11 Best Tips How to Take Good Feet Pictures

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You want to learn how to take good feet pictures because, taking into account the pros and cons of selling feet pics, you decided to go for it! You can potentially earn a very lucrative living selling feet pics. Feetfinder is one of the best feet websites online to start selling feet pics. Once you join a feet website or platform and get ready to take foot pictures, you might be curious about tips for how to take good feet pics.

Top feet models make up to $70,000 per year or more.

Maybe you dabble in amateur photography or you want to monetize some of your best assets, your feet, and you’re curious how to make your feet pics stand out! You want to learn feet pics photography tips and understand what it takes to take pretty feet pics. We have got you covered!

Your feet are amazing! They carry you every day, and they support your entire body.

They’re also really interesting to look at, which is why so many people love taking pictures of them and sharing them with the world.

But if you’re not comfortable with taking pictures of your feet, it can be hard to get those great shots that show off how gorgeous they are.

11 Best Tips How to Take Good Feet Pictures

We’ve got some tips on how to take good feet pics no matter what kind of camera you have or how much time you want to spend in front of the mirror. Let’s get into it!

How to take feet photos and why is taking good feet pics important?

Why is taking good feet pics important?

What are ways how to take feet photos?

Learning how to take good feet pics is not mandatory when it comes to selling foot pictures but, it’s insanely helpful. When feet pic buyers are looking to purchase feet pics, good photos are what’s going to sell those images.

  • Beautiful lighting
  • Interesting feet poses
  • Feet pictures that stand out from the competition

Look at this example:

  • Photo A: Feet posed – poor lighting, blurry, not centered
  • Photo B: Feet posed – bright, clear, more attractive

If you compare Photo A which might be dimly lit, blurry and not centered to Photo B which is bright, clear, centered and just prettier, in general, Photo B is going to win, hands down.

That’s why learning how to take feet pics can benefit your feet pic selling business.

Don’t let this intimidate you because it’s not as hard as you might think. You don’t need to learn how to take photographs professionally. No school is required. You don’t need to be trained or take a class to learn how to take pretty feet pics.

sexy feet poses

How to take good feet pics

Now, let’s get into how to take good feet pictures!

This is our best advice for how to take good feet pics:

  • Use the camera to your advantage
  • Good hygiene
  • Be confident
  • Take care of your feet
  • Choose a good location
  • Be in a pleasant mood
  • Play music and set the tone for the photo shoot
  • Be creative when positioning your feet
  • Wear clothing/accessories that complement your feet
  • Take photos in multiple, different angles
  • Be proud of your feet

Lets cover each of these in detail so you truly know how to take flattering pictures of your feet.

1. Use the camera to your advantage

When you’re taking pictures of your feet, here are some things that can help:

  • Use the flash. If you don’t have bright light where you are (or it’s nighttime), use the flash on your phone or camera to give those toes a little extra glow. This will make them look much more photographable and less like they belong at the bottom of a shoe.
  • Use a tripod for stability and hands-free photography! Don’t have one? Get one! It’s cheap, simple, easy enough for anyone to operate…and will help ensure that all those selfies come out looking picture perfect every time.
  • Get creative with mirrors! When in doubt about how something looks, get an angle from above or below—but always check yourself out in a mirror first before snapping away at your feet photo shoot!
  • Use timers instead of holding down buttons yourself when taking selfies so that you can focus on posing instead of struggling with technology—whether it’s night or day outside doesn’t matter because these techniques work both ways depending upon which mode works best for whatever kind of lighting situation might arise when shooting indoors versus outdoors.”

2. Practice good hygiene

A good foot picture shows your feet in their best light, so you can’t just take any old shot. The first step to taking a great photo is keeping yourself clean!

  • Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water before you start posing for the camera.
  • Use a pumice stone to smooth rough skin on the bottom of your feet.
  • Apply moisturizer after washing and drying your skin, or even before washing if it’s particularly dry and cracked. Moisturizing will help prevent cracks from forming in the first place, which means no more ugly toes peeking through socks!
  • Wear clean socks when taking photos of your feet—it’s not just about how they look; it’s also about how they smell! And don’t forget to change them once a day—or whenever they start smelling bad—because nobody wants to see smelly toes either!
  • Consider investing in a pedicure or paint your toes at home.

3. Be confident with your body

If you don’t already have a good relationship with your own body, it can be difficult to feel confident enough in your skin to capture feet pics that are flattering.

But it’s all about learning how to focus on the positive, not the negative. You want your feet pictures to look great because they’re pretty and show off the best parts of your feet, not because they’re covered up or hidden by unflattering angles.

When you feel confident in yourself, you’ll find it much easier to take good photos—and looking at yourself through rose-colored glasses will help too!

4. Take care of your feet before the shoot.

Before the shoot, take care of your feet.

  • Wash your feet.
  • Wear clean socks.
  • Brush your toenails and apply lotion to them if they’re in bad shape (you can get this at any drugstore).
  • Wear shoes that don’t have holes or scuffs on them; these are not only more attractive for pictures but also safer for you if you’re going to be walking around a lot during the photo shoot!

5. Pick a flattering location.

Pick a location that’s flattering to your feet. Think about the shape of your feet, and try to pick a place that will hide any flaws or features you’d rather not emphasize. For example, if you have ugly feet but nice calves, consider taking photos with your shoes on!

Make sure the lighting is good. If possible, take photos in natural light (outside). If this isn’t an option for whatever reason—maybe it’s raining or winter—you can use lamps/flashlights/candles as lighting sources inside. Just make sure they aren’t too bright or too dim; if they’re too bright, it’ll make people squint; if they’re too dim, there won’t be enough light for our eyes to recognize what we’re looking at properly.

6. Get in a good mood

To take good feet pics, get in a good mood.

  • Take a moment to relax and breathe.
  • Take a shower or bath. Music will help too! Pick some tunes that make you feel sexy and confident. Think about how great it will feel to show off your feet, and how awesome all the compliments are going to be after people see those perfect piggies!

7. Play music that makes you feel sexy and confident

Play music that makes you feel sexy and confident.

As we all know, a good soundtrack is essential to any photoshoot. Pick music that makes you feel powerful—but not over the top!

A good rule of thumb is to pick a song that’s loud enough for you to hear, but not too loud so it drowns out your voice or the ambient sounds around you.

8. Position your feet in a flattering way.

This is about foot poses for photography. Your feet should be in a natural position.

When you take your feet photoshoot, this means you can sit, stand or lie down and your feet look good.

If you’re sitting with your legs crossed, try opening them out instead and putting each foot flat on the floor. Avoid putting your feet together—it makes your legs look shorter than they actually are!

If you’re standing, take half steps forward so that one foot is slightly in front of the other and make sure both feet are firmly planted on the ground (ideally with heels touching).

You want to avoid crossing one leg over another or letting them point in opposite directions; both of these will make it appear as if you have ungainly knock-knees.

Do not put either foot up on any sort of table or chair as this will angle them uncomfortably towards the camera unless you are very tall or wearing high heels!

9. Wear comfortable clothing/accessories

You don’t want the focus taken away from your feet but, you want to wear clothing/accessories that are comfortable and make your feet beautiful.

  • Don’t wear anything too tight or too loose. Keep things in moderation.
  • Don’t wear anything that is too revealing, like high heels with no stockings. It’s not necessary and it can make your feet look stubby and unappealing.
  • Avoid clothing that’s too casual or formal—you want to look like a professional model!

10. Take pictures at different angles

You want to learn how to take cute feet pics. It’s all about the angles!

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to take a picture from one angle and then leave it at that.

Take pictures of your feet in as many different positions and angles as possible. From the front, back and sides—and even up close or far away if possible!

There are also some things to keep in mind when taking photos:

  • Don’t rush! Take your time so you can get some good shots.
  • Make sure they’re well-lit and there’s something interesting going on behind them (e.g., a bright blue sky).
  • Avoid over-edited images (e.g., filters).

Practice taking sexy feet poses. Here are some feet picture ideas:

  • Highlight your arches
  • Show off your feet soles
  • Use accessories like an ankle bracelet or toe rings
  • Show the tops and bottoms of your feet

11. Be proud

Be proud of your feet!

It’s important to take care of them, because as long as they are healthy, you’ll be able to wear whatever shoes you want.

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Final Word on How to Take Good Feet Pictures

There you go! Eleven ideas for how to take good feet pictures.

What makes a good feet pic?

I really think it takes a combination of the above. You want to have a great foundation to start with. That means taking good care of your feet. You want to experiment with different foot poses and foot angles, have good lighting, position your feet in a pretty way and follow some of the other tips we share up above!

You can do it! It’s time to take some sexy feet pics.You know what to do now, so let’s get started! With this knowledge, you can join your favorite feet pic sites like Feetfinder or Instafeet or other platforms and start making money with your feet. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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