What is Foottok?

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Foottok is a term coined from TikTok, talking about the topic of feet plus TikTok. If you’re considering becoming a foot model on Feetfinder or other platforms, you may be curious to learn about selling feet photos. A community social site like TikTok is the perfect place to learn the ins and outs of feet pics.

What is FootTok?

sell foot pics

FootTok refers to a community on TikTok focused around feet-related content.

Some common types of FootTok videos include:

  • Foot modeling videos showing off feet, footwear, ankles, legs, etc. These often showcase different shoes and socks.
  • Foot care routines displaying techniques like exfoliating, moisturizing, trimming nails, applying lotion, etc. These offer tips for taking care of feet.
  • Foot massages and stretches. These therapeutic videos aim to relieve sore, tired feet.
  • Fetish and kink content involving feet, socks, stockings, etc. This caters to those with foot fetishes.
  • Selling products like worn socks, shoes, and custom foot photos/videos. The FootTok community provides a marketplace for this niche.
  • Interacting with fans through livestreams, Q&As, custom requests, etc. This allows direct fan engagement.
  • ASMR videos featuring sounds like crinkling, tapping, scratching, and brushing applied to feet and footwear to create relaxing audio sensory experiences.

The #FootTok tag contains most of this type of content. While niche, FootTok has developed a loyal following among those interested in feet. It offers a platform to create, share, and engage with feet-focused content among fellow foot fans and fetishists.

If you search foottok, you’ll be lucky to get any results that come up. That’s because TikTok does not promote topics they feel are unsafe or non-inclusive. Selling feet pics has been seen as an adult topic. Feet lovers sometimes get sexual gratification from looking at foot photos and foot videos. Topics like this are generally off-limits, though, you can still find this kind of content on the platform. It just won’t be under the hashtag, foottok.

How to find feet pics and foot models on TikTok?

Search TikTok creatively to find content about feet pic models. I used the search keyword, foot pics and got these results…

foot pics tiktok


I found different videos on topics from models who recently started selling feet pics to how to sell feet pictures for $5K each, how to start selling feet pics, and more!

How did Foottok get popular on TikTok?

People were looking for creative ways to make money online. Selling feet pics is natural fit. You can do it anonymously, even men sell feet pics. It’s a home-based business that lets you do something as easy as snapping pics of your feet and selling those photos on feet websites like Feetfinder and others, or social media sites like Twitter, marketplaces like Onlyfans, and other places across the web.

Top sellers make millions. Arguably, an adult-related industry, people who buy feet pics can vary a lot. What do people do with feet pics?

It’s not just feet lovers. Foot doctors offices, photographers, small businesses, and other people have a need for foot photos. There are many buyers and this is a huge industry.

Bottom Line

Foottok on TikTok is another resource to explore if you’re a foot seller. Learn what other sellers are doing successfully, tips and tricks for taking foot poses, selling feet pics, making the most money with feet photos and more.

If you’re not already on Feetfinder, this is one of my top-recommended platforms to join. They are top-rated on Trustpilot and home to millions of users who buy and sell feet pics.

Read our Feetfinder review to learn more.

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