How to make $2,500 per month investing in digital real estate

digital real estate

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You’re thinking about investing in digital real estate?

It’s something I’ve been doing for almost a decade and I’m so happy I stumbled upon it many years ago. Digital real estate is space on the internet, in the form of a domain or website. With real estate you own property.

You can renovate the property, whether it’s land or a home, sell it, lease it, and you can do all that with digital real estate too but, it’s a much cheaper investment in most cases. In this article I’m going to teach you how to make money with digital real estate.

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How to get started investing in digital real estate

digital real estate

Let’s start with the basics.

If you want to invest in digital real estate, the first step is to get a website.

Not just any website but a website that will rank on Google and make you money. I suggest buying an expired domain from Godaddy because you get it for dirt cheap, well below $10 and you can usually find a very good name with tons of relevant traffic on it or where people are looking for that type of service or product.

Next, you’ll get web hosting and connect WordPress. Hosting is what powers your site on the internet and WordPress is the platform that you’ll use to operate your website.

Once you’ve got your domain and web hosting, you’ll need to get an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority.

They’ll give you a unique digital receipt that will let people know that your website is secure and encrypted. The SSL sounds complicated but if you get hosting with my favorite web host, you get a free SSL certificate included with your purchase which is a lot easier than adding an SSL after you’ve created your site.

Next, if you plan on making money with digital real estate you’ll need to create the site and monetize it.

Keep reading while we dive into that!

Why Digital Real Estate?

investing in digital real estate

Why digital real estate?

Well, the internet is growing at an incredible speed. We’re living in a world where people are becoming less and less reliant on traditional brick and mortar services.

People are always on their smartphones or laptops. They’re always connected to the internet. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a street corner these days where you can’t connect to wifi or get cell service.

How quickly can I start making money with digital real estate?

The idea of making money with digital real estate is simple.

You buy a domain. Then you get a website and you start building it out with content and affiliate offers.

Then you start adding paid ads and eventually pay hosting and then SEO to make sure that people are going to find your website.

If you know how to do this then, as long as you continue to add traffic, you’ll be able to make money from your site for years. This isn’t something that requires a ton of knowledge or experience.

Here are some ways to monetize your site:

  • Paid ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Products
  • Services
  • Affiliate offers

When it’s time to sell your digital real estate, you’ll likely earn more on your investment if your website is income-producing, however it’s not a requirement.

It’s a lot easier than you might think to sell online using your website.

The main thing is to provide value and solve a problem your reader is having.

For example, if your audience is busy and overwhelmed stay-at-home moms, some of their problems might be: getting enough sleep at night, keeping their house clean during the day, self care, making dinner every night for their family, or juggling home life with self care/personal life.

All you have to do is solve these pain points.

What can help moms deal with overwhelm and being busy?

How can you help?

Is there a product or service you can create to help them? Have you experienced the same and found a solution that you can share with them? Is there a product on the market that can help them that you can refer in an affiliate offer?

That’s all there is to it, believe it or not.

It doesn’t have to be a complex math equation.

Once you have the process down, rinse and repeat and you can make yourself a recurring income in digital real estate. It’s rewarding, fruitful, lucrative, and you can do this part-time or full-time.

What do you think?

Final word

If you’re ready to dive into the world of digital real estate, why not let a six-figure digital website investor and website flipper guide you down the right path?

Check out my training where I teach you how to build, maintain, and flip digital real estate to make an extra $2,500+ per month. Click here to learn more.

Jenn Leach, MBA

Jenn Leach is a Houston-based MBA with over a decade of experience in the banking industry. She writes at Millennial Nextdoor where she writes finance, money, business, and lifestyle content to help millennials create additional income streams online. Join her on Substack at

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