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I started noticing talk about how to sell feet pics over the past year or two. It all started on social media. I would see these girls making money selling feet pics.

Good money too, like $400 to $1,000 per month from feet pics!

I have to say, I was pretty interested. It was something new I hadn’t heard of and it looked like an easy side hustle to take up.

It’s kind of like modeling but then it’s taking it up a notch. In this article I’m going to tell you how to sell feet pics, where to sell feet pics, how to get started selling feet pictures, my personal foray into selling feet pics, how to avoid getting scammed selling feet pics and a lot more. If this sounds interesting to you, don’t forget to bookmark this article so you can come back to it later. Let’s get into it.

How to sell feet pics

Now, if you look at this, it’s selling pictures of your feet.

Why would someone want feet pictures?

Well from my research, the majority of people I have seen that want feet pics are for some kind of sexual fetish or strong admiration of feet. You might think people that have a fetish for feet are weird or outside of society but the truth is people like this are all around us.

They function in society, you may never know that they’re into feet and it’s a lot more common than you think. People like what they like and I come from a place of no judgment so if someone is into feet pics, that’s totally fine with me. They’re not hurting anybody and again people like what they like.

I decided to try selling feet pics because I was just super curious about the lifestyle of these girls that were fully furnishing their lives and making a living selling feet pics. I did this little experiment for educational and research purposes and I want to share that I never went through with a transaction of providing pictures in exchange for money but I did get kind of far in my case study and I’ll talk more about that below.

You sell feet pics online. There are a ton of different places and websites that you can hang out on where you can sell pictures of your feet and I’ll go into that.

Getting started selling feet pics

OK so you want to sell feet pics.

The first thing you need to do to get started is consider what kind of angle you’re coming from. Most of the girls I see with selfie pics have gorgeous manicured feet. Their toenails are painted neatly and their feet are moisturized and look pretty. Other feet models may go for a different angle catering to people that like worn feet or ugly feet or every day feet.

Pick what audience you want to cater to as that’s really your first step.

Next, get your feet prepared for pictures. Depending on the angle you’re taking, you may or may not need a pedicure or a soak of your toes to make them pretty and picture ready. Once your feet are ready it’s time for picture taking.

Keep in mind you may get  requests for photos or videos and I think it’s a great idea to have a small stash of pictures ready to sell.

Because if you get a request at an odd time that’s inconvenient for you to take pictures then you risk possibly losing the sale if you don’t have a stash of photos ready. This is super simple and all you have to do is take some pictures of your feet in advance.

Take photos from different angles including your toes, the top of your foot, the bottom of your feet, your soles, and your ankles. Some shots may be difficult to take so get your friend or a family member to help.

Where to sell feet pics

Here are 10 places to sell feet pics:

1. Twitter

How to sell feet pics on Twitter

2. Instagram

How to sell feet pics on Instagram

3. Tik Tok

How to sell feet pics on

4. Feetify

How to sell feet pics on Feetify

5. Instafeet

How to sell feet pics on Instafeet

6. Whisper

How to sell feet pics on Whisper

7. Snapchat

How to sell feet pics on Snapchat

8. Ebay

How to sell feet pics on EBay

9. Craigslist

How to sell feet pics on Craigslist

10. DollarFeet

How to sell feet pics on DollarFeet

11. FeetFinder

How to sell feet pics on FeetFinder


How to sell feet pics on Onlyfans

13. Foap

How to sell feet pics on Foap

How much to charge for feet pics

The best way to figure out how much to charge for feet pics is to see what other people are charging.

You can check this on Twitter. Find other people selling feet pics and look at their prices or you can just come up with your own price.

I’ve seen feet pics go for as low as five dollars for one picture to $40 for half a dozen pictures. It really just depends and this is just for pictures of feet and doesn’t consider video requests that you may get.

If push comes to shove and you’re just not sure how much to charge, you can almost always get more money if you ask your customer what their budget is or what they’re willing to pay. This is a common practice with blog sponsorships and the blogger will ask the sponsor for their budget and most often get a higher price than what they would’ve asked.

I tried this!

I started this experiment by creating social media accounts for my feet on Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter.

Then I started participating in the community, following others, posting often and building up a little audience for myself. Twitter is a good place where you can find a lot of people in this industry, some of which call themselves “pay pigs” and they buy feet pics.

All you have to do is look for some key hashtags like feet pics, selling feet pics and others to help you locate buyers and sellers. It’s important to review other feet pics sellers so you can see and learn what they’re doing well so you can adopt the same practices to help you get a leg up in the industry.

All of the Twitter feet pics accounts that I found were following a bunch of other sellers of feet pics so it felt like the community really supported each other.

For me, I got my request on Instagram. I put up around six photos and I started getting private messages on my second and third photos. I had two people offer to pay me a four figure allowance ($1,000 to $1,200) and one person offer me of high flat rate near four figures ($800) for a set of a couple dozen photos.

Once I got the offer I stopped things there and I’m glad I did because I’m certain at least one of those offers was a scam. Let me explain.

How NOT to get scammed selling feet pics

First, looking at the people that sent me a private message on Instagram, I could see that most of the people who connected with me had brand new accounts which felt like a red flag.

Literally one or two Instagram posts on their account with a couple dozen or hundreds of people following them and those couple of posts happened within the last week. It just felt really strange and the reason why I know at least one of them was a scam because looking back at their account on Instagram today, it is totally deleted now.

Here are some telltale signs of why you may be getting scammed or if someone is interested in scamming you.

First you never want to pay money yourself.

Even at the promise of getting some kind of refund. For example, sending $100 and getting $150 back. So essentially getting $50 for sending $100 which makes your money back plus a surplus of $50.

Do NOT do this.

Remember you are the seller and you are selling feet pics so the transactions you get are going to be incoming where you receive money, not pay money. If someone asks you to pay then it is probably a scam.

Next, if you’re asked for personal information or you are required to download a file or install something on your computer, those are all also red flags. If you think about it, why would you need to provide your personal information to sell feet pics. If you were an online store owner you wouldn’t be providing your personal information to your customesr to sell goods. If you were selling on eBay or Amazon you would not need to provide your personal information so why would you need to selling feet pics?

And the answer is, you wouldn’t.

So if someone asks you for your personal information like your address or Social Security number, just know that that’s a major red flag and that that is probably a scam.

Next, you should avoid installing or downloading anything, at all costs.

Why would that be required anyway?

You’re selling feet pics and you’re going to be providing goods to the buyer so you don’t need to download or install anything on your end and neither do they usually, considering you’re just sending image files.

So if someone request that you install or down some download something in order to get paid, run in the other direction. These are just a couple of the scams I’ve seen when I was doing my research on selling feet pics. I’m sure there are many more. Just be smart and keep your eyes open so you can avoid getting scammed.

Final thoughts on how to sell feet pictures

And that’s it my friend. That concludes my mini guide on how to sell feet pictures. What do you think? If you’re curious about selling feet pics for extra money, I hope this article helps you out. Let me know what you think and comment below. And, for other ways to make money online, check out these 7 fun jobs to do online.