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If you are wondering about how to land Instagram sponsorships, you are not alone. Instagram sponsorships are super desirable for influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers because they are lucrative, help you build lasting relationships with brand, snag free stuff, and get paid to Instagram! This article is going to share all about Instagram sponsorships!

Instagram sponsorship

You be wondering…

How to get Instagram sponsorship for small accounts?

How to get sponsors on Instagram?

What income is possible?

Is this income sustainable?

And, more questions!

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How to Get Instagram Sponsorships?

First, you might be wondering, who the heck am I to give out Instagram advice. Especially since I have a super tiny following. Well, I’ve been in the influencer space for about 5 years, operating and selling dozens of blogs, that I have monetized in many ways, including with blog sponsorships.

I have monetized small blogs with Instagram sponsorships and helped others score blog sponsorship deals.

And before I was in the influencer space, I was running an ecommerce store. As a store owner, I worked intimately with tons and tons of influencers. I collaborated with bloggers and influencers, hosted and participated in events, giveaways, roundups, blog hops and more! Influencers were one of the chief reasons my store reached $30,000/month in sales!

The truth is, getting Instagram sponsorships is a lot easier than you might think.

Here’s how it works.

How Do You Get Sponsored on Instagram?

An Instagram sponsorship is where you, the influencer, partners with a brand to collaborate on Instagram.

The collaboration is a feature where you, the influencer features the brand on your Instagram feed, showcasing their product and/or service to your followers. And, the brand pays you to do this.

Influencer marketing is super valuable.

In 2018, it was a $4.6 billion dollar market!

Brands recognize this and they’re willing to pay for exposure to an influencers audience.
So, that’s where Instagram sponsorships come into play.

Furthermore, microinfluencers are becoming more and more popular. They have better engagement and a closer connection with their audience that large million-follower influencer accounts. Microinfluencers can snag brand deals up to $10,000 per post (or more)!

It’s really incredible.

How Many Followers Do You Need For Sponsors?

Instagram sponsorship

You can get sponsored with as little as 500 followers. 500 loyal followers might not seem like a lot, but it’s 500 people. Think about how many people that is. For me, it’s just slightly larger than my high school graduating class. And, those followers are loyal.

So, 500 minimum up to an unlimited number of followers for Instagram sponsorships to work, though I’ve seen bloggers with less than 500 followers get brand deals too!

How Do You Get Sponsored?

You need to connect with a brand.

You can do this by contacting them.

Waiting for them to contact you.

Or, partnering with sponsored networks.

So, these are the most effective ways to get brand deals, without having to spy on your blog competitors (though this works too).

Contacting them is the most proactive approach. Make a list of brands you wanna work with. Find their email address, shoot them an email and wait to hear back.

Next, you can wait on brands to contact you. Many influencers do this and it’s more hands off than the first approach, though a less steady stream of potential income.

Lastly, there are sponsored networks. These are free to join and connect you with brands who want sponsorships.

All these routes work. You can be successful with them all. And, be on your way to getting paid with Instagram sponsorships.

How Do You Get Paid to Promote Brands?

Instagram sponsorship

Brands pay in multiple ways, from:

  • Direct deposit
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Gift cards
  • Free products
  • Store credit

You want to try to get cash for brand deals. So, direct deposit, PayPal and Venmo are the most desirable ways to make money with Instagram sponsorships or brand deals. If you’re smaller, you may get offers for free product or store credit. This is fine too, but with my guidance, I can show you how to get paid cash every single time.


Check out Brand Blogger Sponsorships, my PAY WHAT YOU WANT training course where I show you how to get those brand deals from Instagram and other places to monetize your influence.

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One last thing…

If you want to look into spying on your competitors on Instagram, you’ll wanna review this resource, which gives you valuable Instagram insight.

That is all. Good luck!

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