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Are you curious about how to make money on Pinterest?

How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2021

You may have caught yourself searching for how to make money on Pinterest or how to earn money using Pinterest on Google or even Pinterest itself. Maybe you thought it would be interesting and fun to make money on the Pinterest platform since you play on it all day anyway?

The truth is, yes you can make money on Pinterest.

I don’t blame you if you’re a bit skeptical. Honestly a lot of stuff on the Internet has plenty a room for skepticism and it’s always good to be cautious.

I know I have been when I started researching how to make money online.

For me it was over 10 years ago and I was stuck in a job that I absolutely hated. I felt pretty desperate to get out of that job and at the same time I was super open to doing any type of online job that would allow me to spend more time with my new baby and get the flexibility of working out of my house.

When I looked online it was really hard to determine what was fact and what was fiction.

Are these gurus really making money online or are they just trying to sell me something? That hunt for online work led me to my first business running an e-commerce store that reach $30,000 per month in sales.

During that time I became very familiar with social media including Pinterest and I was able to harness the power of Pinterest to drive traffic and getting customers for my business. Since selling that business I’ll transitioned to social media management where I help other companies also use Pinterest to grow the brand and reach customers.

How to Make Money on Pinterest for 2021

7 Remote Weekend Jobs to Make Money Online

When I very first started using Pinterest, I was totally in love. I was working at my corporate job and I happened to be in the nursing mothers room when I heard the other moms and they were talking about Pinterest.

It sounded really interesting as they were gabbing about snicker salad and DIY home decor hacks and other fun stuff so I instantly downloaded the app on my phone. I was really astounded with all the content and information on the Pinterest app.

It was self-explanatory, creating boards and pinning pins and saving my favorite content to these boards on my account so I can come back to them later. Since then I have really been a Pinterest fanatic.

It’s like Google but with pictures and if you’re a visual like me this is definitely going to speak to you.

I learned about so many different things from how to budget on a cash envelope system to how to make the very best vegan ginger snap cookies, which are way better than the dairy-laden ones. I’ve also learned fun, creative and cheap life hacks to help me save time and save money plus a bunch of other stuff.

I really could go on and on.

Pinterest is much more than a social network. It’s a visual search engine. So people go to Pinterest in order to search for things. They have problems and they’re seeking solutions.

Like a delicious meal to cook for dinner that’s gluten-free or birthday party inspiration for a nine year old or ways to make money as a virtual assistant, plus a lot more. Making money on a Pinterest is definitely possible for you and I’m going to share exactly how to do it.

How much money can you make on Pinterest?

How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2021

The sky is the limit, literally.

How would you feel if I told you you can make $20 or $50 per day on Pinterest?

What if you could make $300 or $500 per day on Pinterest?

Does that get your attention?

This is totally possible and I’m gonna show you how you can do it. Then think about the extra money that you could be making from Pinterest.

How would that extra cash benefit you?

Would you use it to stash away in your savings account or buffer your checking account so you can avoid living paycheck to paycheck or maybe save for vacation or pay off some debt? Well these are all ideas for what you can do with extra money.

Real quick, while this isn’t one of the ways I make money with Pinterest, I thought I’d share it since it’s such a simple and quick way to earn some extra cash.

That’s with survey sites! Survey sites pay panelists and participants like you money in exchange for your honest opinion.

There are a bunch of different ways that you can make money with paid online surveys including on an app installed on your cell phone, on the computer, by telephone interview or web interview or other ways. The most money I’ve ever made from a paid online survey has been $400 and it took me about 90 minutes to earn that money.

So at over $100 per hour, who can really say no to this opportunity?

Here are some of my favorite paid online survey sites that you can check out to make some extra cash. You can use these in addition to these Pinterest money-making ideas that I’m going to share with you:

  • Click here to check out Pinecone Research (one of the highest paying)
  • Click here to join Survey Savvy (I’ve made money the most consistently here)
  • Click here to head over to My Points (easy offers and quick to complete)

The great thing about surveys is that registration is free and they are super flexible so you take surveys when you want to and you can get paid in a bunch of different ways from getting direct deposit to PayPal cash to free gift cards and a lot more.

Easy Step-by-Step Guide: How to make money on Pinterest

There are three different ways how to make money on Pinterest:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media management

How to make money on Pinterest blogging

The first way how to make money on Pinterest is one of my favorites and that’s through blogging.

I first started blogging about six years ago and it has afforded me so many awesome opportunities including making six figures blogging about the things I love like travel, saving money, making money personal finance and a lot more. It’s so easy to start a blog and while it’s not free to do so, it is super cheap.

If you have around five dollars per month in your budget every month then you can start a blog.

Click here to check out my favorite affordable monthly hosting company for blogging at under $4 per month!

Blogging comes with so many different benefits:

  • You get to connect with an audience
  • Write about what you want
  • Vents, so blogging is therapeutic and,
  • Make money

Not to mention blogs can be pretty lucrative.

Top bloggers make up to $100,000 per month including this brand new blogger who made over $800,000 in his second year blogging which was just last year!

You might wonder how Pinterest ties into blogging?

Well Pinterest is one of the top forms of marketing for bloggers.

The way it works is, after you create your blog post you will need to promote it in order to get traffic to your blog and the traffic is going to be what produces revenue for you. Pinterest is awesome for traffic and it goes well with so many different kinds of blogs whether you are a food blogger or you’re blogging about travel, finance, parenting or kids or other topics.

You do not need to be an expert to start a blog.

Tons of bloggers consider themselves beginners with many of them not have even attended college or with any specialized experience or expertise. As long as you have basic computer skills which means that you can type and operate a computer, and internet access, then you can be a blogger.

How I make money on Pinterest by blogging

As a blogger you’re going to use Pinterest in order to drive target a traffic back to your website.

Once you have visitors on your website then you can start to make money. Blogs can be monetized in a bunch of different ways including with advertisements and affiliate marketing links.

The way ads works is, a web visitor lands on your blog and clicks and then you instantly get paid.

Yes you read that right. Advertising income on blogs is one of the easiest and most passive forms of income that you can make from blogging. That’s because no commitment is needed from the person who was clicking the ad. They aren’t required to share their name or email address or even make a purchase.

As long as they click the ad then you get paid. Bloggers that have 100,000 monthly viewers or more earn $3000-$7000 per month passively just from ads! Another way that you can make money blogging on Pinterest is with affiliate marketing.

So again you funnel that Pinterest traffic from Pinterest to your blog and when visitors land on your blog post which will be filled with affiliate links, if they click and buy, you make money.

Affiliate links are links that you promote leading to products that your audience is interested in buying. For example if you are a food blogger and you write about recipes and food then your audience is going to be interested in that kind of stuff and they may click on affiliate links which lead to food related products like kitchen appliances or restaurant vouchers, food items or accessories.

And so this is the second way how I make money on Pinterest with a blog.

How I make money on Pinterest With affiliate marketing

The second way how I make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing doing what’s called a Pinterest affiliate marketing.

This is a little different than what I mentioned up above about Pinterest and affiliate marketing in blogging.

With Pinterest affiliate marketing you are creating pin graphics which leads directly to affiliate products. So that means you don’t have to have a website or a blog in order for this to work and make money. You do have to be an affiliate for products.

For example, if you choose the health and wellness niche to target then you may create pin graphics to health and wellness affiliate products like yoga classes, spirituality and meditation digital courses and books, wellness related physical products and a lot more.

Pinterest users will be interested in this kind of content depending on what niche you target and when they click your pin it’ll direct them to the sales page for the affiliate product that you referred.

If your referral results in a sale then you earn a commission. Affiliate commissions can be paid by percentage or buy a flat rate. You can also earn affiliate commissions by the lead as well. With affiliate marketing leads, the conversion is not the sale. It can be an email address or opting into a newsletter or getting a free product mailed to them.

These are all examples of leads in affiliate marketing can pay per lead which means it’ll be even easier for you to make money since the web visitor and Pinterest user does not have to purchase. And that’s how you make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing.

It can be an email address or opting into a newsletter or getting a free product mailed to them. These are all examples of leads and affiliate marketing can paper lead which means it’ll be even easier for you to make money since the web visitor and Pinterest Cesar does not have to purchase.

And that’s how you make money with a Pinterest affiliate marketing.

How to find affiliate programs?

Before you start searching for affiliate programs, I recommend that you pick a niche.

Your niche is going to be your category that you target and it could be something like travel, food, health and wellness, money or other topics.

Once you pick your niche then you can start to seek out and apply to affiliate programs. I would recommend finding affiliate programs to join based on products that you use and love.

You can also join an affiliate network and pick the products that you think you’ll be the best fit for a Pinterest users based on their popularity and if it seems like a product that you may personally use yourself and enjoy.

Here are some affiliate networks you can start your search using:

You have way better results if you stand behind the product that you’re promoting, trust me.

How to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing

After you have picked affiliate programs to join and you’re approved it’s time to start designing your affiliate pins. And these are gonna be the pin graphics that are going to show up on Pinterest.

The easiest way to do this is with a free graphics software called Canva. Canva is really awesome. I have been using them for years now and I don’t really see myself trying another graphics software program.

It’s super user-friendly and you will live using it. Register and create a free account then go to the Pinterest pin templates and pick a design.

From there you can customize the template based on the product that you’re going to be promoting through Pinterest affiliate marketing.Once you have your Pinterest pin graphic finalized and save it to your computer and then you can pin it on to a Pinterest. When you pin the pin onto Pinterest you’re going to wanna create a catchy headline and write a keyword rich caption that explains what the pin is about.

Then the last step is to add a URL as the link in Pinterest pin and this will be your affiliate link.

And that’s how you do Pinterest affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more about this, comment below as I would be happy to do a video demonstration and posted here on the blog and talk more about Pinterest affiliate marketing.

How I make money as a Pinterest social media manager

The third way how to make money on a Pinterest is as a country social media manager.

As a social media manager you’re going to be working with clients and you will help them to reach their goals using social media.

Your goal could be to make more sales or reach a broader audience, increase the brand awareness, make more conversions, grow their email list or other goals that they may have.

Whatever their goals may be, you’re going to help them get closer to them, using the power of Pinterest.

This can be done by crafting a Pinterest strategy that will help the company increase their exposure on the platform. The tasks that you do for them as a Pinterest social media manager may vary based on the needs of your clients but some examples may be to create Pinterest pins, execute a pinning strategy, grow their fan base, and other tasks.

This is a really fun job, especially if you enjoy social media.

It is kind of like getting paid to play on social media and if you’re a Pinterest fan like I am then you will totally love this. You can make up to $600 per month per client so four clients could earn you $2,400 monthly.

Your pay could change based on if you charge more or less than less than this amount. Plus there are also other opportunities to make money based on being a Pinterest social media manager like writing e-books are developing digital courses to help others that want to be a Pinterest social media manager like you plus other ideas ideas. Or venturing into managing other social media like Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.

Next steps for how to make money on Pinterest

Now that we’ve gone over all three ways how you can start making money on a Pinterest, here’s what to do next.

First, identify the route that you want to take for making money on Pinterest. Craft your plan and then execute it. To take your Pinterest efforts up a notch, consider this resource which I have personally gone through, helping me go from 80,000 to 2.5 million monthly visitors in just a few months! I would love to hear how you’re doing so feel free to comment below to share which route you’re taking and if you have any questions.