How do you sell your website?

sell your website like a pro

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How do you sell your website?

If you’re thinking about selling your website, this article will clear up any questions about how to actually sell.

Whether you feel burnt out and you’re ready to ditch that website or you’ve been planning the exit of your website for a while, you can sell it like a pro!

Learn what you need to sell, how to sell effectively, for the most money, easily and effortlessly all on your own.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • How I sold my first website
  • How to sell a website business
  • Selling a website with no revenue
  • How to sell a website domain
  • Best places to sell websites

Let’s go!

My Story of Selling My First Site

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My first website sold for just over $81,000 and this is how it went.

I was operating a website that I dedicated far too much time to, in a bad way. It became my life and it totally overwhelmed me.

At the same time, it was growing, doing well, getting over 50,000 monthly page views and reaching over 100K social media fans across Instagram and other social networks. I was making over $30,000 per month revenue on this site and I needed to let it go!

It took me a while to get to this place but it is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I don’t regret it at all.

A broker took around $5,000 in broker fees, once it sold. The whole process took about 3 months, talking to various people, providing a ton of documents and more. It was an experience and going through that taught me that I could do it myself, better, cheaper, and on my own terms.

So my next website sale came about a year later for a cool five-figure sales price. From there, I went on to flip dozens more websites, selling the way I wanted to, on my own terms and saving on broker fees.

How to sell a website business

Wondering how to sell a website business?

First, if you have a website, it’s a business in a sense, whether it’s income-producing or not. So, the first thing is to treat it like a professional business transaction. Keep that mindset. Let’s move on.

Next, before you dive into the selling process, you’ll need to have these things available:

  • Website traffic
  • Income produced (if any)
  • List of assets included in the sale

How to check website traffic?

It will be helpful to have a traffic tracker on your site. It will certainly help you sell you site faster, easier, and for potentially more money. Use Google Analytics.

It’s super easy to set up, free, and you can add your Google Analytics code to your site in about 5 minutes and your done. Make sure you already have a traffic tracker on your site and if not, go ahead and add it now.

How to check the income produced?

You should be using a profit and loss statement.

This is a financial statement that tracks your income and expenses month over month. You can create one in a spreadsheet like in Google Sheets, really easily. There are also templates you can access online that you can just fill in.

Check your income sources like:

  • Paypal
  • Square
  • Invoicing software
  • Bank account direct deposits
  • And, other places where you receive income

Add this to your P&L and do the same for expenses.

If your income is not available (meaning you can’t prove how much you’ve earned on the site) or you’re not receiving income for your website then you can skip this part.

Gather a list of your assets

Your assets are what will actually be included in your website sale like:

  • Website files
  • Domain
  • Email list
  • Digital products
  • Social media accounts
  • Affiliate accounts

At the bare minimum your website files and domain will be included in the sale of your website. The extras on the list are based on your personal site and if you have those assets and if so, if you’ll be willing to include them in the sale.

Selling a website with no revenue

Selling a website with no revenue is totally possible.

I have done it many times including my last website sale that happened about a month ago.

Remember, your site does not need to be earning income in order to be considered valuable. So, if your site is ready to sell but you have no income, no worries, you can still sell it.

How to sell a website domain

A domain sale happens similarly to a website sale.

These are a lot easier to deal with and a more streamlined process. The only assets you will be including will be your domain name usually.

And, once your sale happens, you just push the domain to the new owner using your domain host. Simple.

Places to sell your website domain include auction sites like Flippa.

Best places to sell websites

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The best places to sell websites?

Here are some examples:

  • Flippa
  • Empire Flippers
  • FEInternational
  • Latona’s
  • Facebook groups
  • Your email list
  • Your network
  • Friends/family

You can do a Google search to find places online (websites) that can help you sell your site. The ones in the list above are a great starting point. I have experience with Flippa, Empire Flippers, Latona’s (started the process but did not sell due to me backing out), my email list, and Facebook groups.

Selling your site for profit as a business

You can sell websites full time or part time. It’s called website flipping or flipping digital real estate. I’ve done this with dozens of sites earning over six figures in sales from my sites.

I have sold ecommerce sites, content sites, no-income sites, no-traffic sites, etc.

Learn how to sell no-income sites with my $17 ebook called Flipping It. It’s a 90-page ebook that tells you:

  • 7 Steps to Flip No-Income Websites
  • Perks and Drawbacks to Flipping Websites
  • Requirements for Getting Started
  • Website Flipping for a Part-Time or Full-Time Business

For more, you can check out my training called The Art of the Microflip, where I tell you how to build, grow, monetize, and sell websites (no-income and income-producing sites) to make up to $2,500/month or more in income.

Recommended Resources to Increase Your Income and Save Money

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Jenn Leach, MBA

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