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You’ve learned about tech boot camps and training programs but, you stuck on how much it costs. You’ll learn about Course Careers pricing along with a review of their tech training program, overview, features, and much more.

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What’s up with these tech boot camps, anyway?

A tech boot camp is a like a short training program which teaches you skills and abilities at a fraction of the time it’d take to learn these skills in college.

I’ve been so active on tech Tik Tok, lately. It’s really jawdropping all the different tech jobs you can land that are high-paying. Many of them don’t require a college degree or even experience, yet, you can start at these jobs making $60K, $85K, and up.

It just speaks to how important the tech industry is. There’s no job too small.

I wish I would’ve known about tech in my twenties when I was working my day job. I might have gone that route to land a high-paying non-technical job.

Is working in tech really worth it?

I definitely think so.

And, millennials are killing it, making up to $250K+ per year working in tech.

What’s Course Careers All About?

course careers

I want to talk about Course Careers. They’re one of the leading tech boot camps online and they teach tech sales.

Course Careers trains you on how to work in tech sales and then when you graduate, you’ll be on track to make around $60,000 in year one and $100,000+ a few years later.

Look at their Student Stories where you’ll see a bunch of students that have completed the training and started earning $65,000+ per year afterward.

Course Careers Pricing

There’s a free course and a paid course.

I recommend you start with the free course. It’ll teach you more about the industry so you can see if it’s really for you. The paid course is $499 (or 4 payments of $150).

Course Careers pricing

Some tech boot camps cost as much as $13,000 for training. So you can get into this field for a fraction of the price, especially when you consider the cost of college tuition, which can cost $15,000+.

Course Careers Overview

You go through a 4-step process to get started with Course Careers.

  • Introductory course
  • Online tech sales course
  • Tech sales paid internship
  • Tech sales career

1. Intro course

First, you’ll go through their free introductory course. This will teach you about the industry so you can get more familiar with it and see if it’s a potential good fit for you.

2. Online tech sales course

Next, you will enroll in their online tech sales course which takes around 1 to 3 months to complete. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready for your tech sales internship. This is a paid course and you can get $50 off with my code HUSTLE50.

3. Tech sales paid internship

The tech sales internship comes next. This is where you’ll work in an internship to get on-the-job training in tech sales. It lasts a few months and you’ll earn around $7,000 or so. It’s like getting paid to learn.

4. Land your tech sales role $60K+ average starting salary

When you’re done, you’ll apply for and start working in your role as a tech sales rep with one of Course Careers partners.

Course Careers Review Final Word

Course Careers is a tech boot camp and Course Careers pricing runs $499 (or 4 payments of $150) and teaches tech sales.

Tech sales is one of the highest paying careers in tech. The average salary in Texas is $69,000 per year with top performers making up to $190,000 per year. Tech Tik Tokers like techsalestom who works in tech sales makes $250,000+ per year from tech sales.

If you’re interested in learning more, click here to head to Course Careers

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