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5 Great Habits of People with Amazing SkinYou want soft, supple skin. It’s important and it can take some habit-forming to get into the skin of your dreams. As we get older, our skin retains less and less water and it ages. How can we enjoy gorgeous skin at any age?

With these 5 smart habits. Keep reading to learn about these awesome habits you should form to have amazing skin. Don’t forget to bookmark this post for later.

5 Great Habits of People with Amazing Skin

1. Exfoliate

An often ignored yet integral part of your skincare routine is exfoliation. With exfoliation you are gently buffing away skin impurities, leaving way to gorgeous, glowy skin. It’s like a little scrub for your skin. And you can do it everywhere, from your face to your legs to arms, back, etc.

By properly exfoliating your skin, you help to get rid of dead skin cells.

A side benefit is that exfoliation minimizes impurities which means less chance to spotty skin.

Pro tip: Make sure your exfoliator isn’t too abrasive.

2. Lotion Up

Do you remember when you were young you used to lotion after a shower? But, now you’ve gotten away from it.


It can be any reason from not caring, being too busy, forgetful, etc.

We do it for our kids, right? We lotion them up after a bath or shower. We need to do the same. It’s essential for having gorgeous, glowy skin. And this isn’t just reserved for special occasions or date night either.

What’s better than lotion?


5 Great Habits of People with Amazing Skin

My dermatologist many years ago told me that she loves creams because they have less water and stick to the skin better.

So, if you have the choice between lotion and cream, try cream and see how you like it!

3. Face Masks

I’ve really gotten into these more and more. These are the exact ones I get from Amazon.

Masks for your face provide hydration. They are super rich in moisture and some have vitamins perfect for gorgeous, healthy skin. It’s pampering and it feels like a spa experience at home.

If your goal is to pamper or self care yourself more this year, you have GOT TO get into face masks.

They are growing in popularity and a big part of Korean skin care which is how I learned about them.

4. Face Massage

This feels so good. It’s great for blood circulation and can help improve tone and provide lifting.

How to face massage?

If you don’t go to a professional like an aesthetician, you can do massage to yourself by following along free tutorials on Google or YouTube.

5. Face Oil

Oils are a great alternative to face masks. You’ll want to make sure you have the right skin type for this as some skin types may not do as well with oils. If you can do an oil, you’ll love how it makes your skin look and feel.

In short..

There are several things we can do for our skin. Try these ideas and let me know what you think down below in comments.