How to Sell Used Underwear Online in 2024

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Most people slide off their soiled panties and consider throwing them in the trash, not listing them online for sale. But what if you learned that the sweaty thong you wore to the gym or those fragrant period panties could actually earn you some cash?

That’s right! The business of selling used panties online is booming and if you’re a smart, sexy, and savvy female (or male) looking for a side hustle, listen up. In this article, we’ll share the inside scoop on how to sell used underwear online in 2023 so you can harness your inner sex God and capitalize on this taboo yet lucrative industry.

Why Do People Buy Used Panties?

One of the best ways to increase your sales in any business is to know your audience. The more you know about what makes your target audience tick, the better you can create and promote the products they want, need, and are willing to pay for. 

So, why exactly do people buy used panties? For most customers, it’s about a specific fetish, kink, or sexual fantasy. One of the main appeals of used underwear is its smell. From underwear soaked with sweat from the gym to panties worn during sex or masturbating, different people are attracted to and aroused by different fragrances. 

Taking things one step further, certain buyers get off on knowing exactly who wore the panties, for how long, and what activities they performed in them. In these scenarios, it’s more about getting their hands (and noses) on a specific individual’s sexy undergarments rather than just the items themselves. Buyers feel connected to sellers on an intimate level.

After all, what’s more intimate and personal than owning a pair of sexy underwear that came in contact with your dream girl or guy’s most intimate areas and bodily fluids?

Although it’s not for everyone, there are thousands of kinksters out there drooling over and willing to spend big bucks on a pair of your dirty drawers. Once you understand the inner workings of a used panty lover’s mind, you can start creating, promoting, and selling the type of erotic and arousing items they’re after.

Tips on How to Sell Used Underwear in 2023

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of selling used underwear online in 2023. If you want to succeed in this unconventional business, there are a few things you need to know about how to promote, package, and produce fragrant used undergarments worth big bucks. 

Price Your Panties Properly

Speaking of big bucks, the price of your used underwear can make or break your online business venture. Price them too high and you’ll scare off potential buyers. Price them too low and you’ll end up losing money. Choosing the right listing price for your delicates is a delicate balance between being reasonable and competitive. 

A few things to consider when pricing your panties include the cost of the garment itself, how much time and effort went into soiling them, how niche or specific the scent is, and shipping costs. For example, a cheap thong that you only wore to one yoga class won’t sell for nearly as much as a pair of expensive or designer panties you wore for days, during sex, or while masturbating. 

Take a look at other sellers and what their items are going for. But also keep in mind that more experienced sellers with a larger following and better reputation can charge more than newbies. The more popular you become, the more you can charge. Try collecting positive seller reviews to help boost your reputation and your sales. 

Offer a Variety of Scents and Services

Who knew that used underwear came in so many different styles, scents, and categories? And since variety is considered the spice of life, why not create a diverse inventory of used panties that appeals to a wide range of buyers? The more products you have in your collection, the better your chances are of landing multiple sales and earning a decent income.

Wear and sell a variety of panty styles from thongs and bikinis to briefs, boy shorts, and beyond. You can also add in lingerie, bras, and other sexy accessories like stockings, garter belts, and socks. Adult marketplaces like Sofia Gray let sellers create personalized panty shops where they list everything from used underwear and sex toys to services like messaging and video calls.

Use these tools to your advantage! Offer to sell a pair of used underwear accompanied by a photo or a short video of you wearing them. Some buyers even place custom orders that include a personal message or a very specific scent, experience, or pair of underwear. When it comes to scents, a few top the list in terms of popularity including everyday wear, masturbation, workout, and sex. Some of the other categories get a little racier so make sure you only choose ones you’re comfortable with. 

Create Made-to-Order Panties

A rookie mistake many new sellers make is wearing their underwear BEFORE advertising it for sale online. While this is a good idea in theory and means you’ll always have used panties in your inventory waiting to be sold and shipped, it takes away from the user experience and satisfaction. 

What many people don’t realize is that it isn’t easy to preserve the scent on a pair of clothing or underwear, in this case. If you wear a pair of cotton briefs during your menstrual cycle and advertise them on your panty shop but they don’t sell for several days or weeks. Chances are, by the time you’re ready to ship them, they will have lost a lot of their fragrance, leaving your paying customer disappointed.

Instead, wait to wear your underwear until you actually land a sale. Try advertising the types of panties you’re willing to provide – i.e. “a thong I wore during spin class” or “the panties I wore on a date”.

Then, when someone places the order, fill it as soon as possible by performing the activity you advertised, package them immediately and properly (more on that later), and ship them off full of your beautiful and pungent smell. When it comes to selling used underwear, the fresher the better. 

Create a Sexy Alter Ego

Selling used underwear online in 2023 is all about image. As we mentioned before, you’re really selling more than just an undergarment – you’re selling an entire experience. And that involves developing a persona that people are attracted to and can relate to. The best part is, this can be done anonymously. Come up with an alter ego that embodies your inner vixen.

Choose an alias or username that lets visitors to your panty shop know a little more about you. For example, use words like MILF, student, nurse, dominatrix, or hot wife. All of these keywords create an air of mystery and are begging to be clicked on. They’ll also provide creative inspiration for your content if you’re unsure where to start.

Invest in Quality Panties (but don’t overspend)

There are two schools of thought when it comes to buying panties to wear and sell online. Some people believe the price and quality matter and therefore they have no issues spending $5 to $15 per pair on underwear and bra sets from high-end stores like Victoria’s Secret, Adore Me, and the like. Others prefer to buy underwear in bulk on discount sites like Amazon or Shein.

Both of these approaches have their pros and cons. When you purchase expensive underwear to sell, your listing price will need to be much higher to cover these overhead costs and still allow you to turn a profit. While there’s nothing wrong with this, not all customers will see the purpose or want to spend over $30 on a single pair of panties. 

Let’s face it – not all your customers will even know the difference between a VS thong or one you got at Target. For that reason, buying discount underwear is usually the better investment. It’s your personal and intimate touch that buyers are usually after, not name brands. 

It’s All in the Dirty Details 

In addition to creating a persona that catches people’s eye and attention, you need to create captivating product descriptions. This is true when selling any items online – including used underwear. Websites like Sofia Gray, Snifffr, and other used panty marketplaces have formats to help with this. They’ll guide you through the registration process and ask important questions about your products to help you craft detailed descriptions that are more likely to result in sales.

But, if you’re going it alone, selling or promoting your items on social media, or need a little creative inspiration, here are some details to include when describing your dirty drawers.

  • Photos of you wearing the items
  • Details about how the material feels (i.e. silky, lacy, tight)
  • Adjectives about the scent 
  • A timeframe of how long you wore the item
  • Exactly what you did while wearing the item
  • How the item made you feel while wearing it (i.e. horny, dirty, sexy, powerful)

Most times, a sexy picture of you wearing the garments will speak for itself, however, including a few dirty details will only enhance the experience for the buyer and pique their interest. 

Choose the Right Platform

Because the used underwear market is so niche, it can be difficult to get started and find an outlet for this taboo online business venture. One way to sell used underwear online in 2023 is by turning to social media. With billions of users worldwide, there’s no larger or more diverse audience out there. This can be both a positive and a negative. Although selling on social media means having access to a vast pool of buyers, it also takes a lot of work to find them, market to them, and negotiate a sale both safely and securely. 

Some social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook also frown upon adult-related content. Posting your panties for sale or getting overly flirtatious and sexual with your content could result in your account being banned. The best approach is to use social media to advertise your items but then direct buyers to a different page to complete the final transaction.

You can also avoid all of these headaches by listing your items for sale on a dedicated platform for used underwear. Some of the top websites in the business are:

  • Sofia Gray
  • Snifffr
  • Scented Pantsy
  • Pantydeal

You can also create an OnlyFans page dedicated to promoting and selling used underwear and other kinky items. 

Practice Smart Shipping

Once you land your first sale, it’s time to pack and ship your items. Contrary to popular belief, this involves more than just wrapping your garments in tissue paper, putting them in a brown box, and placing them in the mailbox.

Preserving the scent of your underwear is crucial for providing a quality customer experience and delivering on your promise. As mentioned before, you should wait to wear the panties until you receive an order to guarantee the strongest odor, however, you can also list a few items for sale that have already been worn. It’s a good idea to add a variety of products to your panty shop so you can fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. 

The best way to ship soiled panties and preserve their scent is to vacuum seal them. But the scent of your undergarments isn’t the only thing people are paying for. Many buyers also request that you preserve the juices, whether it’s sweat or bodily fluids. By vacuum sealing your items immediately, you help lock these in. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer handy, a plastic or Ziploc bag will do. 

Just beware that shipping a wet or damp item could change the smell and may result in mold or bacteria build-up. Inform customers of these risks before accepting payment or shipping your items. The best way to safely ship used underwear is to dry them out first either using a fan, hair dryer, or simply letting them air dry.

Add a Personal Touch

Last but not least, give your customers something to remember you by. Add a Polaroid picture of you wearing the items or a hand-written note sealed with a kiss. Avoid spraying any perfume on these items as it could interfere with, mask, or destroy the natural scent of your underwear. Package each pair of panties delicately and with care. These small personal touches and details go a long way and are sure to make a lasting impression, increasing the likelihood that you’ll receive future orders and create loyal, repeat customers. 

Selling Used Underwear Online in 2023 Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

Whether you’re looking for a new work-from-home opportunity or a way to make some extra cash, selling used panties online is a more lucrative business than most people realize. With a little time, care, and attention to detail, you can make a pretty penny off your soiled thongs, briefs, and more. 

Jenn Leach, MBA

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