Balancing Act: How to Deal With a Day Job and a Side Business

How to Deal With a Day Job and a Side Business

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I have been there. My last day job before I became an entrepreneur felt like a juggling act. I was dealing with a day job and a side business.

My struggles included time management, work/life balance, avoiding burnout, making best use of my personal time, and more. But, I figured it out. And, if you’re in this position too, this article will help you learn how to deal with a day job and a side business.

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How to Deal with a Day Job and a Side Business

Who would pick such a fate? A day job and a side business. Well, the truth is, having a side business comes with a ton of benefits:

  • More income
  • A side project that pays
  • The opportunity to pursue your dream
  • The chance for your side business to become your full-time gig
  • And, more!

For me, I had always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. This feeling had been disguised growing up. Looking back, I realize that my hobbies revolving around art, fashion and other creative loves was about setting out and doing my own thing, as an entrepreneur.

I wanted to be a model, an artist, a CEO. And all these things have one thing in common: you’re the boss. And, you’re likely an entrepreneur.

I figured this out a few years after I graduated college.

Before college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. After college, I was kind of still in that space but I fell into a career field where I loved learning about a skill that would help me in my personal life. And, that was banking and finance.

So I did the banking/finance thing for a decade.

In the last 5 years of that, I began to get bored with that job and wanted more. I applied to tons of jobs, interviewed for many but something just wasn’t right. I couldn’t find the right fit. Despite being moved throughout the company, learning more, getting promoted and raises, I still wasn’t fulfilled like I thought I’d be.

That’s when I realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

So, I set out and did it!

This is what my schedule looked like…

Being Swamped Balancing a Job and a Side Business

lazy people jobs

I had a baby in the mix and my day started at 5 am with nursing my little guy. Then, I’d get ready for work, head in to the office, pump in the morning in the nursing mother’s room and then go to work.

My work day was normal. Work, nursing mothers room, then on breaks and lunch, I’d do business stuff.

My day was 8 to 10 hours long. With traffic, that oozed into 11 to 12 hour days.

I’d get home, make dinner, do chores, play with the baby, spend time with my husband and by 9pm I was back to the business.

I’d work from 9pm to around 1 or 2 in the morning, go to sleep, then wake at 5 am and the cycle repeated.

I was exhausted, burnt out but I loved what I did in my business and kept going.

A year into it, my business income outpaced my day job salary so I quit!

Here are some takeaways I learned from trying to balance a job and a side business:

1. Create a routine

Make a daily routine and practice it everyday. Create a separate weekend routine too. Stick to it. This helps you stay organized and get all the important stuff in.

  • Wake up
  • Make breakfast
  • Get the kids ready for school
  • Get yourself ready
  • Drive to school
  • Drive to work

It’ll be challenging in the beginning but, it gets easier.

2. Slow Down

Running a business does not have to be a rat race. Slow down, take your time and realize that your personal time is just as important as work. You don’t have to be running rampant at a million miles an hour.

Slow it down.

Take your time and don’t get burned out.

3. Create a Plan

If you have a business or you are thinking of starting one, you have got to put together a business plan. This helps you put your thoughts on paper, craft a real strategy for your enterprise and execute it.

  • Get a business plan template on Etsy or,
  • Hire a freelancer to create a business plan for you

4. Take Time Off

There should be days in your week where you take a break from running the business. Take this time off, though it might be hard for you. You will need it and it will be helpful to recharge and re-energize yourself.

  • Explore your city and enjoy a staycation
  • Go on a cruise with your partner
  • Take a family vacation
  • See family and go on a roadtrip

5. Get a Team

Sometimes you can’t do it alone.

Get help.

Hire staff.

Ask family to help, even if it means babysitting your kids so you can have some quiet time to nap or work on your business. It’s all about outsourcing. This is something I finally did and it helped out tremendously!

Luckily today, there are tools you can outsource work to, in addition to hiring a team. Some of my favorite business tools are:

  • KoalaWriter (an AI writing assistant) and,
  • Systeme (for email marketing, sales funnels, webinars, blogging, selling products, and more)

6. Sleep and Eat

This is so funny to include in the list but, it’s true. When we get busy, we forget these 2 important things. Take time. Rest and eat.

I got a mystery illness several months into running my business. I was sick for a month and it was out of pure exhaustion. Take care of yourself.

7. Monitor your Progress

Track your results. This is the fun part. Dive into the analytics, look at the metrics, and measure your progress.

It’s a great motivator and holds you accountable. It reminds you of what you’re working toward.

Final Thoughts

There you go! My top tips to deal with a day job and a side business. I hope this provides some guidance on how you can try to balance your life and a business.

You can do it!

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How to Deal With a Day Job and a Side Business

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