Where to Buy Cloth Face Masks

Looking for places where to buy cloth face masks? There is a shortage of masks around the world but your area is requiring residents to wear masks or you want to wear a face mask for peace of mind. But, where the heck do you find them? The U.S. blocked export out of China and […]

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How to Sanitize Your Groceries

Sanitize groceries

Living in a pandemic makes you question the cleanliness of everything. Are you sanitizing your groceries? You should be. Your stuff can be touched by many people in the stores, from other customers to grocery workers, suppliers and more people. Here is how you can sanitize your groceries when you bring them in your home, […]

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10 Self Improvement Books to Read This Year

Self improvement books to read

When you’re stuck in the house, why not dive into a good book? You’ve got all this time on your hands. Work on improving your self with these awesome books to read. Why You Should Read Self-Improvement Books If you want to transform your life and improve areas of your life, to learn how to […]

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DIY Hand Sanitizer

diy hand sanitizer

Looking for hand sanitizer but shelves are wiped clean? It’s out of stock everywhere. If you don’t keep a loot of this stuff stashed in your house like I do, you are in luck. There is a super simple DIY hand sanitizer recipe you can make in your own kitchen. Make this recipe in big […]

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25 Things to Stockpile When S#*t Hits the Fan

You’re in the midst of a crisis or national disaster and stockpiling is necessary. The only problem is, what the heck do you stockpile? There’s a lot of question about this but the bottom line is, if you’re forced to create a horde of resources, food and water for yourself for weeks or longer, there […]

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7 Amazing Valentines Gifts for Boyfriends

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’re stuck on what to get your boyfriend or spouse. We dig these gifts and gadgets and we think you will too. Technology is advancing at a crazy fast rate. The speed at which technological innovation and advancement is occurring is incredible and the rapid development is causing […]

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