How to monetize a blog?

how to monetize a blog

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Wondering how to monetize a blog? You can monetize a blog in a variety of different ways. Blogging can be very fruitful and lucrative.

Not only is rewarding and gives you an opportunity to connect with an audience but you can make money with it too. Here are three ways you can monetize a blog…

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Ads

How to monetize a blog with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you make money sharing products with your blog audience.

Basically, you refer products to them and when they buy you earn a small portion of the sale as your commission. This is at no additional cost to your buyer or audience member and it rewards you for successfully sharing that product.

The amount that you can make from affiliate marketing varies.

Some commissions can be as low as $0.50 each while others can be hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single successful referral.

There are affiliate programs for a bunch of different products online and various niches like beauty, health, pets, travel, fashion, software and other categories.

Pick products that you love and support and share those with your audience. You can find affiliate programs from affiliate networks like these:

  • Shareasale
  • Amazon Associates
  • Flex Offers
  • Panthera Network
  • iGain

You can also find affiliate programs from the merchants website directly.

For example, I commonly promote my favorite web host for blogging.

Any time I talk about starting a blog I refer to this company which is Siteground.

Hosting is needed for a self-hosted blogs and Siteground is a company that can provide you that hosting service. I’ve tried a bunch of different hosts and Siteground is the best in my opinion.

I’ve had the best experience and their support and chat team is really top-notch. I love them.

If you go to Siteground’s website you can learn about their affiliate program and join directly through their website.

You can do this with a lot of different merchants like your favorite retailers, favorite websites that you shop online and brands that you support. Just visit their website to see if they host their own affiliate program and if they do then you can going directly through their site.

Some bloggers will start making money with affiliate marketing from day one.

For me it took about two months to get my first affiliate commission and that money I earned about $88.

I took a training from a blogger who was very seasoned and was making $50,000 per month from affiliate marketing and within a few weeks of completing that training I was making around $800 to $1,000 per month from affiliate marketing as the new blogger.

This is the training here if you want to check it out.

How to monetize a blog with Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts happen when you partner with a company and get paid to blog about them.

For example, you could partner with a weight loss tea company and talk about them on your blog. This is a win-win for both the brand and you.

For you, the brand will pay you to blog about them so you’ll get compensation for that an extra money in your pocket.

For the brand, it’s extra exposure which means that they’ll have more brand awareness and potentially game more customers from your share on your blog.

You can make a lot of money with sponsored posts. You’ll make the most if you have a large audience and receive a lot of page views and traffic to your blog.

Click here to see my Brand Deal Blogging course which teaches you how to land large five figure sponsorships.

You can get sponsored posts by applying to them on sponsor networks. Here is some examples of sponsor networks:

You can also pitch a brand directly.

The pitch involves contacting the company and expressing your interest in working with them.

Some bloggers pitch up to 100 brands every month. If you can secure 10% of those pitches at $200 each, that would be 10 brands x $200 or $2,000 per month. Not bad.

These pitch templates will tell you what to say in your cold pitch emails so you can land brand deals (sponsorships).

How to monetize a blog with ads

Putting ads on your blog is a simple, passive way to make money. Partner with an ad network, pop ads on your blog and earn money when visitors visit your blog.

Ad networks are: Google Adsense, Mediavine, AdThrive

These are just a few. There are many out there.

Final word

There you have it, 3 ways how to monetize a blog. To learn how to start your money-making blog, read my free guide here.

Jenn Leach, MBA

Jenn Leach is a Houston-based MBA with over a decade of experience in the banking industry. She writes at Millennial Nextdoor where she writes finance, money, business, and lifestyle content to help millennials create additional income streams online. Join her on Substack at

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