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If you’re looking for an EarnCashTo review and wondering what EarnCashTo is all about, you’re in the right place. I’m going to deep dive into this money-making website to let you know if it’s legit or not, what to do to get started, how much you can make, and more. Let’s go!

What is EarnCashTo

This is a “get paid to: site.

A “get paid to” site is a website that pays you for doing small tasks. 

It’s not unusual to do tasks like watch videos, search the internet, discover stuff online, listen to music, install games to your phone or do other small related tasks. These tasks are usually small and easy to do. 

They’re usually free with no out-of-pocket expense required to do them and you’ll earn a little bit of money for each task that you do.

How much can you make with Get Paid To sites?

These tasks you do from Get Paid To sites will certainly not add up to enough money to help you quit your day job or make a full-time income but if you’re looking for a little extra cash on the side, you can certainly make a little part-time money with “get paid to” sites.

Examples of them include:

Nielsen Panel lets you earn money passively with your devices and Branded Surveys is a paid online survey site.

They’re really simple to use to make money. You just share your honest opinion through survey-taking and you get paid. Swagbucks is a multi-faceted site that pays you for doing a variety of tasks including surveys and like the ones shared above.

So now that we’ve touched on how “get paid to” sites work, how does EarnCashTo work?

What is EarnCashTo?

I discovered EarnCashTo on Tik Tok almost two weeks ago. 

The influencer talking about the website shared how she put her husband on and he quickly earned a little over $3,500 using EarnCashTo!

That definitely got my attention and it prompted me to look into the site and find out more on what it’s about… 

EarnCashTo is a “get paid to” site.

EarnCashTo review

You make money completing various tasks like installing apps on your cell phone, taking surveys, referring other users to join the platform and other ways to make money.

What’s really unusual about this site is that they pay a lot for these tasks, which is probably why they’ve garnered a lot of attention in the media lately. 

Normally, websites like this will pay you a few cents to up to a few dollars for each task that you complete. EarnCashTo instead is paying $5 to $10 and up to $80 per task for these easy-to-do tasks. This is really unheard of and a reason why a lot of people think they’re a scam.

I signed up and earned a little over $150 my first day in under an hour. By the end of day two I had amassed over $500 and I met all the requirements to cash out so I did. 

A week into using the site I had made over $2,000!

 It’s really easy to use the site and earn money but the kicker is do they actually pay you?

 First, let’s talk about how you can cash out.

How do you cash out with EarnCashTo?

When you land on the site, they have a social proof plugin that shows people getting paid out every few second for hundreds of dollars to various places like CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, etc. You can see this popup in the lower lefthand corner of the site. You can’t miss it.

One thing I’m feeling about the site is that they do offer several different payment gateways to send you payment. Whether you have Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, etc. they can accommodate you through that payment gateway.

In order to cash out, you must meet the requirements for cash out for your first payment. Then, you can request cash out and if approved, you’ll get paid.

The requirements are:

  • 15 clicks
  • 5 invites
  • 6 offers
  • 5 social posts

A click is a click on the site. An invite is when you use your affiliate link to invite others and they sign up through your invitation. An offer is the tasks on the site that you do to make money. A social post is when you post about EarnCashTo on social media.

If you are on social media, the social posts and clicks will be pretty easy to get. Just share EarnCashTo on your socials like Tik Tok or Instagram with your affiliate link and you’ll rack up clicks to both. 

The offers have to be completed by you and there are 6 of them. This includes any of the offers available at the time like app installs, surveys, etc.

When you do request cash out, it takes 14 days for your first payment then payments after will only take 3 days.

They have to approve each payment so if they find fraudulent clicks or other representation that shows you didn’t make money on the platform honestly, like using bots, for example, then you might not get approved.

Does EarnCashTo pay you?

So far I haven’t found any solid proof that they have sent payment to anyone. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, I just haven’t seen any user report that they have been paid.

This site seems to be newer and what leads me to believe that is that there are few reviews around the site and not much on social media.

If they are new and since the first payout doesn’t happen for 14 days then it may be a few weeks before we start to see people come forward sharing that they’ve been paid or not paid.

I have been researching on social media and I’ve seen two or three people that have had their first payment date come up and did not receive payment. They reached out to the platform and we’re told that because of the influx of activity happening and a lot of people using their platform that they are delayed and to allow up to 7 days for payment to be set.

In all my research so far I’ve only found one occurrence of one person who has been paid via PayPal and this was through hearsay. The friend of the person who got paid told the group comments on Tik Tok that their friend was paid via PayPal but other than that, no proof, screenshots or any other receipts were shown to actually prove that this happened.

Is EarnCashTo a scam?

Honestly, it would be nice if this was a legit money-making opportunity. It’s one of the highest “get paid to” earning sites that I’ve come across and it’d be great if they were real. But, I have my doubts and only time will tell if it’s the real thing or not.

 In any event, if it is a scam, they don’t scam you out of anything other than your time.

Although there might be a few offers that require you to try out a product or buy something, you are in no way obligated to take advantage of those tasks and you can simply just take a free offer instead.

EarnCashTo Alternatives

If you’re looking for EarnCashTo alternatives, here are some contenders:

  • Swagbucks: make money doing small tasks (surveys, playing games, listening to music, similar to EarnCashTo)
  • Survey Junkie: make money sharing your opinion with paid online surveys
  • Writing Apps Reviews: make money $25-$35/hr writing reviews for apps

Final Thoughts | EarnCashTo Review

Make sure you bookmark this post as I’ll be updating you as more news develops about payment including my own payment which is set to happen on July 7. Stay tuned. 

If you’re curious about joining EarnCashTo, click this link to join and get started.

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