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The Sneaky Way to Get Free SamplesEveryone loves a good freebie, right? When I was in college I started paying attention to my receipts. Have you ever looked at the bottom or back of your grocery store or Wal-mart receipt? There are offers that people don’t even pay attention to, like coupons, free stuff, a chance to win money from sweepstakes, etc.

Think about how many people ignore offers like those. I started paying attention and redeemed my first one at Baskin Robbins, I got 2 scoops of icecream free, one for me, one for my boyfriend (now husband). I was hooked after that!

There are plenty of ways to score free samples and free stuff.

Keep reading to learn the sneaky way to get free samples.

How to Get Freebies

There are a couple hidden resources that let you get freebies, and some of them ship right to your doorstep!

For Bath and Body Works samples, head to this link and get started.

For birthday samples, this is how it goes, and I’ve been doing this for years.

You get free stuff on your birthday.

This is usually through a loyalty or rewards program tied to a retailer. You join the program and then get a coupon or offer for your freebie once your birthday rolls around.

I have gotten Free Denny’s, Free Starbucks, Free Jersey Mike’s and more.

Pro Tip: Join the loyalty program ahead of time

For example, with the Starbucks program, you need to have the app at least 30 days before your birthday to get your birthday sample. The first year I tried this the hard way and joined day of my bday and it didn’t work. The next year it worked like a charm though.

Don’t miss out on the free stuff!

Final Word

Comment below to let me know what free stuff you scored!

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