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In this post, I’m talking about customer success training. This is a field different from customer service, which is a big misconception. I really love this career because it’s one of the only high-income careers that you don’t need a degree or experience to work within. I’m covering the CourseCareers Customer Success training program which will teach you what you need to know to land a Customer Success job within a few weeks to a few months.

Whether you’re trying to make a career change or you’re new to the workforce and targeting Customer Success, this article is for you.

Let’s get into it!

What is Customer Success?

customer success training

At its core, customer success is the practice of helping customers achieve their desired outcomes when using your product or service. This involves more than just providing customer support; it’s about anticipating and satisfying customer needs and wants to boost revenue and loyalty.

Customer success is a long-term, proactive strategy that focuses on holistically meeting client needs. By establishing authentic relationships and offering support with products, customer success professionals play a part in helping clients achieve their organisational goals.

Customer success is about establishing authentic customer relationships and supporting consumers needs

This approach is particularly important for business-to-business tech companies, where customer success can make a significant impact on revenue and customer retention. With the right customer success strategy in place, you can help your customers achieve their desired outcomes and build lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

What do Customer Success Managers do?

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As a Customer Success Manager, your primary responsibility is to ensure that your customers are successful in using your product or service. You will be the main point of contact for your customers and will work closely with them to build long-lasting relationships.

Your job is to help your customers achieve their goals and reduce churn. Below are some of the key responsibilities of a Customer Success Manager.

Building Customer Relationships

One of the most important roles of a Customer Success Manager is to build strong relationships with your customers. You will be the face of the company and will be responsible for ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the product or service. To build strong relationships with your customers, you will need to:

  • Understand their needs and goals
  • Communicate effectively and proactively
  • Be responsive to their needs
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Be a trusted advisor and advocate for your customers

Achieving Customer Goals

Another key responsibility of a Customer Success Manager is to help your customers achieve their goals. You will need to understand their objectives and work with them to identify ways in which your product or service can help them achieve those goals. To achieve this, you will need to:

  • Understand your product or service inside and out
  • Identify opportunities to upsell or cross-sell
  • Provide training and support to help your customers get the most out of your product or service
  • Monitor their progress and provide feedback

Reducing Churn

As a Customer Success Manager, one of your primary goals is to reduce churn. Churn is the rate at which customers stop using your product or service. To reduce churn, you will need to:

  • Monitor customer usage and engagement
  • Identify customers who are at risk of churning
  • Develop strategies to retain those customers
  • Work with the sales and marketing teams to identify opportunities to improve the product or service

Overall, the role of a Customer Success Manager is to ensure that your customers are successful in using your product or service. By building strong relationships, helping your customers achieve their goals, and reducing churn, you can help your company grow and succeed.

CourseCareers Customer Success Training Program

coursecareers customer success

Here’s what you need to know about the CourseCareers Customer Success program…

  • Free intro course
  • $499 paid course (get a $50 coupon here)
  • 10-16 weeks long

What’s the Customer Success career path like?

course careers customer success

First, you may enter Customer Success as an associate, with an average salary of around $50K/year. Then, after 1 to 5 years of experience under your belt, you’ll transition into other roles like perhaps an account manager or customer success specialist.

These roles pay between $50K to $150K for senior manager. Late career means you’ve been in Customer Success for 5-10 years and you’ll be making at least six figures per year, at this point, most likely. This can take you into senior leadership roles which pay $200K+ until you reach retirement.

Look exciting?

Customer success is for you if…

  • You are a problem-solver
  • You’re customer-centric
  • Relationship-building is a skill you have

How does CourseCareers work?

Start with the free customer success training course. This is the intro course. This tells you more about Customer Success so you know if you’ll like it or not and learn more about what Customer Success jobs entail.

From there, you’ll move to the paid course ($499 one-time or 4 payments of $150). During the training period, which lasts weeks, you’ll learn Customer Success principles and skills that you can take in the self-paced curriculum, which you can build into your unique personal schedule.

After you complete training, working with CourseCareers doesn’t stop there. They offer graduates assistance with job placement to help with resume review and more. You’ll interview for Customer Success jobs and work toward landing a job.

What do you think?

Start by taking the free CourseCareers Customer Success intro course here to see what you think.

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