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Raise your hand if you hate grocery shopping?   That is totally me. Ever since I was a child I have truly dreaded going to the grocery store and that did not change going into adulthood. I don’t know what it is, I just dislike the experience. It’s time-consuming to drag your tired body through the grocery store, while managing small children and trying to stick to your list, avoiding throwing extra temptations  (like frosted poptarts) into your shopping cart and other obstacles.   I have tried many different tips and tactics over the years to help make the grocery shopping experience more enjoyable for me but I have failed. Until now.

If you’re looking for an excuse to switch over to grocery pickup then you are going to fall in love with this article. Make sure you bookmark this post so you can come back to it later. 

Here we go…

What is Grocery Pickup?

Grocery pickup is a service offered by more and more grocery stores where they will do your grocery shopping for you and all you have to do is drive to the store and pick up.

First, you go to the grocery store website and you do your shopping online.

So, with list in hand your browse the grocery store website and add all of your grocery items to your shopping cart and then when you’re done you will pick a store pickup time and check out.

When it’s time for you to pick up your groceries you’ll drive to the grocery store to do your pickup.

Some stores will have a dedicated pickup area. 

In my town, the grocery stores that offer pick up have a pick up section where you drive to you a special area, call or text the store and they take your groceries to your car and load in your trunk.

You don’t even have to leave your car.

It’s super easy and convenient.

Benefits of Grocery Pickup

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Convenience

Drawbacks to Grocery Pickup

  • Service fee

So, is grocery pick-up really all that great?

I certainly think so though it is slightly more expensive than if you go in store and do your shopping.

This is why:

First, there is usually a service fee for doing grocery pick-up. When I do pick up at the two stores that I usually go to which are Walmart and HEB, the pickup fee is generally $5 to $6.

Then in addition to that, you’ll find that the grocery items that are picked up do you have a small markup.

For example, our family is mostly dairy-free so we pick up dairy-free coconut yogurt which costs $1.58 in store and $1.72 through grocery pickup.

You can see that that’s very small markup and all the items have tiny markups like that so a few cents here and there though, it may not seem like it, can add up and add a couple dollars to your order but in my opinion even with the additional cost, I still come out way on top with the savings that I get by doing grocery pickup.

How Do I Save $200/Month with Grocery Pickup?

grocery pickup

When you go grocery shopping there is really a whole strategy and a specific mindset that you need to have in place to shop the right way.

You have to shop with a list.

You can’t shop hungry.

You have to have time and not rush your grocery shopping.

Plus, other things that you have to keep in mind and do to have a successful shop.

If any of these things are not in place, then your whole grocery shop can be sabotaged.

If you shop without a list, you end up getting double or triple items that you don’t need, like picking up 2 bags of spaghetti when you already have spaghetti in your pantry at home.

Or, you’ll spend way too much time shopping because you don’t know what to shop for.

This adds to your trip and the more time in store, the more you will spend.

If you shop hungry, you will overshop, guaranteed.

This is the worst thing you can do.

Not to mention all the temptation on the aisles, even sale items, which are super easy to just throw in your cart.

All this is avoided with grocery pickup.

You do your shopping right online from the comfort of your own home.

Then, you check out and that’s that.

No adding extra items to your cart, no overshopping. It’s a simple, streamlined experience.

How Do I Save 3 Hours/Month with Grocery Pickup?

One of the major benefits of picking up your groceries through a grocery pick-up service is the time savings. Because a lot of time is dedicated to grocery shopping.

When I go grocery shopping I will usually spend a minimum of an hour in the store and I shop weekly so that’s a total of 4 hours in a grocery store every single month.

And for me, because I really dread grocery shopping and I dislike the entire experience, that is a long 4 hours a month spent in grocery stores.

When I do grocery pickup, the trip takes about 15 minutes so I save 45 minutes a week on my grocery trip.

It takes about 5 minutes to drive to the store and then with the time to notify the store that I’ve arrived at my pickup time and for them to come out and load my car, the total time ends up being about 15 minutes and again that does include the drive to the store.

So that’s how I save 3 hours per month with grocery pickup.

Trying Grocery Delivery to Save Even More!

grocery pickup

So, whats the deal with grocery delivery?

Grocery delivery has all the same benefits of grocery pickup PLUS, you get your groceries delivered to your front door.

This is perfect for people who can’t get away to go shop, like overworked or too busy moms, people without transportation and for the lazy, like me sometimes, who don’t want to even go drive to the store to pick up groceries.

Not to mention, there are times when you’re tired or sick and you need food in your fridge.

You just can’t drag yourself to your car, so why not do delivery, right?

Advantages to Grocery Delivery

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Convenient

Disadvantages to Grocery Delivery

  • Service fee
  • Membership might be required

You save money in all the ways described above with grocery pickup.

First, shop online for your groceries. Then, checkout and pick your delivery time. You’re done!

So you avoid overspending which can happen when you visit the store and throw extra items in your cart when you’re hungry, tired, or can’t resist temptation.

You save time because you can do what you need to at home while your groceries are shopped by the store and delivered to your home.

How convenient, right?

The disadvantages can include a service fee. All stores may not have service fees but most do, I think. This fee can range up to $8 to $10 per grocery trip.

It’s more than the pickup fee usually but considering the upper end of that range for a weekly delivery, or $40 in fees. It’s still less than the $200 extra I’d be spending if I visited the store in person.

So, it’s still a savings!

Then, some stores or delivery services may require a membership, where you pay a flat amount every month to have your groceries delivered.

Unless that monthly membership is $200/month (in my case), which will not be the case, it’s still cheaper.

In short…

Grocery pickup and grocery delivery saves money and saves time.

It’s super convenient and makes you not dread the grocery shopping experience any longer.

These are some of my favorite stores that offer grocery pickup and grocery delivery:

  • HEB
  • Walmart
  • Kroger

This service, Instacart offers grocery delivery.

I love them because they work with a ton of different stores, like Whole Foods and possibly Trader Joes. I’ve been a member with Instacart and had a stellar experience.

Click here to read more about Instacart.

Would you do grocery pickup or grocery delivery? Why or why not? Share with us down below in comments!

How I save $200_month with grocery pickup