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Looking for a CourseCareers coupon or CourseCareers discount! You are in the right place. I definitely got you! You can sign up for tech sales training through CourseCareers and use coupon code HUSTLE50 to get $50 off.

The CourseCareers coupon code HUSTLE50 for $50 off

Update: Christmas Deal, use code HUSTLE50 for $100 OFF through January 1, 2024!

If you’re reading this then you already know what is CourseCareers. It’s a career training bootcamp that can teach you high-income skills to land a job in tech. Keep reading to learn more about this careerscourse, how the CourseCareers coupon works, how to join the Course Careers careerscourse, and more.

Let’s go!

How does the CourseCareers Coupon Work?

coursecareers coupon

The CourseCareers coupons works by using the coupon code HUSTLE50 at checkout.

First, you can visit CourseCareers by clicking this link. It’ll take you to the site where you can sign up for the course. You get $50 off with CourseCareers coupon code HUSTLE50.

The coupon takes $50 off instantly at checkout and you’re done!

For more detailed instructions, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to apply the CourseCareers coupon during checkout…

Step-by-Step Guide of How to Apply the CourseCareers Coupon Code

coursecareers coupon

Follow these steps to get $50 off your course purchase through CourseCareers.

1. Visit CourseCareers and go through checkout

Head to CourseCareers and choose the class you want to buy and enroll in. They offer careercourse classes in:

  • Technical sales
  • HR
  • Customer Success
  • Digital marketing
  • IT support
  • Front end web development
  • Back end web development

2. Click View Cart or Checkout

Click View Cart or Checkout and find the coupon code/discount code field and enter HUSTLE50 for $50 off.

3. Apply the discount

Click Apply to get the $50 discount

What is CourseCareers?


CourseCareers is a career training program that teaches students skills to work in the high-paying tech industry.

The three online classes offered are:

  • Technology sales: This is about selling hardware/software sales products.
  • Information technology: This is about learning information technology and working in IT specialist and IT support roles.
  • Digital marketing: Learn how to work in the online marketing industry.

Technology sales has over 300,000 job openings, according to CourseCareers. Their online tech sales classes in this class will take you through a curriculum to teach you how to work in tech sales and land a job. The average starting salary is around $65,000/year, making up to $100K+ per year within a few years afterward.

Information technology has 200,000+ job openings and you can start an IT job with an average salary of $40K to $60K, making up to $90K+ within a few years.

Digital marketing has over 200,000 job openings. The starting salary ranges $40K to $60K. This is a good fit for creative, analytic people that enjoy testing and optimizing new ideas.

Human resources has over 400,000 jobs with a $50K starting salary. HR is great for people who are organized and great communicators.  Detail-oriented and business savvy are also good descriptors for people who would thrive in human resources.

Customer success has more than 50,000 jobs and a $50K to $65K average starting salary. Customer success jobs are for people who are strong communicators and driven, with a joy for helping others.

UI/UX is an industry with 10,000+ jobs and an average starting salary around $70K per year. This is great for analytical, creative people.

How to get started with CourseCareers?

Once you decide the path you want to take, either technology sales, information technology, or digital marketing, you can start with the free introductory course from CourseCareers.

This teaches you more about the industry so you have a better idea of this is a good career fit for you.

Then, you can go on to take the paid class, which can take from a few weeks to a few months long, depending on your learning. Once the training is complete, you can go on to land your career in tech, with CourseCareers on your side, helping you prepare for interviews, set up your resume, apply for jobs, and more.

Who created CourseCareers?

CourseCareers was created by Troy Buckholdt. After graduating high school, he went into tech sales (self-taught) starting with a tech sales internship at 18 years old. He got promoted to sales development rep and then became an account executive at 19.

He believed that a better way existed to start a career other than investing a lot of money in your education with attending college or a university. And so, he started CourseCareers!

CourseCareers Free Introductory Course vs Paid Technology Sales Course

There are two classes on the CourseCareers site:

  • Free introductory course
  • Paid careerscourse

So, what’s the difference?

Free introductory course vs Paid course

First, the free introductory course teaches you about the career field of technology sales.

If you don’t know what technology sales is or what the job is about, this is a good foundation for learning the basics. This will help you know if this is a tech job you want to work in.

The free introduction course covers:

  • Why sales development (or IT support or digital marketing, depending on the careercourse you choose)
  • What is sales development (or IT support or digital marketing)
  • How to start your career in sales development (or IT support or digital marketing)

Next, is the paid technology sales course (or IT support or digital marketing course). This paid course is where you can use the CourseCareers coupon for $50 off.

This paid course teaches you what you need to know to work a career in tech sales.

The paid course covers:

  • 11+ hours of video content
  • Training sections
  • Full access to student Discord group
  • Unlimited access and updates
  • Unlimited weekly 1-on-1 guidance for help with internship applications
  • And, more!

Students are saying this about the CourseCareers training…

Researching tech sales you will find tons of different tech sales job titles.

The basics of the job is that you’ll be selling tech-related products (like hardware and/or software) to clients. You may start in an entry-level role and then move into management. The tech sales training through CourseCareers will teach you skills to break into the tech sales field.

Tech sales workers like techsalestom from Tik Tok are making $150,000/year with the potential to earn bonuses and commissions!

Through CourseCareers, you’ll like that after training the starting average salary of $60,000/year is what many students are earning with the opportunity to make $100K/year a few years later.

CourseCareers Cost – What’s the investment?

What is the CourseCareers price? All courses, the tech sales, IT support, and information technology course, customer success and other courses are the same cost:

  • $499 one-time or,
  • 4 payments of $150

The one-time payment is clear-cut. You pay once and it’s $499 (as of this writing). The Course Careers payment plan is broken into 4 installments of $150 each.

A $500 blow might seem painful but, compared to other career training courses that run up to $12,000+, the price they offer is a drop in the bucket. Think about it. Invest around $500, take career training online classes for a few weeks or a few months, depending on your schedule and timeline, then, start interviewing for jobs in your new career field!

A $500 investment could turn into an $80,000/year career, like many of the successful students that graduated from CourseCareers!

Does CourseCareers have payment plans?

Yes, CourseCareers payment plans are available! If the investment is too much. to handle at once, split it up into 4 monthly payments to make it more manageable.

After you pay, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you find the course is not for you within 14 days of purchase, you can get a no-questions-asked refund back.

CourseCareers Reviews

technology sales job

Does Course Careers work? You can check out the testimonials and reviews from their website to read what students are saying about Course Careers training program including CourseCareers tech sales reviews:

  • Nyla says she went to CourseCareers instead of college, at 19. Now, she’s working a $60K/year job from home.
  • Dela finished CourseCareers in 2 weeks and was offered a $100K/year position remotely!
  • Ben went from janitor to fully remote technology sales rep on track to make $80K this year.

Does Course Careers work? This is proof that it does!

If you’re Googling “tech sales no degree” or terms like “no degree $65K jobs,” roles in tech like tech sales, digital marketing, and IT support exist that can give you just that, a no degree job in the tech field.

For more Course Careers reviews, read our review to learn more about this careers course. This is a newer course but the reviews seem to be pretty favorable so far. Course raters like Coursereport rate CourseCareers 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Course Careers Tech Sales Reviews

Read CourseCareers reviews. The student stories on the site share tons of different CourseCareers students who talk about their experience with the program.

Some examples:

  • One student went from medical courier driver to IT worker making $41,000 in just one month
  • A dog walker went from $35,000/year to $80,000/year in 2 weeks in the tech sales program
  • An HR admin doubled her salary in just 8 weeks

There are even more stories than this. I encourage you to check it out if you want to hear what real students are saying.

CourseCareers BBB

If you want to know how CourseCareers is doing as a business including if they are reputable or have any complaints against the Better Business Bureau, search “CourseCareers BBB”  or look at their Trustpilot:

trustpilot coursecareers

A 4.9/5 Trustpilot score is very high, ranked as Excellent, from nearly 300 reviews, which is incredible. It speaks to how users truly feel about CourseCareers. You can also search “Course Careers review reddit” or “Course Careers tech sales reviews reddit,” to see even more reviews!

CourseCareers Courses

CourseCareers teaches three career training programs:

  • Tech sales
  • Digital marketing
  • IT support
  • Customer Success
  • UI/UX
  • Human resources

Enroll and take the course in a few weeks to a few months (everyone’s learning pace is different). These are 100% online, taught by an instructor, and when you commit to taking classes, you can feel secure knowing that they are flexible enough to work around your busy schedule, depending on how much time you have.

These are affordable online course options and will help you achieve the outcome you’re aiming for, landing a tech job.

What I love about Course Career is that after they train you in your tech field, they also equip you with the knowledge of how to apply for jobs so you can actually secure a tech job!

How is CourseCareers different from other bootcamps?

technology sales

CourseCareers is an online modern First, the price is incredibly low for the full education you get from this careers course. For just $499 or 4 payments of $150, you can learn valuable skills and gain experience to work in a high-paying industry. This is a smart way to break into tech and it’s perfect for anybody:

  • Career changers
  • High school graduates
  • Stay-at-home parents

The CourseCareers curriculum in 2023 has expanded and not only teaches tech sales now but, also offers digital marketing and IT support programs to help you start a new career in tech in one of these roles.

What do students like about CourseCareers?

Students like CourseCareers for many reasons. It’s an affordable, modern online career training program that can help them break into tech. It’s not just a course either, they teach students how to interview, resume prep and key information to ace their interview and secure a job.

  • Good engagement and a great experience overall
  • Easy to understand
  • Land high-paying jobs
  • Informative lesson plans
  • Gaining valuable tech experience
  • Affordable way to learn tech skills

How does the Help Center work?

course careers help center

The Help Center helps visitors and students with questions they have about this careers course. Get your questions answered about:

  • Tech course
  • IT course
  • Tech career
  • IT career
  • Graduates info
  • Payments and refunds
  • Exams and proctoring
  • And, more!

Whether you have questions on the self-paced courses, companies that want to hire, lesson plans, the career to pursue, or general questions about the online modern learning platform, or other questions. The Help Center is available as your guide to address your concerns and inquiries about the training program.

How legit is Course Careers?

Is CourseCareers legit? Course Careers is legit and they are one of the best tech career training programs online. They’ve taught many students and helped them land a role in tech thanks to the education they gain from the career training. You learn everything required to land a job in tech sales, digital marketing, or IT support so you can start your new career with confidence.

Complete the course, learn exactly how to land a tech role, apply to companies, and actually land an entry-level position in a tech position.

Is Course Careers affordable?

Yes, it’s affordable. A one-time $499 fee or four payments of $150 is very doable for a lot of students, making it within reach for many people. It’s a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at other online bootcamps and college or university attendance.

Do you get the outcome you’re hoping for?

Yes, you do! You’ll learn the field of study you enrolled in, either tech sales, digital marketing or IT support, learn how to get an entry-level position or internship and turn into one of the successful CourseCareers graduates.

Is tech sales a good job?

Tech sales can be a good job for those who:

  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and
  • A passionate about technology

Tech sales involves selling technology-related products or services to businesses or individuals, and it can be a rewarding career for those who are successful in the field.

One of the advantages of working in tech sales is the potential for high earning potential, as many tech sales jobs offer commissions or bonuses based on sales performance. Additionally, the demand for technology continues to grow, which can create a steady stream of job opportunities in the tech sales industry.

However, like any job, there are also potential downsides to working in tech sales. It can be a highly competitive field, and the pressure to meet sales quotas can be intense. Some people may also find the job to be stressful or repetitive.

Ultimately, whether tech sales is a good job for you depends on your individual interests, skills, and goals. It’s a good idea to research the field, talk to people who work in tech sales, and consider your own strengths and preferences before pursuing a career in this industry

CourseCareers Alternatives

course careers tech

What companies are like CourseCareers?

There are alternatives out there to CourseCareers but, I don’t know if other companies can compete with the price, course completion time and, starting salary.

First, $499 is an incredibly low price for a career training program. A college degree at a four-year institution costs over $10,000 in most cases without help in finding a career.

This is a smart investment in your future and your career that can pay you back in dividends. I like that the training is pretty quick to go through. Some students are finishing in just two weeks.

Then, the starting salary of $40K to $65K, depending on the course you take is great.

My starting salary out of college with a Bachelor’s degree was $32,000 and it took 5 years for me to finish my degree plan,  graduate, then find my way through the career hunt/interview process.

For some CourseCareers alternatives to check out, you can look at…

  • Avocademy: This is a training program like Course Careers but, it’s for UX/UI design. So, you’ll be learning a totally different skill. This does offer a higher average starting salary though, at around $85,000/year. Cost is around $2,000.
  • Nucamp: This is a training program for full stack web development. So, it’s a different set of skills you’ll be learning. Full stack is pretty challenging but, it comes with an incredibly lucrative career, at around $90K to $100K average salary in the U.S. The cost is around $2,300 for a lower-level course (they have many options available).

How does CourseCareers Compare?

I think CourseCareers is a highly rated training program to consider if you’re looking to work in tech and invest in your education to learn the skills at a reasonable price.

CourseCareers calls their training program relatively simple compared to other training programs so you don’t have to feel nervous that you won’t be able to keep up with the material, though every student has different learning needs.

You don’t need any experience to start with CourseCareers and a background or educational requirements are not needed either. You will find with other programs that experience may be needed. For example, with some of Nucamp’s advanced training programs, they require you to know HTML, CSS, and a general working knowledge of computers. That’s not the case with Course Careers.

Then, a stand-out feature that I like is that they help you find a job once you complete the training:

  • You will get insider knowledge on: how to set up LinkedIn, your resume, etc.
  • They show you how to apply to jobs at companies
  • You’ll get help with the interview process
  • They partner with companies that hire students

CourseCareers Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the CourseCareers program…

CourseCareers Pros

  • Affordable tech training program
  • Short turnaround time to course completion (weeks to months, depending on the student)
  • No degree and no experience needed

CourseCareers Cons

  • It only covers teaching a select number of studies: tech sales, customer success, front end and back end web development, IT, HR and some others
  • A job is not guaranteed (but, they do offer support to help you land a job after you complete the training)

Course Careers Common Questions

course careers it

1. What is Course Careers?

The program CourseCareers is a career training program. They teach two courses: technology sales and information technology. It will take a few weeks to a few months to complete the training then, you can start the job hunt for a career with your new skills.

CourseCareers offers support during the job hunt process including helping with your LinkedIn profile, resume prep, interview prep, and more.

2. What do tech sales do?

Tech sales workers sell software and hardware products to prospective customers. You might be given a list of leads that you need to follow up with to answer questions and close the sale or, you may be working with prospective clients who are ready to buy and you just have to complete the sale with them.

This a low-competition, high-income skill with many tech companies hiring for this role.

3. Is tech sales a good job?

Yes, tech sales is a good job. This is a higher-paid tech job that doesn’t require a degree or experience.

With the training you’ll undergo with CourseCareers, you’ll have what you need to land a role after you complete the program. Working in tech can come with various benefits as well including remote work and flexible work options, career advancement opportunities, bonuses and other compensation opportunities, and more.

4. Is CourseCareers free?

They offer a free introductory course that gives you more information about the industry and the work that you’ll do. This is great to take if you’re not sure if a tech role is right for you or if you want to learn more about the industry and position, in general. It’s free so it’s risk-free to take the introductory course.

Then, from here, you can go on to take the paid course which teaches you the skills to work in tech in either: tech sales, digital marketing, or IT support.

5. Is technical sales a good career?

Yes, technical sales is a good career. First, you get the perks of working in tech, which, for many tech companies includes perks like:

  • Competitive salary
  • Health/dental/vision benefits
  • Remote work options
  • Flexible schedules
  • Access to work amenities and employee discounts

Not to mention, potentially some unique perks that some companies offer like: unlimited PTO, free or discounted childcare, gym memberships, and more.

Next, career advancement is available. For example, after breaking into tech sales, you can go on to become an account executive and work in management in the future. You won’t be stuck in your career and be stagnant. There will opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

Is CourseCareers legit: Is working in tech really worth it?

Is CourseCareers legit? Yes, CourseCareerss is legit. And, I think a tech career can really be worth it.

In fact, if I wasn’t already somewhat established in the field I’m working in or I wanted to switch career paths, I’d definitely go to tech, in a heartbeat.

My husband is making a career switch right now and he’s going into tech!

The high salary, flexible work arrangement, ability to work from home, bonuses, benefits, and other perks are the draw for a lot of people. And, with the career field of tech sales, a college degree isn’t required.

Tech sales is one of the most high-paying, lowest-competition tech careers out there.

CourseCareers is:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • A good alternative to a four-year college or university
  • A quick way to learn a new skill that can translate into a high-paying tech job

If you want to learn more about CourseCareers, you can read my review.

If you’re ready to start taking the course, don’t forget to head to CourseCareers and use the CourseCareers coupon code HUSTLE50 for $50 off.

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