How to sell feet pics without getting scammed [7 Smart Tips To Consider]

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You want to sell feet pics without getting scammed. It’s great that you’re considering scams in this industry because they do exist. You want to be smart when you put yourself out there and selling your content over the internet.

It’s important to be safe, practice your due diligence and avoid getting scammed at all costs. After deciding to venture into selling feet pics, getting set up on your favorite feet website like Feetfinder, and taking your photos, you want to know the dos and don’ts of this business, so you don’t fall into a scam.

In this article, we’re covering the best tips to help you arm yourself against scams when you sell feet pics. Learn about things to consider, where to sell feet pictures without getting scammed, safe ways to sell foot pictures, and much more.

Let’s start with some best practices how to avoid getting scammed selling feet pics…

7 Smart Tips to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

way to make money taking pictures of your feet

Selling photos online can be a great way to earn money as a photographer, but it’s important to take precautions to avoid getting scammed. Here are some tips to help you sell photos online safely:

1. Use reputable platforms

Choose well-known, reputable platforms to sell your photos.

For feet pic sites, Feetfinder is a favorite I’d recommend checking out. They have a high Trustpilot score (near-perfect) and tons of sellers who have had a positive experience and made money selling their foot pics on their site.

For photo sites, websites such as Shutterstock, Getty Images, and iStock are examples. Many of these platforms have established policies and procedures to protect both buyers and sellers.

Here are 9 places where to sell feet pics.

2. Research potential buyers

If you’re selling photos directly to buyers, research them thoroughly before agreeing to a sale. Look for reviews or references from other photographers who have worked with them, for example. This can’t be done 100% of the time, especially when you’re selling to private buyers but, if you have the opportunity to vet a buyer, like a large company, do so!

3. Use watermarks

Consider adding watermarks to your photos to deter theft and protect your work. Make sure to use a subtle watermark that doesn’t detract from the quality of your photos. You can add watermark easily and free with graphic design tools like Canva.

4. Use contracts

Contracts can offer protection and work well in many scenarios so consider using them, when it makes sense. When you’re working one-on-one with private buyers like on Feetfinder and other feet platforms, using a contract may not work but, for bigger clients like photography deals with brands, contracts are recommended.

In these situations, use a contract that outlines the terms of the sale, including:

  • Usage rights
  • Payment terms, and
  • Copyright ownership

5. Protect your copyright

Make sure to register your copyright with the appropriate agencies and include copyright notices on your photos. If someone uses your photos without permission, you may be able to take legal action.

6. Beware of scams

Scams do exist. The most important thing is to know that they are out there. Be diligent and be aware that they are all across the internet, especially in markets where you’re selling products and services for money.

Be wary of unsolicited offers to buy your photos or requests for personal information. Scammers may try to steal your photos or personal information, or offer to pay with fake or stolen credit cards.

Guard against scams by:

  • Never sharing your personal information
  • Do not disclose your location
  • Conceal your identity (if you wish) by hiding your face when posting feet pics or using angles that don’t reveal identifying marks like tattoos

7. Use secure payment methods

If you’re selling photos directly to buyers, use secure payment methods like PayPal or Stripe. Avoid wire transfers or other methods that are difficult to trace like CashApp and other ways.

Where can I sell my feet pictures without getting scammed?

Our top recommendation is Feetfinder.

  • Feet platform for buying and selling feet pics
  • Hosting over one million users
  • High-quality and reputable website
  • Top-rated by Trustpilot and other sources

There are other places you can sell feet pics online as well. Social media sites can be a good place to find buyers and network. Some even connect you with buyers more directly like Onlyfans. Web platforms for selling feet pics like Feetify, Dollarfeet, and others are also great for selling your foot pics.

What is the safest way to get money for feet pics?

The best way and safest way to get money for feet pics in my opinion is working with a feet platform. These platforms are specifically for buying and selling feet pics. The best platforms have safety measures in place and play a part in the buying/selling of foot pics and food videos, which can help put some safety guards in place for you.

This is safer than using a social media site, classifieds site like Craigslist, or even an app like Whisper and others. Not that these places are not legit or reputable but, they aren’t specifically for selling feet pics. They offer a lot more freedom and less guards in place for transactions happening, I think. This leaves room for scammers to enter the picture and it can be tough to spot a scam.

How do I accept payment for foot pictures?

Accepting payment for foot pictures can happen in a few different ways:

  • By invoice (using tools like Paypal, Square, etc.)
  • By payment app like CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc.
  • Through feet platforms (some platforms will collect your payment from the buyer and pay you)

Is Feetfinder worth it?

I mentioned Feetfinder a few times in this post. It’s because they are one of the most trusted feet platforms online. I think they are worth it to join. If you’re new to selling feet pics or experienced and want a good place to mix and mingle with buyers and sell your content, Feetfinder is the place for that.

Read our Feetfinder review to learn more about how they work.

#1 Recommended Platform: Feetfinder

Feetfinder is our top choice for selling feet pics online. I love the clean, organized and professional layout of the site. It’s trust by tons of users and their top-rated Trustpilot score puts my mind at ease that they are a reputable company to do business with. Read more about Feetfinder.

These are our top tips for how to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

Overall, the key to selling photos online safely is to use reputable platforms, protect your copyright, and use common sense when dealing with potential buyers. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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