Can Men Sell Feet Pics? Where to Sell, How Much Can Be Made, & More

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Can men sell feet pics? If you’re on social media or follow the media in general, you may have noticed over the past year or so, selling feet pics is being talked about more and more. It’s as simple as it sounds. People get paid to sell feet pics. There are tons of feet websites and feet platforms that exist to connect with feet buyers. Feetfinder is a favorite (and a feet platform friendly to men’s feet pics, too)!

You can also use social media and other methods to sell feet pics online

People are making a full-time income with feet pics, including this woman who made $70,000 selling feet pictures.

But, this begs the question, can men sell feet pics?

If you’re a man and want to sell feet pics, keep reading while we dig into this question.

Can men sell feet pics?

men feet pics

Yes, men can sell feet pics. Many platforms are friendly to men’s feet pics so, if you’re a man and you want to sell your feet photos and feet videos, this opportunity is open to you.

How do men’s feet pics differ from women feet pics?

There’s really no difference, for the most part. The tips and strategies for selling foot pictures is no different for men than for women. How to take stunning photos and where to sell feet pictures is generally the same for men and women, as well.

The main difference is the buyer. Men that have a liking for women feet pics may not have the same admiration for men’s feet pics but, this market is so large, it may not even be a challenge.

Where can men sell feet pics?

Men can sell their feet pics in the same places as women sell feet pics which are feet websites, platforms, and social media. This is a lucrative industry and you may not even need to show your face!

1. Feetfinder (Top Recommended)

Feetfinder is a feet website that you can join to sell men’s feet pics. They have millions of users who buy and sell feet pics. There’s also tons of Feetfinder reviews from happy users sharing their positive experience with the platform. That’s why they’re our top recommended feet photo selling platform.

Feetfinder is subscription-based but, well worth the price for the exposure you’ll get to their feet-loving audience.

  • $4.99 per month or,
  • $14.99 per year

This is the pricing for new sellers. As long as you’re at least 18 years old, you can use Feetfinder. They welcome all genders to their platform for selling feet pictures. And, if you’re shy, or want to remain anonymous, you don’t even have to show your face!

Visit Feetfinder to learn more

2. Feetify


Feetify is another feet website where men can sell feet pics. They welcome feet photo sellers that are at least 18 years old. Feetify is free to join and free to post feet photos and feet videos but, if you upgrade and become a premium member, there are added benefits:

  • The ability to communicate privately with buyers
  • A chance at winning the daily cash awards that Feetify offers
  • Keep 100% of payments from buyers

The most active premium models are paid by Feetify every month. You pay $49 which gets you premium membership for 12 months.

Our Feetify review shares more about how the platform works.

3. Instagram

If you’re active on the internet, you probably already know what Instagram is, even if you don’t be on the ‘gram often or have an IG account.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos, as well as interact with other users through comments, likes, and direct messages. I

Obviously Instagram is not a feet website like the two prior platforms we shared. You can’t directly sell your feet pics or feet videos on the IG platform (there is no payment gateway) but, you can connect with buyers, network and make money using Instagram.

Instagram is one of the social networks I joined when I did my feet-selling experiment and tried selling feet pics. It was easy to join the platform for free, post pics and I got responses from feet enthusiasts almost immediately.

How much do male feet pics sell for?

This man made $4,000 selling feet pics.

In general, men’s feet pics can sell for around the same price as women feet pics, around $10 to $20 per image. But, since men’s feet pics are not as widely shown as women feet pics, there may be demand, which can raise the price. This can put you in a competitive space and allow you to make the most money selling your men’s feet photos.

Where can guys sell feet pics?

Guys can sell feet pics on Feetfinder, Feetify and other feet platforms. Making money from stock photo websites like Foap is another great way to make money with men’s feet pics. Foap is an easy-to-use platform where men can join and upload their feet photos.

Do men make money off feet pics?

Yes, men can make money off feet pics. If you’re a guy and you want to snap photos and/or take feet videos to make some extra money, you can! Many men sell their feet photos for income.

Can men sell feet pics? Final Word

So, yes, men can sell feet pics. We talked about how men can sell feet photos, what websites men can turn to for selling their foot pictures and how much men can make from feet pictures.

If you’re a man, is this a side hustle you’d try? Or do you know a man that may be interested in selling photos of their feet?


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