqly works

Cliqly is an email marketing system. It’s an opportunity to make money from home by sending emails.

  • Join Cliqly for free
  • Get 5,000 emails to send
  • Earn $0.10/click on the emails you send

They also have a referral program that can make you extra money on your Cliqly referrals for others to join the program.

It’s pretty clear-cut.

  • They provide you emails to send
  • You’re given pre-written email scripts, and
  • You send them in your spare time

I’ve seen testimonials from users saying they spend around 10 minutes a day doing this.

How does Cliqly work?

First, join Cliqly.

Next, sign up and start their training videos. The training videos are short and easy to understand.

They explain how the process works. When you’re ready, get your emails and start sending them. To start, you’re given 5,000 emails to send to. Once that batch is up, you’ll have the option to upgrade to get additional emails to access at a cost.

For example, you might pay $50 for 100,000 emails. This may be worth it, because the additional emails you send give you the opportunity to earn more money from Cliqly. And, potentially enough to offset the investment.

Is Cliqly a scam?

Cliqly is not a scam. Email marketing has long been a solid way of attracting an audience and selling to customers. They outsource the email sending to workers, like you, who they give a small incentive based on the number of clicks your emails receive. It’s a lot easier of a process than doing email marketing yourself for your own business.

Cliqly provides:

  • Pre-written plug-and-play email scripts so, there’s no scripting you have to come up with or verbiage you have to produce, you just use the email content Cliqly gives you
  • A built-in email list which is handed to you to email

Can it get any easier?

People are quick to call something a scam when there’s a cost involved. While you can join Cliqly for free, you get limited access. For more emails to send, that’s where the upgrade comes in, which is where people begin to potentially call this opportunity a scam.

The upgrade fee you get does get you something. You’re not paying for nothing. You get access to more emails which in turn, can earn you more money.

What do people like about Cliqly?

  • Free to join
  • It’s a quick and easy way to make money online
  • Cliqly offers a beginner-friendly way to earn from home
  • No special skills, equipment, expertise, or knowledge is needed to make money with Cliqly

This is available to virtually anybody that has internet access and meets their requirements to join. Joining is free, which is great and it’s pretty easy to register and get set up with Cliqly.

They offer beginner-friendly training videos to get you started plus, you can work from home. So, pajama pants and fuzzy socks approved! You don’t need a college degree, experience or special skills or equipment to make money.

These are the highlights.

What do people dislike about Cliqly?

  • Limited free access is available but, to have unlimited earning power, you’ll need to pay to upgrade
  • You don’t know where the emails came from

While you can join for free, it only takes you so far. Upgrading will come sooner or later or your earnings from clicks will come to a halt. You pay to upgrade which gets you access to more emails. The more emails you can send, the more you can potentially make. I’m not entirely sure how this part works since I haven’t personally tried Cliqly yet but, from my research and reviews I’ve read, it’s pretty straightforward.

Understand that you have no idea how the emails were sourced. This is important to some people. Also want to mention, your earnings at $0.10 per click are pretty low. You’d need 1,000 clicks to bank $100, which you can get to but, every person that receives an email is not going to click. I just want to be transparent there.

Most people I see that are making A LOT of money from Cliqly are incorporating the referral program which pays pretty well. So, if you want a chance to earn the hundreds or thousands people have revealed they are making, you may consider joining as a referral partner for a chance to boost your earnings.

How much can you make from Cliqly?

I’ve seen claims online from people making as much as $5K to $6K in a few weeks. Others have made a few hundred dollars. It really depends on a ton of different factors.

This creator makes $20-$25 a day from clicks alone.


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♬ original sound – abby | make money with me

Cliqly gives you two opportunities to earn money:

  • Send emails and earn $0.10/click
  • Referral program

The email sending seems pretty easy. You get pre-written emails that you send to a list of emails that Cliqly provides. When the recipients click the links in your emails, you earn a flat rate per click, ten cents a click.

Easy peasy.

You start with 5,000 emails and you can pay to get access to more emails, for the potential to earn more money.

Here’s a screenshot of my referral earnings from Cliqly…

cliqly payment proof

In full transparency, while I have made over $1,000 from Cliqly, it has all been from referrals. I joined, watched the training videos and went through the platform in depth but, have not had the time to personally test Cliqly just yet.

I want to be honest in sharing that. I do tell people about Cliqly because it’s a way to make money online and I inform them of the advantages and pitfalls and be as clear as possible about how the system works, based on my understanding.

Cliqly FAQ

Here are some common questions you might have about Cliqly.

1. Is Cliqly free to join?

Yes, you can join Cliqly for free.

2. What is the upgrade fee?

For access to more emails, there is a $97 upgrade. This is optional.

3. How does the referral program work?

Every user that signs up to Cliqly gets a unique referral link. When you refer others to Cliqly and they sign up using that referral link and make a purchase, you earn a commission.

Cliqly Users – What do they say?

data camp

Here’s what Cliqly users are saying. I’m very much about finding real reviews from people, good, bad, and ugly. I want an unbiased look at what something is really about. Not the fluff that sometimes appers on sites, showing only the glowing reviews.

Cliqly Trustpilot reviews

First, looking at Trustpilot, Cliqly’s users share this…

  • “I have mixed feelings about Cliqly…”
  • “The Best and Easiest Way to Earn Money from Home…”
  • “Works just as it says! Great business!…”
  • “Cliqly bad news…”

Reading into the reviews, the most complaints are about being paid. I’ve been paid 3 or 4 times so, I know they pay out. What people aren’t realizing is that there is a minimum threshold needed to earn payment, $300. So, your money will continue sitting in your account growing until $300 is earned. Once it is, you’ll be paid.

Cliqly Reddit reviews

Reddit is an excellent place to read about reviews. The folks on Reddit are bluntly honest and will break it down exactly how it is, sharing their experience, good or not.

  • “You can make money online…but, it takes more than 1-2 hours a day..”
  • “Here are my doubts..you cannot see the emails you are sending to..you cannot export the leads…”
  • “I’ve more than doubled my initial investment…”

TikTok reviews

I love to go to TikTok to see video reviews from creators. Here is what some creators had to say about Cliqly.

  • $1,300+ in 4 months and the creator says “…it’s working great…”
  • “I’m ditching Cliqly…”
  • $5,000 in just over 2 weeks

Cliqly Alternatives

Email marketing can be powerful if used correctly.

Still thinking about Cliqly? Or, wondering about other Cliqly alternatives that exist? The two closest opportunities that mirror Cliqly are:

  • An email marketing job and,
  • Starting your own email list

Getting an email marketing job

This is a job. A 9-to-5 so to speak. Because it’s a computer-based job, finding this opportunity remotely is very possible. Some of my favorite places to find remote jobs are ZipRecruiter and Indeed. You can also check out remote-only job boards like WeWorkRemotely and others.

Email marketing job duties will vary from company to company but, in general, your job will be to create and distribute email marketing campaigns to the company’s customers.

According to Zippia, an email marketing specialist earns just under $60,000/year.

Starting your own email list

You can also start your own email list. Systeme is the email marketing software I’d recommend for this.

You will:

  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Cultivate and nurture leads
  • Sell products in your emails

Making money from emails in your own business can be very lucrative. In Pat Walls’ course, Lean Email, he talks about making $30,000 per month from email marketing alone!

Starting an email list is a smart way to monetize your online presence. It’s perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators.

What do you think?

Overall impressions?

Bottom line, does Cliqly work? Yes, Cliqly does work.

Is Cliqly a scam? No, Cliqly is not a scam.

Is Cliqly a side hustle you would try? I think it’s interesting.

There is money to be made on the platform but, I feel like many creators are making money from a combination of sending emails plus, using the referral system, which I talked about, above.

Nothing wrong with that. To give this a fair chance, I think you should try it for at least a month or so and see what you think.

I’ve seen too many Cliqly positive reviews to not want to try Cliqly myself. When I have more time available, I’ll set time to give this one a try. People are saying they can do it in 10 minutes a day but, others are saying 1-2 hours+ might be needed. Either way, giving this is a fair shot is worth my time, I believe.

Is Cliqly email marketing a side hustle you’d try for yourself?

What are some of the things you’re excited about doing and experiencing? What are the drawbacks you think you might encounter?

Visit Cliqly to learn more and sign up for free when you’re ready.

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Jenn Leach, MBA

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