How to get surveys that pay 100 dollars per survey

How to get paid 100 dollars per survey

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Looking for ways how to get surveys that pay 100 dollars per survey?

This might sound out of reach but it’s definitely possible and I’ve done it myself multiple times.

In this article I’m gonna share how you can find ways how to get paid $100 per survey so you can make money online with high-paying surveys.

How to Find 100 Dollar Surveys

As you probably know, paid online surveys are a great way to make extra cash online.

You get paid to share your honest opinion and there are many survey companies that offer this opportunity to respondents for free. I’ve been taking paid online surveys off and on for years now.

It’s a really good opportunity to make some money online easily working from the comfort of home.

Most online surveys are pretty low paying, to be honest.

You don’t need any specialized skills, educational background or experience to make money with online surveys so you can expect them to be on the lower paying side. How you can make the most money with surveys is by taking more surveys.

For example, if your goal is to make $500 per month with survey taking you would want to join multiple survey companies and consistently take many surveys all throughout the month to hit your target.

Other money-making ideas:

The most I’ve ever made from an online survey in one day has been $400 and that was from one single survey.

Surveys like that do exist and I’m gonna show you exactly where to look to find $100+ paying surveys online.


surveys that pay

For a $100 survey, Respondent is where you can find them.

Respondent is a market research company that holds online panels. This is a little different than an online survey but still very similar.

Surveys vs. Online Panels

The main difference between surveys and online panels is that online panels are longer and more in depth. With an online survey you may sit at your computer or be on an app on your cell phone and answer questions on the screen until you’re done.

You work independently, assigning yourself various surveys to yourself to take based on your interest and time and that’s it. With online panels they typically take a minimum of 20 minutes to take, if not longer.

Many run 60 to 90 minutes and some online panels may take a lot longer up to 1 to 3 weeks in length.

They also pay much more.

Surveys generally pay up to a couple dollars each.

You can expect to earn $20-$500 each with online panels. I participated in a handful and have earned $400 for a single panel, $100, $125, etc.

How to get started finding surveys that pay

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To get started, join the site for free and then you’ll instantly have access to all of the online panel opportunities.

You can sift through the opportunities you see on the screen and complete the pre-screener for each one that you’re interested in. The prescreener is a short survey which screens you as a panelist for that online panel to see if you’re a good fit.

If you are a good fit then you’ll be contacted further so you can schedule a time for the online panel. There are many different kinds of panels you can take from independent diary studies to group panels, phone interview, web interview and others.

Click here to join Respondent.

User Interviews

surveys that pay

This company is another market research company like Respondent that does online panels. They are very, very similar to Respondent so much of what I said about Respondent applies to User Interviews as well.

To join, you sign up for the website for free then you’ll have instant access to all the opportunities you can apply to the ones that interest you and you’ll go through a short screener or to see if you’re a good fit.

Other ways to find surveys that pay

How do you find surveys that pay?

I have been taking online paid surveys off and on for years. Here are some of my very favorite online survey companies to check out:

These are my go-tos for online surveys to take for extra money because they are legit and can provide consistent opportunities to make a little extra cash on the side.

Final Word on how to find surveys that pay $100 per survey

You see, it is possible to get paid $100 per survey. These two market research companies are some of my favorite for high paying surveys. Check them out and for more, here are 7 free websites for $50 surveys.

Jenn Leach, MBA

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