5 Get Paid Weekly Apps to Make Money

5 ways to make money weekly

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Curious to find a list of stores that pay weekly? A get paid weekly app? Or, if you’re looking for apps to make money weekly  you will definitely want to check out these 5 get paid weekly apps.

You don’t have to keep searching “jobs that pay every week near me” or “jobs that pay weekly for 17 year olds.”

We did the leg work for you, so you don’t have to and we’ve rounded up these 5 opportunities, get paid weekly apps to help you accomplish your goal of getting paid more frequently, every single week!

What’s the catch?

No catch, they’re just what they sound like. These apps pay you weekly!

Weekly pay feels like such a luxury. It’s easier to manage your money, you get a stable cash flow into your bank account and it’s a lot easier for many people to budget week-to-week as opposed to  monthly. Keep reading to learn about these 5 apps to make money weekly.

5 Get Paid Weekly Apps to Review

What is a get paid weekly app, anyway? Well, it’s an app accessible on your mobile device like your smartphone, where you can install it to your phone and earn every week. This could be through working part-time jobs that pay weekly or finding an opportunity to get an advance on your paycheck weekly or through other means.

Whether you’re looking for legit ways to make extra money or online jobs for college students or other opportunities, you’ll find what you need here. There’s a lot of variety of this list. I know you’ll love it. Dive in!

1. Even

get paid weekly app

Even is a new finance app that pays you on a weekly basis. This aligns with your paycheck that you get from your employer and the good news is that they never even have to know!

To use Even it’s $5 per week and this flat fee gives you access to a Paycheck Boost, Emergency Assistance, and other awesome features to help keep your budget in line. This is perfect for people who work for companies, freelancers, people in the service industry and really anybody at makes money by paycheck.

What is Even’s Paycheck Boost?

The Paycheck Boost feature is where Even lends you money on a weekly basis based on what you’re earning. They connect to your checking account detecting how much you are earning every two weeks and they give you half of that amount up front.

When you finally do get paid, Even will take the exact amount they gave you the week before, which is a cool way to get paid weekly effortlessly.

What is Even’s Emergency Assistance?

Emergency Assistance is good when you’re short on cash and need some extra help. They don’t charge any interest for using this feature just like with Paycheck Boost. It’s perfect for anyone who comes across the situation when they need a little extra cash or they may have an unsteady or unstable income like a freelancer or the self-employed.

To learn more about Even, click here.

2. Shipt

get paid weekly app Shipt

Shipt is online grocery delivery. If you’ve ever wanted to have your groceries personally delivered to your door steps then Shipt is one of the companies that can do that!

For consumers they can do their grocery shopping online and work with Shipt to have their groceries delivered.

This get paid weekly app lets you, as a Shipt personal shopper make money doing grocery delivery. It’s a cool way to earn money flexibly on your own time earning around $20 an hour on average.

This is a really nice gig if you’re looking for part-time jobs that pay weekly.

If this sounds right up your alley, click here to check out Shipt and apply to work with them.

3. Postmates

get paid weekly with Instacart

Postmates does on-demand delivery for food like restaurant takeout or some odds and ends at the convenience store or gas station.

They are always on the hunt for drivers and they’re one of the few companies that actually pays you weekly or daily. You can make money and get paid via PayPal or direct deposit, your choice. It’s free to sign up to join Postmates as a driver and you can click here to get more information and apply.

4. Instacart

Instacart app

This is another online grocery delivery solution, kind of like Shipt. They partner with tons of different stores like Costco, Sprouts, Target, Specs, and more to deliver groceries to the doorsteps of customers.

I absolutely love Instacart and have been an avid customer for almost a year now.

It’s super convenient for me, it helps me avoid dragging my 8-year old through a busy grocery store trying to wrangle him, avoid overspending and try to not lose my mind.

It’s also a cool way to make up to $200 per week or more as a shopper. You’ll get paid to shop and deliver groceries. You pick when you want to work and it’s a weekly pay app, like the others on the list.

Click here to learn more about Instacart jobs.

5. Rover

Rover get paid weekly

Rover is an app to get paid weekly, that’s all about pet sitting. For animal lovers this is going to be the perfect dream job that you’ll fall in love with.

You get it to babysit pets. Animal owners get busy, sometimes they go on vacation or they have to travel and they’re looking for a sitter for their pet. This is where you come in and you make money watching their animals.  Make money weekly $200 or more every week and payment is sent via check or PayPal.

Join Rover to learn more.


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