13+ Entry Level Jobs for Business Majors

best entry level jobs for business majors

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There is a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to entry level jobs for business majors. It’s true that not all business jobs are the same, but there are many different types of positions for people with this degree. There are jobs in marketing, public relations, production, sales, operations management and more!

If you’re a business major, it might seem like there are only four or five jobs that would be available to you.

You could work as an accountant or bookkeeper, in marketing, public relations, production or sales.

However, the reality is that there are many different types of positions for people with this degree! There are also jobs in operations management and more!

13+ Entry Level Jobs for Business Majors

There are many different types of jobs that business majors can get into.

While some of the most common jobs for business majors include being an accountant, bookkeeper, marketer, public relations specialist or salesperson there are many different types of positions available. They can work in accounting, operations management, human resources and more!

Here are possible opportunities and examples of what you can do to get started. You don’t need previous experience to be hired and the positions are entry level.

1. Operations manager

An operations manager oversees the day-to-day operations of an organization or department.

He or she coordinates tasks and often serves as the manager’s right hand, overseeing projects and liaising with other departments. The position typically requires previous managerial experience, although this varies by company.

An operations manager is usually responsible for overseeing staff, managing risks and completing administrative tasks such as budgeting and accounting.

2. Virtual assistant – up to $60/hour

Virtual assistants are a type of business that has been growing in popularity. Virtual assistants, also known as VAs, provide the services of a personal assistant without being physically present.

Virtual assistants assist with day-to-day administration and management, such as scheduling appointments and answering emails, but can also take on many other tasks.

Virtual assistants work on a variety of projects from editing to social media management to website design. They also offer administrative assistance such as making travel arrangements and researching information on behalf of their clients.

3. Bookkeeper – $45,500/year

A bookkeeper has the responsibility of keeping track of financial transactions, primarily for organizations or businesses. They can be paid hourly or on a salary. A bookkeeper logs the income and expenses to keep tabs on how much money is coming in and going out.

4. Social media manager – $40,000/year

The most important thing that a social media manager needs to do is to post content and engage with readers.

Depending on who they work for, they might need to find the appropriate audience for their content and tailor it to suit their demographics. They might also need to work on specific business tasks such as SEO or copy editing, in order to ensure that company’s reputation remains intact.

The job is primarily what you would expect: writing and posting content, engaging with people through replies and retweets and handling customer service inquiries in a professional and timely manner.

5. Business writer – $50,000/year

A business writer creates journalistic and promotional content for a business in order to increase their revenue and customer base.

They might do research in the industry and create original content or they might find existing material and edit it in order to suit the needs of a client.

Business writing is a great way to get into journalism or get started with an advertising career.

6. Public relations assistant – $42,517 /year

The public relations assistant is an important position in any company. They’re usually the first point of contact for anyone wanting to set up a meeting or ask a question about the organization.

It’s their job to perform research and answer questions regarding the organization’s policies, press kit and media kit. A public relations assistant might also edit and proofread documents before they’re sent out to the media.

7. Human resources assistant – $44,894/year

The human resources assistant is the assistant to the human resources department, which is in charge of overseeing all activities that have to do with people.

The assistant should be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with all departments in the company.

They should also be knowledgeable about company policy and should have a general knowledge of the law, especially when it comes to employment law. The human resources assistant should be able to use word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

8. Marketing coordinator – $60,500/year

The Marketing Coordinators at the company are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients.

They design, plan and implement marketing campaigns such as brochures, print ads or radio spots. They also create social media content – writing blog posts for our website and creating Facebook posts to promote our products.

Their goal is to help us articulate the value of what we offer to potential customers and strengthen their relationships with existing ones!

9. Assistant coordinator – $35,090/year

An assistant coordinator has the responsibility of assisting with the daily tasks of organizing, communicating, and collaborating. They are also in charge of assigning tasks to staff members. The primary responsibilities of an assistant coordinator include the following:

– Leading meetings

– Communicating with team members

– Collaborating with other departments

– Assigning tasks to staff members

– Ensuring tasks are completed on time

10. Event planner – $53,500/year

An event planner is a professional in the hospitality and service industry whose primary responsibility is to provide clients with all the information and resources they may need before, during and after an event.

They handle all of the arrangements for events such as weddings, dinners, conferences, launches and exhibitions.

A typical day at work may include meetings with clients to discuss their requirements and draw up the best possible itinerary. Once everything has been agreed on, they will finalize the list ofmsuppliers or subcontractors necessary – for example caterers, artists or decorators.

They might also need to liaise with venue staff in order to arrange seating plans and set-up accordingly. Finally, their day would end by sending out thank you cards.

11. Sales representative – up to $100,000/year

A Sales Representative is responsible for selling products to retailers, wholesalers, trade groups, and/or directly to the public.

The main responsibilities of a Sales Representative are to sell company product or services to new prospective clients or maintain an existing client’s business.

A typical day at work might include finding ways to promote the company’s product or service which might entail visiting stores to see who carries the company’s products. Meeting with prospective clients in order to set appointments with potential buyers.

12. Customer service rep – up to $28/hr

A customer service representative is responsible for managing the interaction between a company and its customers. This includes answering questions, taking orders, resolving issues, and making sure problems are dealt with.

To get this job you’ll need to complete an online form with details about your experience and qualifications. Your resume should also include skills applicable to the role you’re applying for.

There will be an interview – don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing (suit, dress pants) and some people like to wear shoes that match their outfit!

13. Personal banker – $40,ooo/year

A personal banker is a person who works in the financial sector of a company. The main responsibility of a personal banker is to maintain client’s bank accounts while also providing advice on how the client can grow their wealth.

A typical day for a personal banker includes checking in with clients to review their financial situation, provide investment advice, and offer new banking products.

14. Financial analyst – $75,000/year

Financial analysts are responsible for assessing a company’s financial situation and making recommendations on how its money can be invested.

The first thing a financial analyst does is a company’s fundamentals which includes a review of assets, liabilities, management quality, amount of debt and profitability.

They also do various analyses which might include comparing the company to others in the same sector, industry analysis or share price analysis. In order to grade a company as an A+, A, B+, B etc., they need to have expertise in these areas:

-Canadian Financial Analysis

-US Financial Analysis

-European Financial Analysis

Pacific Rim Finance

In order to become a good financial analyst you need four years of university education including courses in mathematics, finance, economics and accounting. Experience is also necessary and should include knowledge of finance, stock market analysis, financial planning and investment management.

Final thoughts | Entry level jobs for business majors

Entry level jobs for business majors are abundant in the business field. There are many different types of entry-level positions available, spanning from customer service to management and more. The variety gives you a large selection when looking for your first job out of college or university. Hope this list helps!

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best entry level jobs for business majors

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