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Clubhouse for iPad

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Update: Clubhouse for Ipad is super easy to get started with and Clubhouse is no longer invite-only. If you want to join Clubhouse, access it through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Looking for a Clubhouse app invite?

Clubhouse is one of the latest and popular invite-only apps that people are raving about. It’s for iOS devices only so if you’ve got an iPhone then you’re solid. If not, then you may have to wait until it comes to Android unless you have another iOS device like an iPad.

In this article I’m gonna share how you can get the Clubhouse app on your iPad.

Let’s go.

Clubhouse App for Ipad

I was first introduced to Clubhouse by a friend of mine.

His explanation of Clubhouse wasn’t totally clear to me but I did a little bit more research and I learned what clubhouse was about.

It’s an audio-based app where you can congregate with other people in rooms and have live chats. The host will create a room and others will join and everyone will have an open discussion. Discussions are about every topic under the sun, like:

  • How to boost your credit
  • How to brand your business
  • Stocks chat
  • Basketball chat
  • Dating and relationships chat

This is unlike other apps or websites that I’ve heard about so I was instantly drawn to it. The only issue was that it was for iOS devices only and it was invite-only.

Why Join Clubhouse?

It’s a great way to network with others, make friends, even make money online. I’ve been in groups where domain auctions were happening, people talked about the state of the crypto landscape, and much more!

The Clubhouse Invite

I had an in for a possible invite for a while and I’ll talk more about how you can snap up a Clubhouse invite later in the article.

The issue that I had was that I didn’t have an iPhone!

I really wanted to join Clubhouse so bad I considered buying a used iPhone and using it for business purposes and mainly to access Clubhouse. I searched on Best Buy, Overstock, Gazelle and other sites looking at used iPhones to find a good deal.

I wanted to get an iPhone that wouldn’t break the bank so I really didn’t wanna pay any more than $200 but, as you know cell phones are expensive, especially iPhones even used iPhone cell phones.

While you can get a used iPhone for under $200 it’s going to be an older version and if you don’t know this about Apple, eventually old Apple products will have to be replaced.

Like my iPad that just stopped taking new downloads from the Apple store.

Or my MacBook that I wasn’t able to get iMovie installed on because it didn’t have the latest software version and it simply wasn’t available for my old MacBook.

So if I stayed on budget, could I get an iPhone?


But what is it going to be the right iPhone for this brand new app, Clubhouse and how long will it be before I had to upgrade and come out of pocket with more money?

Because of these questions, I decided against investing in an iPhone. I really wasn’t interested in paying $500+ for a phone that I didn’t need, other than for an app so I researched other ways to get Clubhouse and I realized that it was for iOS devices which included iPads!

And I happened to have an iPad!

How to get a clubhouse for iPad?

The Clubhouse app is in the App Store on your iPad.

I found it and downloaded it. I even set up and reserved my user name and added my phone number.

So the only thing was getting an invitation.

While waiting for an invite I scoured the Internet to find instructions for the Clubhouse app for iPad and I came up with absolutely nothing.

I realized that the Clubhouse app is a new app but there were tons of stories about it all over the web. But nothing about Clubhouse for iPad. This really made me wonder, can you really join Clubhouse on your iPad?

I had talked to Clubhouse members who said that you can use it on your iPad but they joined on their iPhone.

So you can use Clubhouse on your iPad but can you join Clubhouse on your iPad?

After weeks of trying to hunt for an answer I finally gave up and decided just to give it a go.

I really didn’t like the idea of possibly wasting one of these precious invitations that someone would be so generous to offer to me but there was really no other way to test this thing to actually go through with it. So I moved forward with trying to get an invitation to Clubhouse.

How to get a Clubhouse Invitation

If you know someone who has Clubhouse and invitations available, ask them.

If you don’t, head to Facebook.

Facebook groups, specifically.

These ones:

There are business groups filled with people who talk about Clubhouse. Some are so generous to share in the group that they have one or two invitations that they are willing to give away. You just have to be on the group at that time to respond in a comment so you can get an invitation.

There are also Clubhouse invitation trains in some groups.

One person starts by inviting another to Clubhouse and then that person uses one of their invitations to invite the next person, then so on and so forth. I have seen these trains in action almost a dozen times but it always derails unfortunately.


Clubhouse is for ioS devices. If an invitation is sent to you and you don’t have an ioS device then you can’t get on. And, that’s a wasted invitation. That person that invited you cannot get it back.

And to get in on a Clubhouse train, you’ve got to be glued to Facebook and tuned into the group. Even with notifications turned on for the group, it can be tough.

For me, I was juggling being a wife and parent, cooking dinner, cleaning, do some light work for my company in the evening with tuning into Facebook every so often. I always managed to miss the train by a second or so.

So annoying.

I finally managed to score an invitation from someone who dropped a comment in a group that he had an invitation and was giving it away. I commented and he DM’d me with the invitation details. Within 5 minutes, I was on!

How to Get on Clubhouse for iPad

This is how I got on Clubhouse for iPad.

First, I made sure I downloaded the app in advance on my iPad. Then, I registered reserving my username and adding my phone number.

Then, when the invitation was extended, I opened the app and I got a pop-up that I was invited. I built out my profile and then I was live on Clubhouse!

The whole thing took about 5 minutes, easy!

Hopefully this article has helped you out.

If you have any questions, please comment below!


Jenn Leach, MBA

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