How to Make $7,369/mo Helium Mining

Helium mining

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I first heard about mining cryptocurrency about a year ago. I thought nothing of it and it sounded very technical so I didn’t look into it any further.

A few months ago my husband talked to me about crypto mining and we watched a couple YouTube videos on it. After watching those videos, again I was left confused and not really thinking that mining cryptocurrency would be something that I would pursue. It looks like a lot of work, a lot of expense and not a lot of pay out. To be honest I didn’t fully understand it and it wasn’t until recently when I learned about mining helium which is a type of cryptocurrency, that it started to become more clear to me.

make money mining helium

Everything that I learned about mining crypto before it was all about bitcoin mining. I had no idea that you could mind other types of cryptocurrency like Ethereum or helium or other cryptocurrencies.

I started seeing other miners and look more deeply into what they were doing and what was involved. It seemed a little bit more interesting to me however, the cost was not something I was willing to partake in as an investment. You can actually spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in mining equipment.

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Now that kind of investment will definitely get you a higher amount that you’re going to be earning every month and you’ll recoup that money eventually but I consider $500 a big investment and to take on a money-making hobby that requires an investment near there or higher, I would want to see a healthy return start immediately and hopefully recoup my investment within a year.

Anyway, that brings me to helium mining.

How to Make Money Mining Helium

helium mining

What if I told you that you could make thousands of dollars per month putting a tiny piece of equipment in your window sill around the size of an Internet router?

Well that’s a true statement and you can do that with helium mining.

I learned about this recently and I found it on Tik Tok. You literally do just what I described.

You buy a helium router. It runs around $600 and $700. It’s an investment for sure but this little thing is making some households up to $9,000 per month! Where I live it’s almost $8,000 per month! And this is just for one device.

No cap.

After buying it, you pop it into your window sill (there are outdoor versions too) and you start mining helium. You are paid in HNT and depending on your area you can make as much as 13 HNT or more per day.
Helium mining

As of this writing 1 HNT is worth around $19. I did a check for my area which is Houston, TX…

Helium mining13.21 HNT per day x 30 days = 396 HNT

396 HNT x $18.62 = $7,369/mo

So this is for the area Houston Texas. I

t’s based on the value in HMT as of today and this is for one miner. Keep in mind if you have more than one hailey in mine or your income could be different and if you Live in an area other than Houston your rate could vary as well.

Final Word on Helium Mining

What do you think? Is it worth a $700 investment to make nearly $7,500 your first month? Comment below and let me know what your questions are. I haven’t done this myself but it’s something that I’m looking into and if I do I’ll definitely document my process to share.

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